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Life Steal

Weapons increasing Strength when equipped restore small amounts of HP on hit. All physical attacks will trigger this effect and successfully convert a percentage of the damage dealt to health regained.

Abilities dealing damage scaling off Strength will also grant some  heroism_iconLife Steal (Effect).

  • bash_newiconLife Steal (Ability) (No Ranks; 10% Mana): regains HP on hit. The amount absorbed scales off 271% Strength (One Enemy). This ability is only learnt by warrior_newclassiconWarriors so far, and it’s different from:
  • heroism_iconLife Steal (Effect) (New!): converts a percentage of the physical damage dealt to health regained on hit. Depending on the weapon equipped, this effect goes from 24% to 43% of the damage dealt.
    • The damage formula used is the usual: (attacker’s_attack*4)–(defender’s_defense*2).

This feature has been added thanks to Shanghai Simple Script — Vampiric Weapons.


Testing Screenshot

Glowing Star” (New!has 12 Turns CD (down from 20), causes +48 Aggro, and it gives the Cleric +40% Intellect (up from 24%) and +80% Spirit for all its duration (4 Turns), increasing all of the Cleric’s healing and harmful spells. “Glowing Star” will be learnt by Traben, and Traben ONLY, handing in his quest in Mirisia (“Elder Silentall”) around Lv. 27.

Elysian Grace” (Old) gives the whole active party a 280% increased Divine Affinity8-Turn CD, and duration increased from 3 Turns to 5. “Elysian Grace” will be learnt by Clerics at Lv. 29.

Healing over 38,280 with any spell means over-healing, so Traben is just given two abilities with long duration instead of one: using both abilities together is possible, but it would be a waste of time and Mana. Of course, I did try it for fun.

What happened:

  • Starlight (III)” heals for 22.07 * 25% Mana Pool (which should’ve been 1,061, butGlowing Star gives an increased Mana Pool (+40%) = 5943. The Mana cost for this spell (and the real multiplier) becomes 1485.
  • So, 22.07 * 1485 =32,773 (Base Healing output)
  • + 280% Effectiveness (Old Elysian Grace) = 91,764
  • + Critical Hit Bonus (which means * 2)
  • It could virtually hit for 183,529, but there is a +/-5% variance, so the output had to be within this range: 174,352~192,704. Life-points are limited to 38,280, and this output is roughly the 480%. This all felt useless and a bit ridiculous.

Elysian Grace” (New!) gives the whole active party a +50% Divine Affinity8-Turn CDlasts for 4 Turns, and it’s obviously lost upon death. “Elysian Grace” will be learnt by Clerics at Lv. 29.

  • In the example above, “Starlight (III)” would heal for 49,159 (98,319 if @critical), but you must bear in mind that this is the most effective healing spell in the game, enhanced with two very powerful buffs at the same time, during testing, and cast by a fully-equipped Traben. It means that, having around 3~4K MP, and using one CD at a time, “Starlight (III)” would normally heal for 19,775 (not 32K), and “Elysian Grace” would take it to 29,662, while “Glowing Star” would make it heal for 27,684. Now the two buffs are decently balanced.
  • Glowing Star” and Elysian Gracecannot be active at the same time on one target.

All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.