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New Download Link!

I decided to upload “Leomorn Sword” Demo 1.5 on Google Drive.

New Download Link!


LS 1.5 Demo

RPG Maker VX needs to be installed.

Please remember that this game is still being beta-tested and may present bugs. I would really appreciate any feedback you could give me.

Even if I personally recommend playing the Demo from the beginning, I understand that some of you have already played it: for those who are familiar with Leomorn Sword, just load the only Save file you will find, selecting Continue.

1.5 Screenshots!

New Animations, New Sounds

All sounds in LS have changed, thanks to this amazing website: the name of the author is Maoudamashii.

I also needed new animations because I am now working on a set of abilities only accessible to enemies. I reviewed again LexusX’s Project 180, also because Mr. Bubble hasn’t published any animation layer for quite a long time.

Testing Screenshot

Glowing Star” (New!has 12 Turns CD (down from 20), causes +48 Aggro, and it gives the Cleric +40% Intellect (up from 24%) and +80% Spirit for all its duration (4 Turns), increasing all of the Cleric’s healing and harmful spells. “Glowing Star” will be learnt by Traben, and Traben ONLY, handing in his quest in Mirisia (“Elder Silentall”) around Lv. 27.

Elysian Grace” (Old) gives the whole active party a 280% increased Divine Affinity8-Turn CD, and duration increased from 3 Turns to 5. “Elysian Grace” will be learnt by Clerics at Lv. 29.

Healing over 38,280 with any spell means over-healing, so Traben is just given two abilities with long duration instead of one: using both abilities together is possible, but it would be a waste of time and Mana. Of course, I did try it for fun.

What happened:

  • Starlight (III)” heals for 22.07 * 25% Mana Pool (which should’ve been 1,061, butGlowing Star gives an increased Mana Pool (+40%) = 5943. The Mana cost for this spell (and the real multiplier) becomes 1485.
  • So, 22.07 * 1485 =32,773 (Base Healing output)
  • + 280% Effectiveness (Old Elysian Grace) = 91,764
  • + Critical Hit Bonus (which means * 2)
  • It could virtually hit for 183,529, but there is a +/-5% variance, so the output had to be within this range: 174,352~192,704. Life-points are limited to 38,280, and this output is roughly the 480%. This all felt useless and a bit ridiculous.

Elysian Grace” (New!) gives the whole active party a +50% Divine Affinity8-Turn CDlasts for 4 Turns, and it’s obviously lost upon death. “Elysian Grace” will be learnt by Clerics at Lv. 29.

  • In the example above, “Starlight (III)” would heal for 49,159 (98,319 if @critical), but you must bear in mind that this is the most effective healing spell in the game, enhanced with two very powerful buffs at the same time, during testing, and cast by a fully-equipped Traben. It means that, having around 3~4K MP, and using one CD at a time, “Starlight (III)” would normally heal for 19,775 (not 32K), and “Elysian Grace” would take it to 29,662, while “Glowing Star” would make it heal for 27,684. Now the two buffs are decently balanced.
  • Glowing Star” and Elysian Gracecannot be active at the same time on one target.

All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

Passive Abilities

stunstatus_iconOutdated Post!stunstatus_icon

Passive Abilities related to characters give benefits mostly useful in early game. You are not going to feel the benefit of 46 more MP when you’re L. 50. However, they are meant to make a little difference between characters at the beginning.

  • Lethality”, Lauron’s Passive. Grants Critical Bonus (doubles Critical Hit Chance; also, Critical Hits deal more damage than usual).
  • Awareness”, Eilnys’s Passive. Doubles the EXP gained.
  • Accuracy”, Panril’s Passive. Increases Accuracy and ignores the enemy’s Evasion Rate.
  • Frenzy”, Daruvial’s Passive. Increases Haste by 10.
  • Mental Force”, Eilmorel’s Passive. Increases Intellect by 46.
  • Veteran’s Scars”, Leoven’s Passive. Increases Stamina by 194.
  • Deadliness”, Theremita’s Passive. Increases Attack Power by 10.
  • Tough Skin”, Davian’s Passive. Increases Defense (10) and Evasion (+5).
  • Executioner”, Leomorn’s Passive. Increases Critical Chance (+10).
  • Expanded Mind”, Traben’s Passive. Increases Intellect (+34) and Spirit (+10).
  • Greed”, Rudrin’s Passive. Gains 3 Nai every 5 seconds (while Rudrin’s in your party).

