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LS 1.7 Current Beta Changes


It has been very long since my last update – in fact, almost a year: this post is meant to summarise the current changes to the Beta. Most of the features highlighted in this post are currently being tested: nothing is final as of yet. Although LS 1.6 was never released, I will still refer to it as the previous Beta, as I am heading towards 1.7.

Characters, Items, Weapons:

Players can no longer increase Intellect by spending Talent Points. The only way to increase any character’s Mana Pool is to use equipment (permanent), abilities (a set number of turns) and consumables (temporary, or until out of combat).

  • The effectiveness of almost all spells depends heavily on the caster’s Intellect: that means that in LS 1.6 players could, hypothetically speaking, spend all of their Talent Points on this parameter, which ultimately resulted in ridiculous outputs of healing and damage, rather early in the game. Also, I could not predict any of these choices to keep encounters balanced and challenging at all levels.
  • It seemed unfair that casters had to spend their Talent Points on Stamina, Intellect and Spirit, while other classes could concentrate purely on Stamina and Strength.
  • By removing this possibility, casters will obviously retain a lot of unspent Talent Points, which should now converge to Spirit. This change also implies that casters will depend on their equipment more than they did before, as one of the fewer ways available to expand their Mana Pool.
  • As a consequence, Spirit curves are now slightly lower than the previous Beta.

This is how the new Status Screen looks like. Bars are larger and more colourful. Also, only the parameters that matters are shown in here – Hit Rate and Evasion: Removed.

Experience curves are now even for all characters. Just like in many other Role-Playing Games out there, all characters need the exact same amount of experience to level up.

  • Eilnys still benefits from Awareness (Passive), which doubles the experience gained from all encounters.
  • Players can still choose to skip as many quests they want, as long as they are not primary – those involving the main storyline.
  • Enemies have been given lower parameters of Spirit and Haste, so that players can successfully escape more easily.

Quest experience rewards have been adjusted so that, overall, they will allow players to advance within the level range of the current zone (5-9, 10-14, 15-19 and so forth). However, the experience gained from random encounters and Boss fights has been decreased. As long as the experience rewarded is concerned, aside from larger monsters, the rough proportion is now 10 Enemies = 1 Quest.

Potions have been removed and replaced by food. In addition to all usable items, which can be found or sometimes bought, I have recently added 32 new consumable items, 24 of which can be crafted using ingredients that will either drop after combat or be available at the shop.

  • Health Potions, Mana Potions, Apple, Cabbage, Edible Mushroom, Hot Bread, Remedy and Disperdherb: Removed.
  • Added1) Acorn Cookie, 2) Chocolate Cream Roll, 3) Sweet Rice Cake, 4) Starlight Log. These 4 items cannot be crafted.
  • Players will need to learn the corresponding Recipe in order to be able to create any of the 24 new items. Once learnt, the recipe will be available when using any Kitchen Table.

I cannot provide a comprehensive list as of yet, because this feature is being implemented right now. However, the effects granted by the new items will be fairly similar to those of the previous Beta.

Bows, Crossbows and Spears: removed. The only weapons available now include: Swords, Axes, Staves and Maces. There are currently 43 weapons increasing mainly Strength and 36 weapons increasing mainly Intellect – requiring L.4 to 50.

  • It didn’t make much sense to have many types of weapons and few actual weapons to choose from.

When choosing Heroic Mode for Boss encounters, players will always be presented with a rare-quality item, which will often be just an improved version of the one dropped in normal mode.


2 new Quests added.

  • Some Coal”: Rune Milner in the village of Nossa asked you to collect some coal from Dorcliff Ridge. The cave lies to the NORTH-EAST of Northmill. This mineral substance can be easily found on the rocky ground of the southern part of the cavern (L.5-9).
  • Old Magic”: As your daily task, Belgeon asked you to read the draft of a chapter from his upcoming dissertation: “The Old Magic”. Chapter 4 is about NORTHDELL’s civil unrest, nearly 20 years ago. For the past century, the people of NORTHDELL had grown less and less devoted to the Gladomain family, and pressured the Council to achieve secularism, meaning that Eilmorel, the immortal child of Laenai, could not rule for ever. Having sworn a commitment of allegiance and protection to the Gladomain family, and to its last descendant Eilmorel, the Northdell Guardians were caught in a dilemma when some Council members formally asked Eimorel to appoint them as the true rulers of NORTHDELL… Because of the secrecy of its contents, you may read this chapter only inside Belgeon’s house, in Molenor (L. 10-14).


