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General Update & Known Bugs

Hi, everyone!

This update is meant to show some of the recent changes in Leomorn Sword (1.6). A few of these changes are just visual upgrades, while others involve Classes, Abilities, combat mechanics, new cut-scenes, Characters and the Story Background.

Visual Upgrades: Output Numbers (Combat)

Output Numbers. This is how they currently look like: HP Gain|HP Loss|MP Gain|MP Loss.


Environment. The maps for the following zones have been redrawn:

  • Lochbrook Edge;
  • Virannum Gardens;
  • Virannum Dungeon;
  • Virannum Prison;
  • Mal-Weng Silver Woods;
  • Interiors;
  • Teleport Stations. The whole feature has been updated, it should now feel a lot simpler than before. Players do not have to interact with the Portal Keeper any more, all they have to do is step on the portal and select their destination. If they possess the corresponding Pass and can afford travelling, they are automatically teleported to their chosen destination. Otherwise they will take a step back. Players can still interact with the Portal Keeper, but only to buy the Pass corresponding to their current location: Passes are still needed in order to successfully select any destination when using the Teleport Service.
    • To move from one island to another (e.g. from NORTHDELL to ERIDEN), players will have to use the portals located in the three capital cities, because all capital cities (Panador, Mirisia, Dalonur) will be linked through a different set of portals. Moving from one capital city to another will always be free of charge and it will not require any Pass.


Eilmorel Gladomain

I wasn’t quite satisfied with how the character of Eilmorel looked like. This is just a visual upgrade of her character, although most dialogues have been rewritten. As an in-game feature, I have also added a “Relationship” meter. Depending on the players’ choices, the relationship between Eilmorel and Lauron will either increase or decrease, having a significant impact as the game progresses. Their Relationship can go from -100 to +100. It will start being very low (currently -97). Most changes will occur automatically, but they will not be as significant as those depending on the players’ choices. Here’s an example of how the Relationship meter will display in-game, usually after cut-scenes.

RelationshipUpdateThe idea was to make Eilmorel look younger and more fragile, in a way, while during cut-scenes she is going to be a little more arrogant and self-aware, at least at the beginning. I’ll post a few screenshots of the new Eilmorel in-game soon.


Generally speaking, the Critical Hit formula has been re-written. Critical Hits will now deal 50% more damage or healing with spells, while physical attacks and all abilities scaling off Strength will deal 100% more damage.