Class Passive Abilities (In Progress)

These abilities are related to class. All classes share one Passive Ability: “Focused Mind”, converting 50% Spirit to Mana at the end of every turn.

  • Perseverance”, Apprentice’s Passive Ability. Apprentices can upgrade to Guardian, Sage, Cleric or Magician once they reach L. 30.
  • Heroic Accomplishment”, Guardian’s Passive Ability. The Guardian has all cool-downs reduced by 1. I was hoping to come up with something smarter than this, but I can always change this in the future.
  • Endurance”, Sage’s Passive Ability. The Sage’s healing spells can sometimes increase the target’s Stamina. Endurance increases Stamina by 9% 8%, it stacks up to 4 times 3 times, it can be refreshed but it only lasts for 2 turns. It has a chance to proc with all of the Sage’s healing spells (“Hoimi”, “Behoimi”, “Behoma”, “Lesser Behomaraa” and “Greater Behomaraa”). During testing, it seemed to have a 50% chance to proc. The 2-turn duration is also really nice in my opinion, and 9% HP 8% means 2448 HP 2176 HP at L. 50. Obviously, the buff cannot exceed the HP limit (38,280). Here’s how the three stacks work at L. 50: 27,200 + 2,176 + 2,350 + 2,538 = 34,264.
    • Hoimi” and “Lesser Behomaraa” no longer increase Stamina on spellcast. The buff used to be granted by these abilities and it used to be permanent for the whole fight. Endurance is more powerful, but it only lasts for 2 turns if it’s not refreshed.
  • Holy Aegis”, Cleric’s Passive Ability. The Cleric’s healing spells sometimes place a shield on the target. Holy Aegis nullifies 19% of all incoming damage (physical and magic) for 2 turns: it stacks up to 2 times (meaning 38% damage reduction). It has a chance to proc with all of the Cleric’s healing spells (“Mending Prayer”, “Inner Light”, “Starlight”, “Wavering Light”, “Holy Sunlight”). Holy Aegis has approximately 50% chance to proc on spellcast.“Elemental Perfection”, Magician’s Passive Ability. The Magician’s harmful spells can reach Rank III.
    • Greater Behomaraa” and “Behoma” no longer grant “Damage Shield” Status. This Status has also been removed from usable pieces of armours.
    • Damage Shield” (Ability) is no longer learnt by Clerics, to avoid redundancy. It will be learnt by Sages instead (currently at L. 24).

stunstatus_iconOutdated Post!stunstatus_icon

Some Ability Changes in 1.5

Ranked Spells Fix

All ranked spells have had their Mana cost slightly reduced as they are taken to the next rank. The damage and healing outputs remain the same, but with less Mana required. Here’s an example (numbers are taken from Lv. 50, assuming a Mana Pool of 4000 MP). I wish there was something like a base Mana Pool, like in WoW, but I cannot achieve that here, so whenever Intellect is increased both Mana cost and effectiveness get higher.

  • Hoimi (I)” = 10.43 * 440 (11% MP) = 4,589 HP
  • Hoimi (II)” =15.29 * 360 (9% MP) =5,504 HP
  • Hoimi (III)” = 24.02 * 280 (7% MP) =6,726 HP

You see, the ranks are still roughly proportioned (75%, 90%, 110%). Now, Hoimi” is not perhaps a great example, but the reason I’ve come up with this is that 24-33% Mana is a ridiculous amount even at Lv. 50 just before the very end of the game. Even if characters managed to reach 600 SPI (which is possible on paper, except it would take literally hundreds of Talent Points), 600 SPI converts to 300 MP at the end of every turn (because of Focused Mind), while 33% Mana for one spell means 1320 MP (basically, Focused Mind gives, in this case, almost 23% of the cost of the spell). Yes, it is true that these spells have Cooldowns, so you won’t be spamming them every turn, but since we are talking about total MP, here, adding up the cost of all spells (minus the Mana restored by Focused Mind”), all characters would soon run out of Mana, even if they had 600 SPI, which, again, is almost impossible.

