Thanks everyone for the support

Leomorn Sword is a Role-Playing Game set in an imaginary world, made using RPG Maker VX. I began to work on this project for fun, a few years ago. All Demos and the finished project will be available for free. However, in order to play it, you will have to have RPG Maker VX installed.

To create a game it is usually necessary to work as a team, in order to cover all aspects of the game and to concentrate all efforts in a more productive way. There is usually someone who cares about “Scripting”, while others take care of “Graphics”, involving all kind of drawing: characters, tiles, icons; there’s someone who writes, who takes care of the story, the cut-scenes, the dialogues; someone to take care of making events, which is the dynamic process of story-telling using the software’s tools.

In order to make a better game, it would be ideal to have someone covering each role of the team. That means having at least three or four people working together. So far I’ve handled all this by myself. Luckily, there’s a lot of people out there, who are fond of game-making.

(July 2010)


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