  • (mystic_newclassicon)od_single_iconRebirth OD: the Mystic will rise again once incapacitated (The User; no cost). Under this Status the Mystic will be automatically revived at 53% HP upon receiving fatal damage. The Status naturally wears off after 5 Turns, or when leaving combat. Removed. Not only was it bugged, but it did not make much sense as an Overdrive ability. Being revived upon receiving lethal damage would have been useful only under certain circumstances, while a general cool-down refresh for all allies (works like a multiple-target meditation_iconMeditation) was much more desirable at all levels. (See below).
  • (mystic_newclassiconod_all_iconTime Relapse OD (New!) Immediately refreshes all Cool-downs. Also increases Haste (+7%) (All Allies). Haste is increased for the whole duration of the fight, and the effect does not fade after a set number of turns.
  • (mystic_newclassiconquietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) (Updated!) Heals all allies for 3.51/4.39/5.61 * 24/23/23% Mana. It benefits both from vitality_iconVitality and quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status). The amount healed at L. 50 (with 4,000 MP) is: 3,368/4,042/4,940 HP. This ability has 5/5/6 Turns CD. It will still remove all of the Mystic’s buffs from the targets, including vitality_iconVitalityquietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status) will be applied by all of the Mystic’s healing spells (namely rejuvenate_iconRejuvenaterenewal_iconRenewal and unleashfury_iconArcane Remedy, regardless of their current Rank). quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status) has now a 5-Turn duration (up from 3).
    • The reason why I wanted quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II III) to benefit from vitality_iconVitality as well as from its own buff (quietudestatus_newicon), is that I didn’t want players to be forced to cast any other healing spell to increase quietude_newiconQuietude’s healing output. Besides, vitality_iconVitality can only be applied on the targets upon casting rejuvenate_iconRejuvenaterenewal_iconRenewal and unleashfury_iconArcane Remedy. With 2 stacks of vitality_iconVitality and 3 stacks of quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status), quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) can virtually heal all allies for 6,321/7,586/9,271 HP (if not critical) but that’s not so easy to achieve, especially because the two buffs (vitality_icon/quietudestatus_newicon) have different durations. By giving Mystics one multiple-target healing spell, I aimed at making them able to heal the Party by themselves, and not as off-healers: if the healing output of quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) was too low compared to other healing classes, players wouldn’t see the benefit of building Mystics as healers. On the other hand, quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) should not depend too heavily on vitality_iconVitality and quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status).
  • (mystic_newclassiconunleashfury_iconArcane Remedy (I) is now learnt at L. 22. It can be considered one of the most powerful healing spells for this class, and it seemed unfair to other healing classes that Mystics would learn it sooner than L. 22introspection_iconBehoma (I) and daylight_newiconDaylight (I) are also learnt at L. 22. (lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā and luminance_newiconLuminance are both learnt at L. 13, while  quietude_newiconQuietude is learnt at L. 16. However, I consider quietude_newiconQuietude to be more powerful, at least early game, compared to lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā and luminance_newiconLuminance).
  • (mystic_newclassicon) Furthermore, the healing over-time provided by the Mystic’s healing spells is not a percentage of maximum HP any more: it is now a flat amount, that scales with level. All descriptions have been updatedrejuvenate_iconRejuvenate (I, II, III) will heal another 419/504/616*3 (1,257/1,512/1,848) HP over time; renewal_iconRenewal (I, II, III) will heal another 839/1,007/1,231*3 (2,517/3,021/3,693) HP over timeunleashfury_iconArcane Remedy (No Ranks) will heal another 1,478*3 (4,434) HP over time; quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) will heal another 447/536/655*3 (1,341/1,608/1,965) HP over time. Since these are flat amounts, they do not depend on the unit’s Mana pool. If players built Mystics to be damage dealers, increasing their Strength and equipping them with the appropriate gear, Mystics will still be able to rely on the healing over-time provided by these healing spells under restorationstance_newiconRestoration Stance, even if the direct healing (scaling off Intellect) would be very low.
    • Obviously, if players wanted Mystics to be healers, they should choose to massively increase their Intellect and Spirit: in this way, the direct healing of all these spells would increase. Regardless of the players’ choices, restorationstance_newiconRestoration Stance will increase the unit’s Mana pool by 15%: if the unit has, say, 4,000 MP at L. 50, under this Stance (restorationstance_newicon) the Mystic would reach 4,600 MP, and all direct healing done would also increase by 15%.