  • Focused Mind” seemed to be much more useful before reaching Lv. 50. I cannot change this Passive Ability, it would be too complicated, I changed all other spells instead.
  • Mana Restoration abilities have had their amount of Spirit increased:
  • Mana Restoration” restores Mana scaling from 179% Spirit (up from 144%)
    • Grants Concentration Status.
  •  “Mana Well” restores Mana scaling from 112% Spirit (up from 73%).
  •  “Mana Profusion OD” restores Mana scaling from 204% Spirit (up from 191%).
    • Concentration Status removed.
  • Concentration (Status) restores Mana over time: 24% Total MP (up from 22%) over 2 Turns, if not attacked.
  • Because all these abilities scale from Spirit directly, they can produce a critical hit.
  • Zaoriima” (New!) This ability revives all allies at 37% HP. Sages only (Lv. 24)
    • Zaoraru (I)” can still be learnt by Guardians (currently at Lv. 25): revives one ally at 26% HP, 51% Mana Pool.
    • Zaoraru (II)” is learnt by Sages and Clerics (currently at Lv. 11): revives one ally at 53% HP, 21% Mana Pool.
  • Fubaaha” (New!) Increases resistance to Fire and Ice (2 Turns). Guardians only (Lv. 19)
  • Reaping Sword OD” (New!) This ability replaced the old “Special Attack OD” that was not compatible with Yanfly’s Core Fixes and Upgrades any more. It still targets one enemy only, and it strikes four times for 114% damage scaling from Attack Power. It does not have any ranks and it has a 50% Critical Chance. Like almost all Overdrive abilities, it has no cost whatsoever and no CD.
  • Asutoron”. This ability has been changed to its original Dragon Quest concept. The name means “turning into iron” and it was meant from the beginning to add some movement impairing effect.
    • Asutoron (I)” will protect from 54% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • Asutoron (II)” will protect from 72% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • Asutoron” also cancels all other similar States, and namely:
      • Damage Shield” (all Ranks)
      • Barrier” (all Ranks)
      • Mighty Guard” (all Ranks)
    • It means that damage-reduction shields cannot stack like they used to. When casting one of these abilities,  apart from Damage Shield”, the previous Status is removed, and the new one is applied.
  • Runic Blessing”. Description updated. Under this Status, the Cleric will absorb the cost of all incoming spells. It does NOT absorb damage, it restores Mana equal to the cost of the spell the Cleric’s hit by (which can be a harmful or healing ability). It does not seem to work with the Cleric’s own spells (targeting himself).
  • All spells changing resistances to elements have changed: they do not grant immunity or complete vulnerability. Instead, they can stack up, gradually making the target more resistant or more vulnerable to that element.
    • Fire Weakness”, for instance, will not set the resistance to Fire to -300%, it will simply take it down a rank (from C to B, from B, to A, etc.) increasing vulnerability by 50%, 100% and 200%. Obviously, if one enemy already had an “A” as Fire Resistance (+200% damage), this ability would take it down to 300%, like it used to.
    • Eilmorel won’t be able to hit with Ryuusei” for 46,185 any more. Too bad. The maximum damage a magician could deal with that is now 23,092 (which, strangely enough, gets still to 46,185 as a critical hit).

All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

Leomorn Sword 1.5ß — Major Update

stunstatus_iconOutdated Post!stunstatus_icon

I know it has been really long. So many things have changed I had to keep track of them! This post is meant to give a commented fix list of Leomorn Sword 1.5(ß). First of all, the maximum level has been set to 50.

All Parameter Curves have been nerfed slightly, particularly those of Intellect and Spirit. This is because Mana Regeneration has been set to 50% up from 25% SPI, and also because Intellect remains a rather cheap parameter to increase spending Talent Points in the “Status” Screen. I have tried to give players all freedom possible, while keeping all encounters still challenging. However, during testing, in early game, 25% SPI was too low compared to Mana Cost, which is why I decided to increase it to 50% (Clerics and Sages do not have bonuses like they used to). Intellect and Spirit need to be balanced at a core level, which means I cannot expect players to keep them balanced by themselves. Players are given a choice between increasing Intellect and run out of Mana sooner, and increasing Spirit, with higher Mana Regeneration, but less powerful spells. All classes have been given a new Passive Ability, called Focused Mind”, explaining that 50% SPI is converted to Mana at the end of every turn.

It is also crucial to set the damage output and Stamina of enemies: although Healers (both Clerics and Sages) have been given some harmful spells and Mana Regeneration abilities, so that they would not stand idle when the Party is fully healed, the amount of HP restored by healing spells scales ONLY from Intellect. It means that (if Intellect is too high compared to level) both Clerics and Sages can heal the whole Party with one of their AOE heals, without running out of Mana and being idle for the next few turns. Healers can very easily turn out to be overpowered just by increasing IntellectI cannot prevent players from doing so.

