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5/27 Update: New Spells: Ryuusei, Asutoron & Megante

  • Asutoron (Guardian, level 29):

This spell replaces the old Mahokanta, which caused an annoying bug in LS 1.3: enemies under the effect of Reflect Status became immortal. Besides, even if I liked the idea of a “reflecting shield”, later on in the game it became either too powerful or useless. That is because, if Mahokanta really did cast all spells back to the enemy, bosses would be hit by their own spells, and that’d be ridiculous. On the other hand, if I made it so that Mahokanta wouldn’t work with all spells, it would have become almost useless.

Asutoron, instead, works as a very powerful magic damage reduction. The shield will last for two turns. I am thinking about turning it to “All Allies”, rather than just one: that would make much more sense. This spell comes from Dragon Quest. The name means something like “Turning into iron” and it should also cause some movement impairment. Guardians will learn the ability when reaching level 29. No other class will learn Asutoron.

  • Ryuusei (Magician, level 27):

Ryuusei, also known as “Meteor”, is possibly the most powerful and spectacular spell in the game so far. You can see the animation in the video above (0:15). Other than “Earth” and “Bagima”, there was no other skill dealing Earth damage. Ryuusei costs 34% MP*1283 vs. 29*1083 (Ionazun) and 31*1198 (Ultima). However, Ryuusei will not target all enemies: it will be cast twice and it will target randomly either once two enemies or twice the same one (Scope: “2 Random Enemies”). Magicians will learn this ability when reaching level 27.

  • Megante OD (Guardian, level 31):

You can see the animation above (1:10). This is an Overdrive Technique, damaging all enemies and cutting their HP by 100%, at the cost of the caster’s life. Since it deals elemental damage (Sacred, the same as the Cleric’s healing spells), I will make all bosses immune to it: that’s mainly because 100% means 100%: if an enemy has, say, 109,000 HP, Megante will deal the exact same damage output. In the video above, Davian is immune to Sacred, which is why Megante is uneffective. Guardians will learn this ability when reaching level 31. I will also make a spell that will lower an enemy’s resistance to Sacred, meaning that Megante would still hit bosses, but for 50% or less of its capability.


12/20 Update: Classes, Abilities, States.

Hi, everyone.

Since the changes are proving to be rather comprehensive, I might say that this is “Leomorn Sword” 1.4 (codename: Yellow Green). This post contains a few links to previous improvements and a quick summary of some new changes.

  • Classes & Abilities:

I am not planning to add any more classes, so they are still 6: Apprentice, Guardian, Healer, Warrior, Mage and Warlock. Guardian, Healer and Mage are the three primary classes to which Lauron will be able to upgrade as soon as he reaches Lv. 30. Later on in the game, when Lauron and his party should be around that level, I will make a Quest to be handed in to one of the three class trainers present in Mirisia, Panador or Dalonur. By handing in the Quest, Lauron will learn all the abilities belonging to that class, and – depending on which class players will choose – he will forget some of those he already knew. I will also create Tutorials showing what are the pros and cons of the three eligible classes. Players will be able to choose a class that is under-represented in their optimal party, or simply because they find it attractive.

Instead of giving each class some special ability, I have partially changed that, making some abilities unique rewards obtainable only by completing Quests. So, for instance, Eilmorel will learn Madante, Lauron will learn Raidein (Quest: Back to Northdell) Traben will learn Monkey Form (Quest: Elder Silentall), etc. Obviously, all classes will retain other abilities: so, for instance, Mages will still learn Ruura (Lv. 15); Healers will learn Ranaruuta (Lv. 23) and Megazaru (Lv. 31); Guardians will learn Iron-Cutting Sword (Lv. 33) and a new special ability, Heroism (Lv. 35).

  • Heroism will give the whole party 1000 Overdrive Points. Basically, the whole Party will be able to use their Overdrive abilities twice in 3 turns (using Meditation).
  • States:

Added Burning, Damage Over Time (DoT) afflicted when casting Merami, and Drowning (DoT related to Water Drop). Raidein can Stun, and Kiarii now also dispels Blind.