    • All spells applying healing-over-time effects will cancel all damage-over-time taken for all their duration. This feature, however, does not seem to work as I was hoping. Sometimes the healing-over-time stops after one turn, especially when overriding a damage-over-time debuff.
  • (priestclass_newiconlesserbehomara_iconLesser and greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā (I, II, III) (Updated!) now heal the Priest as well, but not like they used to. The amount healed scales off Spirit and has no additional Mana cost (the amount healed depends on the spell’s Rank514/616/752 and 616/740/904). While lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (I, II, III) does not apply endurance_iconEndurance on its targets, and has no effect on the Priest, both self-heals will have a chance to apply endurance_iconEndurance on the Priest. These self-heals can deal a critical hit. At L. 50, with roughly 500 SPI, these spells would heal the Priest for 2,570/3,080/3,760 HP (lesserbehomara_icon), and for 3,080/3,700/4,520 HP (greaterbehomara_icon).
  • (priestclass_newiconhoimi_iconHoimi (I, II, III) (Updated!) will have a chance to apply Mending (I, II, III). hoimi_icon/behoimi_icon/introspection_iconMending (Status) (Updated!) does not heal for a percentage of maximum HP any more. Just like the Mystics buffs, it now heals for a flat amount (over 2/3 Turns), depending on the spell’s Rank. hoimi_iconMending (I): 629*2 Turns; behoimi_iconMending (II): 756*2 Turns; introspection_iconMending (III): 924*3 Turns.
  • (acolytes_newiconprayer_newiconPrayer (I, II, III)innrelight_newiconInner Light (I, II, III)daylight_newiconDaylight (I, II, III)luminance_newiconLuminance (I, II, III) and sunshine_newiconSunshine (I, II, III) (Updated!) have now an increased critical hit chance (between 8 and 12%, depending on their current Rank). The icons for these abilities have also been updated.
  • (acolytes_newiconinnrelight_newiconInner Light (I, II, III) (Updated!) has been substantially redesigned: it now heals the Acolyte as well as the target (can be self-cast): the amount healed has no additional Mana cost and it scales off Spirit (754/904/1,106), resulting in 3,770/4,520/5,530 HP healed (if SPI=500). This self-heal can deal a critical hit, but it has no greater chance than the Acolyte’s own Critical Chance. Even when healing themselves, Acolytes can apply holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis.
  • (acolytes_newicon)glowingstar_newiconGlowing Star (Updated!): reduces Cool-downs over time while gaining 18% of the unit’s Mana pool and increasing Spirit by 30% (it lasts for 4 Turns). Because of the cool-down reduction over time, the cool-down for this ability is now 18 Turns (up from 12). Here’s why: if given 3 points of cool-down reduction through equipment, glowingstar_newiconGlowing Star will decrease its own cool-down by 4+(3*4=12) Turns=16, so a 16-Turn CD reduction overall before it wears off. It really has only a 2-Turn cool-down instead. The idea was to give Traben, and Trabel only, a way to cast continuously while keeping his Mana pool almost unchanged. With 4,000 MP, 18% means 720 MP restored at the end of every turn, in addition to the Mana regenerated by Spirit, which should be around 325 MP, if SPI=500(+30%)=650: that would be roughly 1,045 MP regenerated at the end of every turn (for 4 Turns). With the only exception of sunshine_newiconSunshine (I, II, III), no ability will cost more than 1,045 MP at its maximum Rank: it means that Traben will be able to cast everything for almost no Mana expenditure. Any Status affecting Mana regeneration will stack with glowingstar_newiconGlowing Star.
  • (acolytes_newiconod_all_iconMana Profusion OD has been changed to: od_all_iconMana Overflow OD (Updated!). The amount of Mana restored scales off 304% Spirit (up from 204%).
  • All buffs (e.g. piora_iconPiorapiorim_iconPiorim’) will cost a percentage of current Mana, instead of a percentage of total Mana, to be less expensive, especially for Acolytes. Also, different buffs (and debuffs) involving Strength, Defense, Spirit and Haste cannot stack together. The last to be applied will be the only one present on the target. The same buff, on the other hand, can usually stack twice.
  • elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (II) (Updated!) now affects all allies, instead of just one target, just like elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (III). elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (I) will still affect one target. I wanted elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (II) to be more attractive to players, even before its maximum Rank.
  • General Physical and Magic Resistance have been added to the game, even if they can only be increased or decreased through equipment. All magic damage taken now depends on the unit’s general Magic Resistance and the corresponding, specific Elemental Resistance, e.g. merazoma_iconMerazoma (I, II, III) will deal Fire damage scaling off the unit’s Intellect, but the damage dealt changes depending on the target’s general Magic Resistance and specific Fire Resistance.
  • When affected by Sleep, Paralyse or Stun Status, all units will take 50/100% increased damage from all sources. Also, in order to reduce inequality, bosses are no longer immune to these effects, but they have a very low chance of being successfully put to Sleep, Paralysed or Stunned. In some cases, later on, they just can’t. It’s quite unusual, bosses are usually immune to all crowd-control effects, I’ll see if it works.

