1.3 Overall Preview (Part 4)

Part 4: Quests Overhaul

Quests are tasks given to a player that yield a reward when completed”: all exclamation points are bouncing and glowing over NPCs’ heads. Quests still can’t be abandoned, but there is no maximum of active Quests either. Using the Quest Journal players will be able to scroll through the categories “Pending”, “Completed”, “Failed” and “Primary Quests”: Primary Quests can’t be declined as their events are triggered, since they belong to the main story-line and are needed to advance, working together with Switches. It means that the world surrounding you will remain roughly the same until you carry on Primary Quests.

Whenever a Quest is completed, you’ll see a bouncing (not glowingQuestion Mark hovering over NPCs’ heads: they needn’t be the same who gave you the Quest in the first place. Objectives always include the NPC to go to in order to complete the Quest: that means their names and location.

If you choose to hand in any Quest, either Primary or Secondary, you will be given the rewards specified in the Quest Journal. Remember that only active characters will receive these “EXP” points and the  TP, so perhaps you’ll consider assembling a different party depending on the average level of your characters, or, obviously, simply privileging your “favourites”.
Idle characters won’t receive any percentage of the “EXP” earned by the active party when completing Quests.

This is part of the Quest Journal’s new layout: all Quests and encounters are now related to Level. It means that you will enter “Level zones” and will be told if the zone you’re entering, or the Quest you’re accepting might be too difficult at your level.
You can see in the up-right corner of the screenshot above, highlighted in red, the Difficulty of the Quest. It can vary from 1 to 5, but it also relies on Level.
At the end of every “Description”, you’ll see between round brackets the “Level range” for the Quest. At higher levels these rewards will almost be useless: all but the “EXP” gained, being merely a percentage of current “EXP”. The “EXP” gained will vary from 10% of current “EXP” for completing Secondary Quests, to 25% of current “EXP” for completing Primary Quests.

Now the rewards: so yes, all Quests will rewardEXP”, gold or a special item, and now also Talent Points (TP). As a matter of fact, you will earn an amount of TP corresponding to those you’ll earn when you level up within that range (e.g. 5-9, 10-14 and so on), except it’s 100% for Secondary Quests and 200% for Primary Quests.
The initial amount of TP given to all characters is 9 (up from 4). At the current point of the Demo you will earn about 90~96 TP completing 19 Quests (5 of which are Primary), so I’ve calculated that overall you should be able to earn around 714 TP by the end of the game. Actually, the TP earned could be much more, depending from the number of Quests I will add, so I’m just guessing it should be around that amount.
Here’s a scheme of how these points will vary, being related to Level as well:

Level            TP rewarded:

5 > 9      ->     3 (6 if Primary)
10 > 14   ->     4 (8 if Primary)
15 > 19   ->     5 (10 if Primary)
20 > 24   ->     6 (12 if Primary)
25 > 29   ->     7 (14 if Primary)
30 > 34   ->     8 (16 if Primary)
35 > 39   ->     9 (18 if Primary)
40 > 44   ->    10 (20 if Primary)
45 > 49   ->    11 (22 if Primary)
50 > 54   ->    12 (24 if Primary)
55 > 59   ->    13 (26 if Primary)
60          ->    14 (28 if Primary)


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