1.3 6/13 Update

Since Spirit now provides Mana Regeneration equal to 25% of its amount, it felt like other ways to restore Mana were a little too generous, so here’s an update.

  • Mana Restoration” now immediately restores 32% Mana (down from 41%) but it also recovers another 22% Mana over time.

Mana Restoration” will give the user a beneficial effect called “Concentration”, which will recover 11% Mana at the end of every turn, lasting for 2 turns. Overall, “Mana Restoration” will now recover 54% Mana over 3 turns: except, this Status will be canceled when taking damage. “Concentration” Status cannot be dispelled by enemies otherwise, and it stacks up with the amount of Mana regenerated by Spirit at the end of every turn — although you will only see the “Concentration” pop-up. So, overall, if one character has — let’s say — 542 Spirit and 3595 MP, it means they will regenerate roughly 135 MP (from Spirit) at the end of every turn, and, if they cast “Mana Restoration” upon themselves, that’ll give them the chance to restore up to another 1941 MP over 3 turns (that means up to 2346 MP recovered over 3 turns, if not attacked). These numbers come from Lv. 60 testing.
Also remember that the beneficial effect called “Greater Intellect” increases both Intellect (14% Mana) and Spirit (150%).
Mana Restoration” still takes 6 turns to recharge, and can’t be reused before then, unless casting “Meditation” first. “Meditation” will not cancel “Concentration” Status.

  • Mahotora”, on the other hand, will absorb MP from the enemies equal to the 18% of their maximum MP (down from 21%).
  • Mahoageru” still transfers 24% of the user’s maximum MP to one ally: since neither Mages or Healers will be given this ability, I felt like all other classes (less relying on Intellect, and supposedly having less Mana Points) shouldn’t see the effectiveness of their spells reduced.

Since I liked the idea of beneficial effects over time, I also changed the way “Hoimi” works.

  • Hoimi” will provide Healing over Time (“HoT”) equal to the 20% of the target’s maximum HP. It’s the same as “Concentration”, except it won’t be canceled when taking damage. The only way to “dispel” this new Status, called “Mending”, would be to inflict “Poison”, as the two are obviously incompatible. “Mending” Status, on the other hand, will not cancel “Poison”, which can still be dispelled only casting “Kiarii” or “Shanaku”, or consumingRemedies”, “Ethers”, “Elixirs”, “Disperdherbs”, or “Shanaku Scrolls”. At the moment, “Hoimi” is also the only spell to provide “Healing over Time”. In later expansions of the game I might add new spells to provide HoT: I wanted “Hoimi” to be still useful when reaching higher levels. So, for instance, you might keep stronger spells for heavier damage, and simply cast “Hoimi” on everyone else, just to reduce the damage that they take overall.

As a matter of fact, I am thinking of adding a new beneficial effect to “Behomaraa”, since it is the only spell healing up to three targets simultaneously. I am still thinking about it, but in my plans “Behomaraacould provide a damage reduction lasting for 1 turn. Please keep in mind that whenever a spell is improved in terms of Mana Cost or Healing Done, or when adding beneficial effects to its usage, everything else needs to be balanced. See 1.3 10/29 Update.


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  1. I’ve been following your game for a while and it looks amazing
    can’t wait for more updates ^^
    when will it be available(1.3)?

  2. I had to abandon this project for a long time, due to personal reasons, now I am encouraged by people like you to resume and release at least a more recent Demo. I wished I had gone further with the content, but then I have been postponing the release endlessly now, so it does not make much sense to delay the release while I am actually *not* working on it.

    Thanks for your comment, I will release LS 1.3 later this week.

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