Known Bugs:

  •  The party_iconParty system is bugged. Whenever the leading actor reaches 0 HP, the system tries to replace him/her with the next alive character as soon as leaving combat, but if the next actor happens to be incapacitatedstatus_iconIncapacitated as well, the game freezes. I haven’t been able to fix this bug yet, so I would recommend players to resurrect incapacitatedstatus_iconIncapacitated actors as soon as possible, and to build their Party so that the first actor is alive.
  • zameha_newiconZameha (No Ranks) and kiariku_newiconKiariku (No Ranks) dispel Sleep and Paralyse/Stun: since I didn’t want enemies to use crowd-control abilities continuously, keeping the Party permanently either sleeping or paralysed/stunned, these abilities will also make the targets immune to these effects (Sleep, Paralyse, Stun) for 3 Turns. However, there is no way to check if the target is affected by these crowd-control effects, meaning that players will be able to cast these spells regardless, not being able to dispel anything in some cases, but always making the targeted allies immune to Sleep, Paralyse and Stun for 3 Turns. I would say this is a glitch more than a bug, but it is still quite annoying.
  • All damage-over-time debuffs and all healing-over-time effects will nullify one another, depending on which effect is applied last. That means that all spells applying any healing-over-time effect will dispel those debuffsreplacing DoTs with HoTs and vice-versa.
    • So, for instance, if someone is affected by Poison (Status), and Mystics apply any of their HoTs on the target (rejuvenate_icon/renewal_icon/unleashfury_icon/quietude_newicon), Poison (Status) will be dispelled immediately, and the healing-over-time will be applied instead. I do not mind this glitch so much, but it does make dispelling a bit useless. The only reason I may not want to fix this, is that it works the other way too. In the example above, Poison (Status), if applied afterwards, will cancel any HoT present on the target.

That’s about it for now! I’ll keep you posted and I hope to release the new Demo soon.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either drawn or edited by me. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.


Some Ability Changes in 1.5

Ranked Spells Fix

All ranked spells have had their Mana cost slightly reduced as they are taken to the next rank. The damage and healing outputs remain the same, but with less Mana required. Here’s an example (numbers are taken from Lv. 50, assuming a Mana Pool of 4000 MP). I wish there was something like a base Mana Pool, like in WoW, but I cannot achieve that here, so whenever Intellect is increased both Mana cost and effectiveness get higher.

  • Hoimi (I)” = 10.43 * 440 (11% MP) = 4,589 HP
  • Hoimi (II)” =15.29 * 360 (9% MP) =5,504 HP
  • Hoimi (III)” = 24.02 * 280 (7% MP) =6,726 HP

You see, the ranks are still roughly proportioned (75%, 90%, 110%). Now, Hoimi” is not perhaps a great example, but the reason I’ve come up with this is that 24-33% Mana is a ridiculous amount even at Lv. 50 just before the very end of the game. Even if characters managed to reach 600 SPI (which is possible on paper, except it would take literally hundreds of Talent Points), 600 SPI converts to 300 MP at the end of every turn (because of Focused Mind), while 33% Mana for one spell means 1320 MP (basically, Focused Mind gives, in this case, almost 23% of the cost of the spell). Yes, it is true that these spells have Cooldowns, so you won’t be spamming them every turn, but since we are talking about total MP, here, adding up the cost of all spells (minus the Mana restored by Focused Mind”), all characters would soon run out of Mana, even if they had 600 SPI, which, again, is almost impossible.

