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5/24 Update: Polishing

  • Animations:

The animations for the following spells have changed: Hoimi, Behoimi, Behoma, Prayer, Holy Ray, Starshine, Mana Well, Mera, Merazoma, Hyado, Iora, Ultima, Manuusa, Mahotoon, Medapani, Rarihoo, Expose, Delay and Shadow Descent (Some animations are shared by other abilities which haven’t been listed here). Watch the short video below to see some of these new animations in action. The animation layers were made mainly by Mr. Bubble and LexusX.

  • Shadow Descentnew spell (enemies only)

Whenever an encounter takes place at night, enemies will be able to cast Shadow Descent: the spell cuts all targets’ HP by 9%, and it can also cause Blind Status. Not all enemies will be given the skill. Moreover, Shadow Descent will be simply added to the action patterns, with a rating from 3 to 5 (which means between 1/3 and average). Here’s a reminder of how ratings work:

  • Other features:

There are at least two other features that I would have wanted to add to the game, but I have decided not to.

  1. Profession System: this is a rather common feature in RP games out there. I already have the Scripts necessary to achieve this feature, and it would not take me that much time to create the items/materials to gather. The thing is that adding this feature would mean to reorganise the whole game, making recipes and materials to gather according to level and game progress. Besides, the number of items already present in the game has already grown from a few tens to more than 200. Adding materials, recipes and crafted items would mean to double this amount. However, one more reason is that I don’t want players to get too easily distracted with too many options in such a small world. If the world I am drawing were a lot larger, perhaps, and if levelling took more quests and travelling, then a Profession System would be ideal.
  2. Chat Options: I would have loved to have more lively dialogues, which is pure role-playing from my point of view, because it lets you decide what kind of character you are impersonating. Here’s an example of what I mean. The little girl asks Lauron to bring a message to her grandfather Posis, here you get two options: “I sure will!” and “Why me? Your legs are fine”, and she reacts to this answer in a way or another. I could have added the option to flirt, to make fun, to insult, and so on. On the one hand, this feature would make the game much more fun, while on the other it would force me to rewrite all the dialogues. Not to mention that in my opinion it’d be useless to get to choose any answer if absolutely no consequence comes from it in terms of parameters, rewards or reputation.