Item Crafting (1.3)

Item Crafting (1.3)

Because vendors aren’t selling anymore potions in “Leomorn Sword” since 1.3, and as the drop-rate for HP” and “MP” Potions has been slightly reduced, new ways were needed to provide players with these essential items, and to give food and drink more “usefulness” in the game. So I decided to add this Item Crafting System (1.3), so that players could create their own potions after collecting the required materials.

KGC_ComposeItem, which can be found here, is very easy to use and to customize. Basically you can see above the list of the items that can be crafted (on the left: recipes), and the items needed to create them (on the right, materials/ingredients): it also shows how many of those items you already possess (Like HP” Potion: 1/2, meaning that one is required, two are possessed). There is going to be a vendor in every village, town or capital city. Players can obtain the ingredients anywhere: as a matter of fact, some can be bought from another vendor in town, while others can only be looted.

Later on, in the game, I’m considering to add more recipes besides potions, flasks and elixirs: pieces of gear could be crafted in the same way and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be.


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