Main Characters

Main Characters


Lauron Pegason
(Born in: Nossa; Age: 19)

He was born in Nossa (NORTHDELL) and he’s nineteen years old. Secluded, maybe shy more than introverted, he’s been living in Nossa since he was born, Miss Rune Milner took him in when he was four, and he’s been thinking lately of leaving the village, not exactly to travel, as to find his “own” place. He’s working with Panril Loyalar under Lord Leoven Arcanscape, wishing to become a Guardian one day, like his brother Leomorn before him. Everyone is expecting him to live up to his brother’s celebrity.
Notes: Graphics.


Eilmorel Gladomain
(Born in: Mirisia; Age: 19)

Despite her young age, she heads up the Council in Virannum (NORTHDELL), as a descendant of the royal family that used to rule the islands. Although she’s revered by the Council, perhaps more for her past than for her present deeds, Eilmorel knows that she won’t be as loved by the councillors as much as her mother used to be. However, in order to prove herself worth of their approval and her office, she often appears harsher than she really is. Eilmorel is the descendant of the Gladomain family for this time: she’s destined to leave the sovereignty of NORTHDELL to her daughter: she’s also the only one left of the Gladomain family, as the other two islands, ERIDEN and SOUTHSTON, are currently under other rulers. In order to be able to assure her lineage, Eilmorel’s body will not old, nor die, before she’ll give birth, although the rule of NORTHDELL may only pass to a female heir. Eilmorel and Leomorn used to be lovers for a short time in the past.
Notes: Graphics; Name.


Leomorn Pegason
(Born in: Engon; Age: 24)

Leomorn is Lauron’s elder brother. He used to be a Guardian of NORTHDELL, before he mysteriously disappeared years before, in an attempt to save the islands from the sudden arrival of a demon of unknown origin. According to the rumors, Leomorn threw himself in the abyss, from the edge of NORTHDELL — in Westerwald, to be precise, near the remains of Lochbrook Edge. Leomorn is regarded as a hero by everyone in NORTHDELL and beyond. He’s remembered as one of the finest combatants who ever lived, as the hero who sacrificed himself for the safety of his beloved, and for another undertaking: before that demon arrived, Leomorn created a sword, in which he would have relegated part of his living spirit, making the weapon eternally bound to him, meaning that one could not live without the other. Everyone knows about this story, but almost nobody believes it is actually true. As it often happens, heroes attract legends.
Notes: GraphicsName.

EilnysEilnys Arroway
(Born in: Panador; Age: 20)

Eilnys is a Healer from the capital city of NORTHDELL. She is always gentle and very generous, although something happened to her in the past, leaving its signs in the vague sadness of her manners. As a matter of fact, she had to leave her hometown to settle down permanently in Meusa (ERIDEN). An ancient custom imposes Healers to leave their hometown forever, in order to complete their apprenticeship, which is precisely what Eilnys did two years before the story begins, although she now misses her mother terribly. She’s also a dear friend of Lauron’s, and she happens to visit him quite often in Nossa.
Notes: GraphicsName.

PanrilPanril Loyalar
(Born in: Nossa; Age: 22)

Reliable, very self-confident, impulsive, a conqueror and a leader. Since he’s a Guardian, he used to be a fellow soldier along with Lauron’s brother, Leomorn, and he secretly regrets that he didn’t follow him to the end and to his glory. He also means to protect Lauron, after his brother’s disappearance. Together with Lauron, he works under Lord Leoven Arcanscape near the ruins of Lochbrook Edge (NORTHDELL). This is the reason why Panril and Lauron go to Molenor every week.
Notes: GraphicsName.

LeovenLeoven Arcanscape
(Born in: Erene; Age: 42)

Leoven is Lauron and Panril’s superior. He is a scholar and a revolutionary. He organises the works at the ruins that lie to the south of Molenor, in a place called Lochbrook Edge, along with Panril and Lauron, and he reports back to the Council every week. The Elders, and especially Eilmorel Gladomain, don’t trust him: he’s been conjecturing about another world lying below the floating islands. He wishes to prove his good faith to the Council.
Notes: GraphicsName.

See also: Secondary Characters.


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