Class Update: Priests

allclasses_newiconsClass Update

priestclass_iconPriests (formerly known as “Sages”)

«You must learn to control your magic» (Namere Wisdomancer).

CLASS PASSIVE: endurance_iconEndurancethe Priest’s healing spells can sometimes increase the target’s Staminaendurance_iconEndurance increases the target’s Stamina, affecting maximum HP by +6% each time it procs, stacking up to 3 times (6%+6%+6%), with more or less 50% chance to proc. I have discussed the dynamics of this passive ability before. endurance_iconEndurance now lasts for 3 Turns (up from 2), and it increases HP by 6% (down from 8%).

  • Assuming 30,800 HP, here is how this passive ability works at L. 50: 30,800 HP (No Stacks), 32,648 HP (1st Stack +1848), 34,607 HP (2nd Stack +1959), 36,683 HP (3rd Stack +2076). All spells affecting HP (including further stacks of endurance_iconEndurance) will take into account the new amount of HP. However, this is only a temporary effect: if it is not refreshed, as soon as it vanishes endurance_iconEndurance will take the target’s Stamina back to 100%.
  • The one and only collateral of endurance_iconEndurance is that characters can pass out as soon as the effect wears off. In the EXAMPLE above, the total HP given by 3 Stacks of endurance_iconEndurance at L. 50 is 5,883: if the character has less than 5,883 HP and the effect is not refreshed, the target will pass out after 3 Turns. Players do not have any control over endurance_iconEndurance: all they can do is hope it will proc again, refreshing its duration on the target. Of course, another way to go is be sure the target always has more than 5,883 HP.
    • Increased Stamina means more survivability. However, the side-effect is that Priests will need to keep healing the party.

priestclass_iconCORE ABILITIES:

  • hoimi_iconHoimi (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.12/11.04/17.35 * 11/9/7% Mana. Also grants hoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Status). CD: 3/3/3 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 3,313/3,976/4,859 HPhoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Statuswill heal another 18/33% HP over 2/3 Turnsbehoimi_iconMending (II) (Status) will be granted only by hoimi_iconHoimi (III). Unfortunately, it would be very hard to predict the healing of behoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Statusbecause of endurance_iconEndurance (Status). Both these healing-over-time effects will restore flat amounts of HP at the end of every turn: the HP restored depends on the target’s maximum HP.
    • As usual, all healing spells have a +/-5% fluctuation.
  • behoimi_iconBehoimi (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.09/10.21/15.60 * 24/20/16% Mana. Also dispels Burning (Status) (New!) all Damage Over Time effects – namely: Poison, Bleed, Burning and Drowning. CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 6,810/8,173/9,990 HP.
  • behoma_iconBehoma (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 6.48/8.93/12.81 * 31/27/23% Mana. CD: 5/5/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 8,040/9,648/11,792 HP.
    • If you compare behoma_iconBehoma (All Ranks) with behoimi_iconBehoimi (All Ranks) you will see that behoimi_iconBehoimi’s base multiplier is higher than behoma_iconBehoma’s: this means that the healing output of these spells relies heavily on the Priest’s Mana pool.
  • lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (Rank I, II, III): (New!slightly increases Stamina. Heals all allies except the Priest for 4.90/6.17/7.94 * 21/20/19% Mana. CD: 4/4/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 4,117/4,941/6,040 HP.
    • lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (New!) does not apply endurance_iconEndurance any more: instead, it increases the target’s Stamina by 46/175/308 HP for the whole fight. The effect persists after passing out, and it’s lost only when leaving combat.
  • greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā (Rank I, II, III): heals all allies except the Priest for 5.14/6.41/8.16 * 26/25/24% Mana. CD: 5/5/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 5,345/6,414/7,840 HP.
    • Priests will not be healed by either one of these multiple-target spells. Both lesserbehomara_iconLesser and greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā will heal all allies except the Priest.
    • greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā can cause endurance_iconEndurance Status on the target.

Priests are designed to be stronger in multiple-target healing. They do rely on Mana, like any other caster class: however, unlike Acolytes, their healing output will be a constant amount. On the other hand, Priests are comparatively weaker when healing a single target. Furthermore, Priests cannot benefit from their own multiple-target healing spells.

priestclass_iconOVERDRIVE ABILITIES:

  • od_all_iconBehomazun OD (No Ranks): restores Status and heals all allies for 10.98 * 14% Mana. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 6,147 HPod_all_iconBehomazun OD will remove all Status ailments completely.
  • od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD (No Ranks): fully heals one ally, but it also drains 96% of the Priest’s HP over 2 Turns. It also removes all Status ailments. With 11% Mana cost, which is rather low, the base multiplier of this ability is almost the highest possible: 96.91 * 11% Mana. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 42,640 HP. (od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD cannot deal a critical hit).
  • od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD will apply sacrificestatus_iconSacrifice (Status) on the Priest whenever it’s cast. This Status ailment cannot be dispelled in any way, it is only cancelled upon receiving fatal damage, and it naturally wears off after 2 Turns. Under this effect, the Priest will lose 48% HP at the end of every turn. Priests cannot target themselves with od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD: if they do, the spell will have no beneficial effect whatsoever, and it will apply sacrificestatus_iconSacrifice (Status) regardless.
    • Lore. As the name suggests, this overdrive ability is a weaker version of Megazaru. However, Priests will never learn the “real” Megazaru, as the spell was forbidden by one of the earliest mentors of the class, Namere Wisdomancer. Namere forbade the use of Megazaru because, if Priests did not manage to control their magic, casting Megazaru would have drained all of their energy immediately, and they would have diedMegazaru is rumoured to be the only known technique able to bring dead people back to life.