All enemies’ parameters have been adjusted. The experience rewarded by enemies has been lowered, the rough proportion is now 10 Enemies = 1 Quest. Even if Bosses have different growth rates, by default all enemies’ parameters increase by level as displayed below:

  • Stamina: +58 per Level; Intellect: +19 per Level; Strength: (Database Value+1%)+7 per Level; Defense: (Database Value+1%)+6 per Level; Spirit: (Database Value+5%)+5 per Level; Haste: (Database Value+10%)+6 per Level; Gold: (Database Value+10%)+6 per Level.
  • This means that, even if given “1” for every parameter in the Database, L.50 enemies will still start off with 350 Strength (1,400 Physical Damage), 300 Defense, 250 Spirit, 300 Haste. Of course, enemies will have their parameters set to somewhat higher than “1”.

All enemies will drop more than 2 items – usually around 3/4 each. These items will be mainly materials for cooking. However, some enemies will also drop uncommon items, like cooking recipes, or weapons and pieces of armour – obviously, the latter will have a rather low chance of dropping.

Classes, Abilities, Combat:

This section will be covered more thoroughly at a later time, possibly next week.

  • However, I will say that all existing classes have been reviewed – new abilities have been added, both active and passive.
  • The Necromancer Class is currently being tested.
  • 8 classes are now available. However, Mystic, Warrior and Necromancer remain secondary, as they are meant to provide only variety and utility – the respective characters, Daruvial, Davian and Rudrin are also meant to be secondary.
  • Lauron will be able to choose from primary classes onlyGuardian, Priest, Acolyte and Thaumaturge, when reaching L.30 (no change here, same as the previous Beta).

The Aggro/Grudge System has been removed. It sometimes made the game crash unexpectedly and it didn’t add anything valuable to the encounters, especially in late game or against foes that would use mainly AOE abilities. Also, 1) it didn’t make sense to have an “Aggro System” in a game without proper Tanks (Davian is currently the only one, and he’s a secondary character), and 2) you cannot have proper Tanks in a game where Magic damage scales off the caster’s Intellect and thus cannot be avoided.

  • As a consequence, Vanish has been removed.
  • The Warrior’s core abilities now scale off Defense and – secondarily – StrengthTaunt and Escalation were both removed and replaced by Selfless Protector and Supplication: the former is a powerful damage-suppressor, which can only be applied to the Warrior’s allies, not to the Warriors themselves, while the latter is self-cast and increases all healing received by 12%.

Almost all animations have been redrawn – they are currently ~127.


New BGS and BGM according to zones: all villages and cities now have the same background music as long as they are in the same kingdom. The battle theme will only change for Boss fights and stay the same for all other encounters.

All maps are currently being redrawn, so that they will look more alike throughout the whole game. I am also adding specific features unique to each kingdom (NORTHDELL, ERIDEN, SOUTHSTON), so that players might “feel” they are in a different place, especially when moving from one kingdom to another – which should be rather common from L.30 onwards.

  • Some places have been renamed. “Mallowley Crag” is now “Dorcliff Ridge”, “Aldlea Forest” is now “Lochway Wood”, “Esteredge Crags” is now “Highwynne Ridge”; etc.
  • A new map feature has been added, called “Light’s Echo”. Health Regeneration stops at night, so that is when “Light’s Echo” will become available: sometimes, players will see a few sparks on the ground: by interacting with them, the whole party will be healed by 25% of their maximum HP. “Light’s Echoes” will disappear after healing the party, and each spark will only be usable once.

All Tiles have been upgraded: if you like, you may browse the gallery below.

That’s all for now. Thank you!


New Download Link!

I decided to upload “Leomorn Sword” Demo 1.5 on Google Drive.

New Download Link!

LS 1.5 Demo

RPG Maker VX needs to be installed.

Please remember that this game is still being beta-tested and may present bugs. I would really appreciate any feedback you could give me.

Even if I personally recommend playing the Demo from the beginning, I understand that some of you have already played it: for those who are familiar with Leomorn Sword, just load the only Save file you will find, selecting Continue.

1.5 Screenshots!

5/27 Update: New Spells: Ryuusei, Asutoron & Megante

  • Asutoron (Guardian, level 29):

This spell replaces the old Mahokanta, which caused an annoying bug in LS 1.3: enemies under the effect of Reflect Status became immortal. Besides, even if I liked the idea of a “reflecting shield”, later on in the game it became either too powerful or useless. That is because, if Mahokanta really did cast all spells back to the enemy, bosses would be hit by their own spells, and that’d be ridiculous. On the other hand, if I made it so that Mahokanta wouldn’t work with all spells, it would have become almost useless.