I have added Threat, so that Healers will be targeted more as they heal the Party: they should now be in need to protect, heal or dispel themselves more often. However, the whole balance depends on how players will spend their Talent Points, and this is something I cannot and shall not predict. On the one hand, ATD Actors are given a choice between increasing Stamina or Damage/Defense; on the other hand, SPI Actors are given a choice between increasing Intellect or Mana Regeneration/Spirit.

1 TP spent on Intellect now increases MP by 19, down from 29. Also, the Parameter Curves for Intellect and Spirit have been nerfed. This should prevent Traben, Eilnys and Marlynn to reach 2000 MP at level 20 as easily as before. Healing spells will generate a decent amount of Threat and, with reduced Spirit, they should have some issues with Mana as well. These adjustments do NOT guarantee that all encounters will be balanced  because that depends only on the player’s choices, and I am not willing to change that.

Boss encounters will be the real test. Not only because bosses deal far more damage than normal encounters, but also because they have a lot more health and can enrage after a set number of turns. As bosses enrage, they slightly heal themselves and their Stats increase significantly: in some cases the fight is automatically lost.

I want all encounters to be decently balanced, and not a simple repetition of Auto-Attacks or AOE spells. However, I also changed the way Status ailments work. Healers should SUPPORT the party, so their abilities basically heal, dispel, empower or protect. As damage dealers, all other Actors (namely, Guardians and Magicians) should be in need of that support.

Overdrive Points (ODP) have been set to 950 down from 1000: also, the amount of ODP gained per action has been increased. You can now reach 100% ODP in only 4 or 5 turns, depending on the actions you will take. However, ODP are automatically lost at the beginning of every encounter for the active party. In mid game, I found out that beginning boss encounters with full ODP could give the party too much of advantage. ODP are also lost if one Actor passes out, but players can still keep out of the party those Actors who have reached 100% ODP. So, on the one hand, it’s now easier to reach 100% ODP, but you cannot use Overdrive Abilities as early as 4-5 turns into the encounter. Since players will use OD Abilities more often, now, these skills have been slightly nerfed.

Database: Abilities:

All healing and harmful spells whose damage scales off Intellect have had their description updated, now showing the Base Damage and the Mana Cost (%). Players can now calculate the damage or healing output of all spells.

Almost all spells have 3 Ranks. The effectiveness of all ranked spells goes from 75% (Rank I) to 110% (Rank III). Magicians are given the passive ability called ElementalPerfection_Icon“Elemental Perfection”: they are the only class that can access the highest-level incantations (such as Mera III, Hyadain III, etc.)

The only way to learn the higher-ranked spell is practice and level. If players use Mera (I)” ten times, they learn Mera (II)” (Lv 11). If Magicians cast Mera (II)” twenty times, they can learn Mera (III)” (Lv. 15). No matter how long players use Mera (III)”, they will not learn Merami (I)” like they used to. While the Mana Cost remains the same (9% of Mana Pool), the damage output increases (3.99/4.79/5.32) and sometimes the spell’s cooldown decreases slightly (cannot go below 2 Turns). Healing spells work exactly the same. Because of these changes, Eilnys’s “Ability Tutorial” has been removed.

  • Update: While talking about Magicians:
  • “Greater Intellect” has been redesigned: it temporarily increases Intellect by 15% (up from 14%), but the effect will only last for 3 Turns (it used to be permanent for the duration of the fight). Magicians can only cast the buff on themselves. Cooldown set to 7 up from 6. Keep in mind that 15% increased Intellect means 15% increased effectiveness of all harmful spells.

Database: Abilities: Trainers:

In LS 1.5 I added trainers in every village, town and city of the game. Ranked spells will be learnt automatically – also for practical difficulties. Ranked spells are still shown in the Trainer’s skill shop, they appear as free but cannot be bought. I wanted players to get familiar with all abilities present in LS (most of which are the same of Dragon Quest). I used Shanghai Simple Script – Skill Shop. Abilities are shown in the order that they will be learnt, so, in a way, I like to think that players will sometimes be eager to level up. Trainers will not teach new abilities past Lv. 30: that means that all core abilities will be learnt by Lv. 30, and players will be able to concentrate on something else, like improving the abilities they have learnt, getting better equipment, or farming TP.

