Some Ability Changes in 1.5

Ranked Spells Fix

All ranked spells have had their Mana cost slightly reduced as they are taken to the next rank. The damage and healing outputs remain the same, but with less Mana required. Here’s an example (numbers are taken from Lv. 50, assuming a Mana Pool of 4000 MP). I wish there was something like a base Mana Pool, like in WoW, but I cannot achieve that here, so whenever Intellect is increased both Mana cost and effectiveness get higher.

  • Hoimi (I)” = 10.43 * 440 (11% MP) = 4,589 HP
  • Hoimi (II)” =15.29 * 360 (9% MP) =5,504 HP
  • Hoimi (III)” = 24.02 * 280 (7% MP) =6,726 HP

You see, the ranks are still roughly proportioned (75%, 90%, 110%). Now, Hoimi” is not perhaps a great example, but the reason I’ve come up with this is that 24-33% Mana is a ridiculous amount even at Lv. 50 just before the very end of the game. Even if characters managed to reach 600 SPI (which is possible on paper, except it would take literally hundreds of Talent Points), 600 SPI converts to 300 MP at the end of every turn (because of Focused Mind), while 33% Mana for one spell means 1320 MP (basically, Focused Mind gives, in this case, almost 23% of the cost of the spell). Yes, it is true that these spells have Cooldowns, so you won’t be spamming them every turn, but since we are talking about total MP, here, adding up the cost of all spells (minus the Mana restored by Focused Mind”), all characters would soon run out of Mana, even if they had 600 SPI, which, again, is almost impossible.

  • Focused Mind” seemed to be much more useful before reaching Lv. 50. I cannot change this Passive Ability, it would be too complicated, I changed all other spells instead.
  • Mana Restoration abilities have had their amount of Spirit increased:
  • Mana Restoration” restores Mana scaling from 179% Spirit (up from 144%)
    • Grants Concentration Status.
  •  “Mana Well” restores Mana scaling from 112% Spirit (up from 73%).
  •  “Mana Profusion OD” restores Mana scaling from 204% Spirit (up from 191%).
    • Concentration Status removed.
  • Concentration (Status) restores Mana over time: 24% Total MP (up from 22%) over 2 Turns, if not attacked.
  • Because all these abilities scale from Spirit directly, they can produce a critical hit.
  • Zaoriima” (New!) This ability revives all allies at 37% HP. Sages only (Lv. 24)
    • Zaoraru (I)” can still be learnt by Guardians (currently at Lv. 25): revives one ally at 26% HP, 51% Mana Pool.
    • Zaoraru (II)” is learnt by Sages and Clerics (currently at Lv. 11): revives one ally at 53% HP, 21% Mana Pool.
  • Fubaaha” (New!) Increases resistance to Fire and Ice (2 Turns). Guardians only (Lv. 19)
  • Reaping Sword OD” (New!) This ability replaced the old “Special Attack OD” that was not compatible with Yanfly’s Core Fixes and Upgrades any more. It still targets one enemy only, and it strikes four times for 114% damage scaling from Attack Power. It does not have any ranks and it has a 50% Critical Chance. Like almost all Overdrive abilities, it has no cost whatsoever and no CD.
  • Asutoron”. This ability has been changed to its original Dragon Quest concept. The name means “turning into iron” and it was meant from the beginning to add some movement impairing effect.
    • Asutoron (I)” will protect from 54% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • Asutoron (II)” will protect from 72% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • Asutoron” also cancels all other similar States, and namely:
      • Damage Shield” (all Ranks)
      • Barrier” (all Ranks)
      • Mighty Guard” (all Ranks)
    • It means that damage-reduction shields cannot stack like they used to. When casting one of these abilities,  apart from Damage Shield”, the previous Status is removed, and the new one is applied.
  • Runic Blessing”. Description updated. Under this Status, the Cleric will absorb the cost of all incoming spells. It does NOT absorb damage, it restores Mana equal to the cost of the spell the Cleric’s hit by (which can be a harmful or healing ability). It does not seem to work with the Cleric’s own spells (targeting himself).
  • All spells changing resistances to elements have changed: they do not grant immunity or complete vulnerability. Instead, they can stack up, gradually making the target more resistant or more vulnerable to that element.
    • Fire Weakness”, for instance, will not set the resistance to Fire to -300%, it will simply take it down a rank (from C to B, from B, to A, etc.) increasing vulnerability by 50%, 100% and 200%. Obviously, if one enemy already had an “A” as Fire Resistance (+200% damage), this ability would take it down to 300%, like it used to.
    • Eilmorel won’t be able to hit with Ryuusei” for 46,185 any more. Too bad. The maximum damage a magician could deal with that is now 23,092 (which, strangely enough, gets still to 46,185 as a critical hit).

All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.


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