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Life Steal

Weapons increasing Strength when equipped restore small amounts of HP on hit. All physical attacks will trigger this effect and successfully convert a percentage of the damage dealt to health regained.

Abilities dealing damage scaling off Strength will also grant some  heroism_iconLife Steal (Effect).

  • bash_newiconLife Steal (Ability) (No Ranks; 10% Mana): regains HP on hit. The amount absorbed scales off 271% Strength (One Enemy). This ability is only learnt by warrior_newclassiconWarriors so far, and it’s different from:
  • heroism_iconLife Steal (Effect) (New!): converts a percentage of the physical damage dealt to health regained on hit. Depending on the weapon equipped, this effect goes from 24% to 43% of the damage dealt.
    • The damage formula used is the usual: (attacker’s_attack*4)–(defender’s_defense*2).

This feature has been added thanks to Shanghai Simple Script — Vampiric Weapons.


New Download Link!

I decided to upload “Leomorn Sword” Demo 1.5 on Google Drive.

New Download Link!

New Animations, New Sounds

All sounds in LS have changed, thanks to this amazing website: the name of the author is Maoudamashii.

I also needed new animations because I am now working on a set of abilities only accessible to enemies. I reviewed again LexusX’s Project 180, also because Mr. Bubble hasn’t published any animation layer for quite a long time.

New E-mail (Official)

I deactivated my previous e-mail address. Please use this new address from now on:

Also, I have closed my YouTube account as well, and started a new one (you will find the link on the right).