  • Focused Mind” seemed to be much more useful before reaching Lv. 50. I cannot change this Passive Ability, it would be too complicated, I changed all other spells instead.
  • Mana Restoration abilities have had their amount of Spirit increased:
  • Mana Restoration” restores Mana scaling from 179% Spirit (up from 144%)
    • Grants Concentration Status.
  •  “Mana Well” restores Mana scaling from 112% Spirit (up from 73%).
  •  “Mana Profusion OD” restores Mana scaling from 204% Spirit (up from 191%).
    • Concentration Status removed.
  • Concentration (Status) restores Mana over time: 24% Total MP (up from 22%) over 2 Turns, if not attacked.
  • Because all these abilities scale from Spirit directly, they can produce a critical hit.
  • Zaoriima” (New!) This ability revives all allies at 37% HP. Sages only (Lv. 24)
    • Zaoraru (I)” can still be learnt by Guardians (currently at Lv. 25): revives one ally at 26% HP, 51% Mana Pool.
    • Zaoraru (II)” is learnt by Sages and Clerics (currently at Lv. 11): revives one ally at 53% HP, 21% Mana Pool.
  • Fubaaha” (New!) Increases resistance to Fire and Ice (2 Turns). Guardians only (Lv. 19)
  • Reaping Sword OD” (New!) This ability replaced the old “Special Attack OD” that was not compatible with Yanfly’s Core Fixes and Upgrades any more. It still targets one enemy only, and it strikes four times for 114% damage scaling from Attack Power. It does not have any ranks and it has a 50% Critical Chance. Like almost all Overdrive abilities, it has no cost whatsoever and no CD.
  • Asutoron”. This ability has been changed to its original Dragon Quest concept. The name means “turning into iron” and it was meant from the beginning to add some movement impairing effect.
    • Asutoron (I)” will protect from 54% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • Asutoron (II)” will protect from 72% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • Asutoron” also cancels all other similar States, and namely:
      • Damage Shield” (all Ranks)
      • Barrier” (all Ranks)
      • Mighty Guard” (all Ranks)
    • It means that damage-reduction shields cannot stack like they used to. When casting one of these abilities,  apart from Damage Shield”, the previous Status is removed, and the new one is applied.
  • Runic Blessing”. Description updated. Under this Status, the Cleric will absorb the cost of all incoming spells. It does NOT absorb damage, it restores Mana equal to the cost of the spell the Cleric’s hit by (which can be a harmful or healing ability). It does not seem to work with the Cleric’s own spells (targeting himself).
  • All spells changing resistances to elements have changed: they do not grant immunity or complete vulnerability. Instead, they can stack up, gradually making the target more resistant or more vulnerable to that element.
    • Fire Weakness”, for instance, will not set the resistance to Fire to -300%, it will simply take it down a rank (from C to B, from B, to A, etc.) increasing vulnerability by 50%, 100% and 200%. Obviously, if one enemy already had an “A” as Fire Resistance (+200% damage), this ability would take it down to 300%, like it used to.
    • Eilmorel won’t be able to hit with Ryuusei” for 46,185 any more. Too bad. The maximum damage a magician could deal with that is now 23,092 (which, strangely enough, gets still to 46,185 as a critical hit).

All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

11/13 Update: Still Working

  • Iconset redone:

The Iconset has been redone: you can see in the pictures below some of the icons that have changed.

I was not completely satisfied with how these icons looked: some of them were far too complex for my taste, while others were simply impossible to decipher. So I changed the icons for “Fight!”, “Run”, “Party”, “Arrange Party” and more. I wanted them to look a little bit simpler and closer to the action or feature that they stand for.

I changed the icons for the Quest Journal next. It now looks far better, and you can actually tell that they belong to the same Menu feature, without making the journal look too decorative. First icon, blue, Active Quests, or Pending, second one: Completed Quests, bringing back the question mark — yay! Third, red: Failed Quests — besides: have you ever failed any quest so far? I don’t think so: you cannot fail quests involving killing or gathering. I am not going to change that for now, but I am going to make Secondary Quests, later on, that can also be failed. Last category, Primary Quests, with the icon of a golden locket.

  • New spells: Doruma, Dorukuma, Dorumooa.

Introducing Warlocks in LS 1.3 was only half of the work: although Warlocks could already count some unholy spells among their abilities, I still wanted to add a few more, so here are 3 new spells, all cutting the enemy’s life by a specific percentage: Doruma 33%, Dorukuma 41% and Dorumooa 54%: except, while Doruma and Dorukuma affect the target’s remaining HP, Dorumooa will cut the target’s maximum HP by 54%. These spells can all produce a critical hit, but Dorumooa is the only one that can kill the enemy in a single blow.

  • States:

I renamed some States to be more coherent with the parameters. “Enhanced” has been renamed into “+ Attack Power”, whereas “Unguarded” is now “– Defense”. Also, speaking of States, Disperdherb, Shanaku and Shanaku Scrolls now correctly dispel Mini, Exposed, Doomed, Trouble and Delay Status, that could not be dispelled before.

  • More Quests:

I never liked wandering around for hours just to grow up a few more levels before continuing with the game content, so I have decided to increase the amount ofEXP earned after battle; furthermore, I am going to add a few more Quests in Molenor, Meusa and Erene, so that it will be a little easier for all characters to reach Lv. 19 when entering the portal in Watermoor.

  • Dungeon: Virannum.

VIRANNUM is the first dungeon in “Leomorn Sword”. I am still drawing the maps of the different floors. Here are some pictures to show what the entrance and first couple of rooms will look like. Since I am old-fashioned, I am including locked doors, dungeon keys, mummies, puzzles and a few bosses — which means at least one before the end of it. a final boss.