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LS 1.7 Class/Abilities Update

Introduction Ranks: The proportion between Ranks has changed. The difference between Rank I and Rank II is the same as it’s been since LS 1.5 (20% increase), while taking any ability to Rank III will increase its effectiveness by 25% (up from ~22.22%). So the current proportion is: 100/120/150. Players will hardly feel the difference of a ~2.28% increase, but this helped… Continue reading LS 1.7 Class/Abilities Update

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LS 1.7 Current Beta Changes

Introduction It has been very long since my last update – in fact, almost a year: this post is meant to summarise the current changes to the Beta. Most of the features highlighted in this post are currently being tested: nothing is final as of yet. Although LS 1.6 was never released, I will still refer to it as the… Continue reading LS 1.7 Current Beta Changes

Announcements, Characters, Features, Gallery, Story

General Update & Known Bugs

Hi, everyone! This update is meant to show some of the recent changes in Leomorn Sword (1.6). A few of these changes are just visual upgrades, while others involve Classes, Abilities, combat mechanics, new cut-scenes, Characters and the Story Background. Visual Upgrades: Output Numbers (Combat) Output Numbers. This is how they currently look like: HP Gain|HP Loss|MP Gain|MP Loss. Environment.… Continue reading General Update & Known Bugs


Abilities Update

MYSTIC I decided to change a few of the combat dynamics involving Mystics under Restoration Stance. Having single-target spells only would make sense if Mystics’ direct heals were much stronger, like Acolytes e.g., but since Mystics heal their targets mostly over time, I felt like giving them at least one multiple-target spell. I also decided to redesign Arcane Remedy.… Continue reading Abilities Update


Class Update: Thaumaturges

Class Update Thaumaturges (formerly known as “Magicians”) «Become one with magic itself» (Laenai Gladomain). CLASS PASSIVE: Elemental Perfection: the Thaumaturge’s harmful spells can reach Rank III. It’s a rather simple passive ability. While all classes share some of the spells belonging to this class, the Thaumaturge alone can take these abilities to their maximum Rank (Rank III).… Continue reading Class Update: Thaumaturges


Life Steal

Weapons increasing Strength when equipped restore small amounts of HP on hit. All physical attacks will trigger this effect and successfully convert a percentage of the damage dealt to health regained. Abilities dealing damage scaling off Strength will also grant some  Life Steal (Effect). Life Steal (Ability) (No Ranks; 10% Mana): regains HP on hit. The amount absorbed scales off… Continue reading Life Steal


Class Update: Priests

Class Update Priests (formerly known as “Sages”) «You must learn to control your magic» (Namere Wisdomancer). CLASS PASSIVE: Endurance: the Priest’s healing spells can sometimes increase the target’s Stamina. Endurance increases the target’s Stamina, affecting maximum HP by +6% each time it procs, stacking up to 3 times (6%+6%+6%), with more or less 50% chance to proc. I have discussed… Continue reading Class Update: Priests