Asutoron, instead, works as a very powerful magic damage reduction. The shield will last for two turns. I am thinking about turning it to “All Allies”, rather than just one: that would make much more sense. This spell comes from Dragon Quest. The name means something like “Turning into iron” and it should also cause some movement impairment. Guardians will learn the ability when reaching level 29. No other class will learn Asutoron.

  • Ryuusei (Magician, level 27):

Ryuusei, also known as “Meteor”, is possibly the most powerful and spectacular spell in the game so far. You can see the animation in the video above (0:15). Other than “Earth” and “Bagima”, there was no other skill dealing Earth damage. Ryuusei costs 34% MP*1283 vs. 29*1083 (Ionazun) and 31*1198 (Ultima). However, Ryuusei will not target all enemies: it will be cast twice and it will target randomly either once two enemies or twice the same one (Scope: “2 Random Enemies”). Magicians will learn this ability when reaching level 27.

  • Megante OD (Guardian, level 31):

You can see the animation above (1:10). This is an Overdrive Technique, damaging all enemies and cutting their HP by 100%, at the cost of the caster’s life. Since it deals elemental damage (Sacred, the same as the Cleric’s healing spells), I will make all bosses immune to it: that’s mainly because 100% means 100%: if an enemy has, say, 109,000 HP, Megante will deal the exact same damage output. In the video above, Davian is immune to Sacred, which is why Megante is uneffective. Guardians will learn this ability when reaching level 31. I will also make a spell that will lower an enemy’s resistance to Sacred, meaning that Megante would still hit bosses, but for 50% or less of its capability.

5/24 Update: Polishing

  • Animations:

The animations for the following spells have changed: Hoimi, Behoimi, Behoma, Prayer, Holy Ray, Starshine, Mana Well, Mera, Merazoma, Hyado, Iora, Ultima, Manuusa, Mahotoon, Medapani, Rarihoo, Expose, Delay and Shadow Descent (Some animations are shared by other abilities which haven’t been listed here). Watch the short video below to see some of these new animations in action. The animation layers were made mainly by Mr. Bubble and LexusX.

  • Shadow Descentnew spell (enemies only)

Whenever an encounter takes place at night, enemies will be able to cast Shadow Descent: the spell cuts all targets’ HP by 9%, and it can also cause Blind Status. Not all enemies will be given the skill. Moreover, Shadow Descent will be simply added to the action patterns, with a rating from 3 to 5 (which means between 1/3 and average). Here’s a reminder of how ratings work:

  • Other features:

There are at least two other features that I would have wanted to add to the game, but I have decided not to.

  1. Profession System: this is a rather common feature in RP games out there. I already have the Scripts necessary to achieve this feature, and it would not take me that much time to create the items/materials to gather. The thing is that adding this feature would mean to reorganise the whole game, making recipes and materials to gather according to level and game progress. Besides, the number of items already present in the game has already grown from a few tens to more than 200. Adding materials, recipes and crafted items would mean to double this amount. However, one more reason is that I don’t want players to get too easily distracted with too many options in such a small world. If the world I am drawing were a lot larger, perhaps, and if levelling took more quests and travelling, then a Profession System would be ideal.
  2. Chat Options: I would have loved to have more lively dialogues, which is pure role-playing from my point of view, because it lets you decide what kind of character you are impersonating. Here’s an example of what I mean. The little girl asks Lauron to bring a message to her grandfather Posis, here you get two options: “I sure will!” and “Why me? Your legs are fine”, and she reacts to this answer in a way or another. I could have added the option to flirt, to make fun, to insult, and so on. On the one hand, this feature would make the game much more fun, while on the other it would force me to rewrite all the dialogues. Not to mention that in my opinion it’d be useless to get to choose any answer if absolutely no consequence comes from it in terms of parameters, rewards or reputation.

5/23 Update: Screenshots

Hi, everyone! It’s time for a few more screenshots!

  • The Quest Journal

  • Abilities and Icons: the icons for Kiariku, Zameha and Kiararu are original, the rest of them are edits.

I have replaced the old damage/healing output numbers Pup-Up with these ones. I made them myself: they may look simple, but they took me some time.

I have replaced the Talent Points Pop-Up with the one below.