priestclass_iconSOME OTHER ABILITIES:

  • damageshield_iconDamage Shield (No Ranks; 23% Mana; All Allies): grants Damage Shield (I), reducing all damage taken by 9% (1 Turn). CD: 5 Turns.
  • encouragement_iconEncouragement (No Ranks; 11% Mana; All Allies): instantly gives the whole active party 200 Overdrive Points. CD: 6 Turns.
  • kiari_iconKiarī (II; 11% Mana; One Ally): dispels Poison+Blind. kiariku_iconKiariku (No Ranks; 12% Mana; One Ally): dispels Paralyse+Stun. kiararu_iconKiararu (No Ranks; 10% Mana; One Ally): dispels Confusion. zameha_iconZameha (No Ranks; 14% Mana; All Allies): dispels Sleep. shanaku_newiconShanaku (No Ranks; 19% Mana; One Ally): removes all Status ailments. massdispel_newiconMass Dispel (No Ranks; 31% Mana; All Allies): dispels most Status ailments. Those that will not be dispelled are: Anguish, Hopelessness, Zombie, Reduced Healing and Despair.
  • Zaoriku (No Ranks; 18% Mana; One Ally) and Zaorīma (No Ranks; 24% Mana; All Allies). Zaoriku (2-Turn CD) revives one ally at 63% HP and can also be used in combatZaorīma (5-Turn CD) revives all allies at 41% HP (only usable in combat).
  • piora_iconPiora (No Ranks; 7% Mana; One Ally) and piorim_iconPiorim’ (No Ranks; 10% Mana; All Allies): these buffs increase Haste by 50 (up to 2 Stacks), for 3 Turns.
  • elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (Rank I, II, III; 7/8/9% current Mana; One Ally/One Ally/All Allies): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 76/92/112% Spirit.
  • manarestoration_newiconMana Restoration (Rank I, II, III; No Cost): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 122/146/179% Spirit (The User). Also grants Concentration Status, restoring another 24% Mana over 2 Turns (the Status is cancelled upon taking damage).
  • meditation_iconMeditation (No Ranks; No Cost): refreshes all cool-downs and reduces Aggro/Threat (The User). CD: 10 Turns. It does not refresh itself.
  • waterweakness_iconWater Weakness (No Ranks; 11% Mana; All Enemies): takes all enemies’ resistance to Water down a level. (As usual, from F to E, from E to D, from D to C, from C to B, and so on).
    • Priests will also learn waterbubble_icon Water Bubble (Rank I, II), waterweakness_iconWater Drop (Rank I, II), watertide_iconWater Tide (Rank I, II); hyad_iconHyad’ (Rank I, II)hyadaruko_iconHyadaruko (Rank I, II)hyadain_iconHyadaīn (Rank I, II); and earth_iconEarth (Rank I, II). I shall discuss these abilities more in-depth when posting the update on thaumatuge_classnewiconThaumaturges.

priestclass_iconFINAL TIPS ON PRIESTS:

  • Priests prove themselves more powerful as party healers. Many of their abilities affect up to three targets simultaneously – except, lesserbehomara_iconLesser and greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā will not affect the Priest. This is what makes Priests pretty easy to play: you basically cast either lesserbehomara_iconLesser or greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā as soon as they come off cool-down and you’re pretty much done. Nothing complicated about it.
  • The choice between od_all_iconBehomazun OD and od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD is situational, of course, but I would not avoid casting od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD just because of sacrificestatus_iconSacrifice (Status) debuff.
  • lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (New!) is still being tested. Hopefully, it will make Priests a little more dynamic. At Rank IIIlesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā will have a 5-Turn CD (which can be taken down to 2). Healing with lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā every 2 turns and granting the party a permanent +308 HP every time could be too much for longer encounters.

priestclass_iconPROS AND CONS:

  • Priests are by far the most powerful healers for boss encounters, because of their multiple-target heals.
  • Priests have constant/easily predictable healing outputs, and most of their spells also apply other beneficial effects.
  • Priests do not involve any complex dynamic in their rotation.
  • If they get silenced, stunned, paralysed or confused, they will immediately become useless.
  • If Priests run out of Mana, or if their Mana pool is reduced or lost, Priests will go from healing less to stop healing altogether.
  • Unless their allies are given pieces of equipment that increase Nature Affinity, Priests have no way of their own to increase their healing done.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.


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