Secondary Characters

Secondary Characters

Reno Davian Millstone
(Born in: Nossa; Age: 17)

He was born in Nossa (NORTHDELL) and he’s seventeen years old. Reno Davian and Lauron Pegason have known each other for a long time, although they don’t see themselves as close friends. Reno Davian enjoys to spend time with Lauron, who trains him every now and then around Northmill. Also, every time Eilnys Arroway comes to NORTHDELL, which is quite often, she stays at Reno Davian’s. (1.5After leaving him in Nossa, Lauron will meet Davian again in the depths of Virannum’s prison.
Notes: Graphics1; Graphics2; Name.

Theremita Windsailor
(Born in: Meusa; Age: 20)

Theremita is a Guardian who spends most of her time in Molenor (NORTHDELL), running errands for the Council, even though she’s originally from Meusa (ERIDEN). She’s a very determined fighter: Theremita uses the “Two Swords Style”, although she usually wields a spear in one hand and a steel sword in the other. She’s sweet and trustworthy, although every now and then she might get a little touchy, but she’s never deeply angry. She knows Panril Loyalar quite well, as they are both Guardians of NORTHDELL. (1.5Later on, players will discover more about Theramita’s background, involving a secret, very unfortunate love relationship.
Notes: Graphics1; Graphics2; Name.

Traben Tigersoul
(Born in: Meusa; Age: 21)

Traben is a Cleric, although, unlike Eilnys Arroway, he hasn’t left his hometown yet (Meusa, ERIDEN), which means he hasn’t completed his apprenticeship yet. (An ancient custom imposes Healers to leave their home-town forever). Therefore, he finds himself “isolated” in Meusa, as nobody would seriously consider to employ an apprentice, however gifted, who hasn’t completed his course of studies yet. While Traben is deciding whether to leave ERIDEN or not, he grows fond of the legends surrounding Leomorn Pegason; not only because of his mysterious disappearance from Lochbrook Edge (NORTHDELL), but also because he’s deeply fascinated by his figure.
Notes: Graphics1; Graphics2; Name.

Marlynn Lairhorn (since LS 1.5, Marlynn is not a playable character any more)
Born in: Molenor; Age: 18)

She’s always cheerful and vivacious, perhaps a little stingy, but most of all inappropriate. However, underneath this jester-like appearance and attitude, Marlynn is not lacking in a more emotional sagacity, from which you can tell that she’s, as well, protecting her frailty. She was born in Molenor (NORTHDELL), and she’s helping out the soldiers in Lochbrook Edge, which is where she can be found during the day.
Notes: GraphicsName.

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