5/27 Update: New Spells: Ryuusei, Asutoron & Megante

  • Asutoron (Guardian, level 29):

This spell replaces the old Mahokanta, which caused an annoying bug in LS 1.3: enemies under the effect of Reflect Status became immortal. Besides, even if I liked the idea of a “reflecting shield”, later on in the game it became either too powerful or useless. That is because, if Mahokanta really did cast all spells back to the enemy, bosses would be hit by their own spells, and that’d be ridiculous. On the other hand, if I made it so that Mahokanta wouldn’t work with all spells, it would have become almost useless.

Asutoron, instead, works as a very powerful magic damage reduction. The shield will last for two turns. I am thinking about turning it to “All Allies”, rather than just one: that would make much more sense. This spell comes from Dragon Quest. The name means something like “Turning into iron” and it should also cause some movement impairment. Guardians will learn the ability when reaching level 29. No other class will learn Asutoron.

  • Ryuusei (Magician, level 27):

Ryuusei, also known as “Meteor”, is possibly the most powerful and spectacular spell in the game so far. You can see the animation in the video above (0:15). Other than “Earth” and “Bagima”, there was no other skill dealing Earth damage. Ryuusei costs 34% MP*1283 vs. 29*1083 (Ionazun) and 31*1198 (Ultima). However, Ryuusei will not target all enemies: it will be cast twice and it will target randomly either once two enemies or twice the same one (Scope: “2 Random Enemies”). Magicians will learn this ability when reaching level 27.

  • Megante OD (Guardian, level 31):

You can see the animation above (1:10). This is an Overdrive Technique, damaging all enemies and cutting their HP by 100%, at the cost of the caster’s life. Since it deals elemental damage (Sacred, the same as the Cleric’s healing spells), I will make all bosses immune to it: that’s mainly because 100% means 100%: if an enemy has, say, 109,000 HP, Megante will deal the exact same damage output. In the video above, Davian is immune to Sacred, which is why Megante is uneffective. Guardians will learn this ability when reaching level 31. I will also make a spell that will lower an enemy’s resistance to Sacred, meaning that Megante would still hit bosses, but for 50% or less of its capability.


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  1. I am so glad I found this game or vx.net! The topic was last posted in 2010! I thought this game was a lost project! I was so glad to see it isn’t. Last post here was in May. I want to totally support this game in any way I can. pm me at the official forum or just come to my little forum @ http://shingamix.forumotion.com/ I offer you a free VIP membership and your own sub-forum for Leomorn. It is a great game. Cant wait to hear from you asap.

    • Hey, ShinGamix,
      I’m sorry it took me forever to reply to this comment: I read it only a few days ago. Sadly, I haven’t been visiting my own site for months. Leomorn Sword is not an abandoned project, I’ve just been idle for several months now, and life has been so hectic that I cannot tell when I could resume proficiently, even now.
      I began working on this project for fun, the idea of sharing the game on line only came afterwards, and I could not hope for such a promising feedback. I’m really flattered that you and a few others out there support this game, but I stopped giving myself deadlines. I cannot afford saying: ‘later this month or next I will release a newer version of this game’, because I have no guarantee that I’ll work at it.
      Thank you for your support, it means a lot to me. Hopefully I’ll post at least an update on this site soon.

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