Database: Abilities: Healing:

The Mana Restoration bonus from Spirit has been removed. Clerics and Sages are not automatically stronger than their melee counterparts, they will convert 50% Spirit to Mana at the end of every turn, like every other class. The amount of Mana restored from “Mana Profusion”, “Mana Restoration” and “Mana Well”, instead of a fixed percentage, now scales directly from Spirit (at the moment, respectively 191%, 144% and 73%). This all means that Spirit is much more valuable to casters than it used to. Intellect and Spirit are still their priority stats, followed by Cooldown Reduction, Haste and Critical Chance.

Clerics will be best in single-target heals. Their single-target spells have shorter CD and heal for much more than Sages’, although they are all direct healing spells, and do not leave any HoT on the target. AOE heals have been nerfed significantly (5.09 * 26% MP and 5.62 *32% MP; 5 to 4 Turns CD: with roughly 4000 Mana, these numbers mean roughly 5294 and 7194). Sages, on the other hand, will have weaker single-target abilities and much stronger AOE heals (8.46 * 21% MP and 8.67 * 26% MP; 4 to 3 Turns CD; again, these numbers mean 7106 and 9017).

Both “Behoma (III)” and “Greater Behomaraa (III)” grant “Damage Shield” Status for one turn (refreshable), that can stack up to 2 times, and grants up to 34% damage reduction on one target (17% for the rest of the team). The damage reduction is purely a percentage, so the damage cut virtually has no limit.

Also, “Hoimi (III)” not only grants “Mending” Status for 2 Turns (9% Maximum HP every Turn), but it also increases Stamina by 2% for the whole duration of the fight. With 27,200 HP at Lv. 50, 2% Stamina means roughly 544 HP gained every time “Hoimi” is cast on someone: with the Cooldown Reduction provided by equipment, Sages can cast “Hoimi” every turn.

Obviously, the HP limit is still 38,280. The same buff has been given to “Lesser Behomaraa”, Rank I and II (there is no Rank III), 2% Stamina, 3% Stamina: that is, respectively, 544 and 816. Having so many HP in normal encounters would be useless at all levels, while relying too much on these benefits during Boss encounters would be too much of a risk – because of “Enrage”. So, basically, players should still face the end content of the game with at least 22-24,000 HP.

Since I still wanted Clerics to be fun, I gave them a few abilities, all a bit over-powered. Here’s two of them.

“Glowing Star” has been redesigned. It now has 12 Turns CD (down from 20), causes +48 Aggro, and it gives the Cleric 200% 140% Intellect (up from 24%) for all its duration (5 4 Turns), doubling increasing all of the Cleric’s healing and harmful spells.

  • Update: had to nerf that. 200% Intellect means that 4000 MP become 8000 for 5 Turns: “Starlight (III)” would heal for about 44,134 HP. If cast on a target affected by “Elysian Grace”, the output reaches 132,400 HP. Maybe that was a bit too much! Now, 40% increased effectiveness (down from 100%) will still turn into over-healing, but for less ridiculous amounts.
  • ElysianGrace” works exactly like before, by giving the whole active party a 300% increased Divine affinity: 8-Turn CD, and duration increased from 3 Turns to 5, to match the duration of “Glowing Star”. “Glowing Star” will be learnt by Traben, and Traben only, by handing in his quest in Mirisia (“Elder Silentall”), while “Elysian Grace” will be learnt at Lv. 29.

Healing over 38K with any healing spell means over-healing, so Traben is just given two abilities with long duration instead of one: using both abilities together is possible, but it would be a waste of time and Mana. Of course, I did try it for fun, especially now that healing and damage output can be in 6 digits instead of 5.

Since I didn’t want to give Sages the exact same ability that Clerics had (“Elysian Grace”), I decided to modify the equipment. Some pieces of gear (mostly before Lv. 50) increase either Nature or Divine affinities. Affinities can stack, so Sages can heal that target constantly for 20%, 25% or 45% more. Some pieces of gear provide Divine affinity instead, but only a few, and with less benefit. Only one epic ring gives both affinities at the same time (15%). In this way, players can decide who should be healed the most, just by changing one character’s equipment. If Sages keep targeting those who are weaker in Stamina, they will increase their total HP. Characters with many HP could receive the healing bonus gear.

Update: the healing received can also be lowered.

  • Mortal Wound” (Enemies Only). Reduces all healing received by 50% (3 Turns), healing potions included. It does not ignore other beneficial effects. If the target affected by “Mortal Wound” has increased Nature (or Divine) affinity, the 50% cut will not change the bonus (instead of a +20%, the target would be healed for -30%).

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