  • Engon, SOUTHSTON. Leomorn’s birthplace:

I am still drawing these maps, which is why there’s almost no NPC there. I have also changed the shop tile. I know that it looks a bit unnatural, but I kind of like it more than before anyway.

5/10 Update! 1.4 Almost Ready!

  • Introducing Credits:

In order to make secondary quests even more useful, I have decided to add a new feature, Credits. At first, I began working on a rather different feature, like a Reputation System, but it turned out to be too invasive, and I couldn’t afford adding any more Scripts. This might look simple, but it does the trick. Basically, when completing quests you will receive a standard amount of Credits (50), that work as an independent currency, called after the village/town you are in. So, for instance, Nossa secondary quests will reward “Nossa Credits”, etc.

You will be able to spend these Credits purchasing items at the local Credit Shop. Usually, you will be able to choose between two or more items, depending on the parameters that you’re more interested in improving.

The names for these icons are coloured in Yellow. As you can see above, for example, the Erenian Red Helm will be perfect for melee characters, while the Erenian Veteran Robe will increase Intellect and Spirit. Both these items require level 19, but they are considerably more powerful than common level 19 equipment. (During testing, for instance, Lauron kept his Nossa Woolen Garb, Lv. 9, until level 21).

Primary quests will reward a different kind of Credits, named after one of the three islands, depending on the region of the world: Northdell Credits, Eriden Credits and Southston Credits will be added up and used to purchase level 60 items, before the end of the game, in one of the three capital cities (Panador, Mirisia or Dalonur).

As you can see, I have also updated the Quest Journal. The EXP gain is now a fixed amount. Here’s the formula I have used to determine the EXP: Adding up all the EXP within one level range8.2% (secondary quests) 19.5% (primary quests). These percentages can lower to help me create more quests without exceeding the level range.

Here is a complete list: Level Range, Total EXP (Secondary Quests EXP Reward, Primary Quests EXP Reward, Sub-Primary Quests EXP Reward) Secondary Quests GoldPrimary Quests Gold.

  • Lv. 5-9: 2,858 (234, 557/396) Gold 4798
  • Lv. 10-14: 14,395 (1,180, 2,807/1,994) Gold 65137
  • Lv. 15-19: 40,745 (3,341, 7,945/5,643) Gold 91192
  • Lv. 20-24: 78,143 (5,626, 12,659/9,142) Gold 127268
  • Lv. 25-29: 116,492 (9, 552, 22,715/16,133) Gold 177376
  • Lv. 30-34: 148,292 (12,159, 28,916/20,537) Gold 247527
  • Lv. 35-39: 171,361 (14,051, 33,415/23,733) Gold 345737
  • Lv. 40-44: 186,722 (15,311, 36,410/25,860) Gold 4831,033
  • Lv. 45-49: 196,568 (16,118, 38,330/27,224) Gold 6761,446
  • Lv. 50-54: 202,612 (16,614, 39,509/28,061) Gold 9462,024
  • Lv. 55-59+1: 247,826 (20,321, 48,326/34,324) Gold 1,3242,834
  • Lv. 60: Gold 1,8533,967 (or just 2,910)

Here’s some screenshots to show a few other changes.

That’s all for now!

LS Demo 1.3 Release (Outdated)

It’s finally here! I am releasing the new Demo today: Leomorn Sword” (1.3), code-name “Turquoise” (Screenshots). You can read the following posts for a more detailed discussion about the improvements that were made.

  • Decryption.

As you will see, this Demo has been released in a decrypted version, which means that the game itself and all its resources are now accessible. The reasons why I did not release a decrypted project before, are basically that I didn’t want to spoil anything by letting anyone see the actual project; furthermore, I am jealous of my work, including the resources that I have made, so I didn’t want players to copy and paste what took me months to achieve. However, I think that the game has become more popular now and that all players will easily recognise its style and identify any act of plagiarizing. Not to mention that there are tools out there that allow the decryption of projects, so it didn’t make much sense to keep it encrypted. Here’s a few examples of some “reviews” that LS 1.2 recently received: 1, 2, 3 (Germany), 4 (China), 5 (Russia) and 6.

I have tested the game today, and I could not find any bug: if you do, please let me know, so I can fix it. Feel free to leave comments here, or PM me.

Enjoy, and thanks for playing!

LS 1.3 Gallery

I know it’s been too long: I was hoping to release a new version of the Demo much before, but I’m still experiencing some compatibility issues, since I’m using quite a lot of Scripts. Quite surprisingly, the major problem I’m having right now is related to one of the only features in the game achieved through “eventing” rather than scripting, which is “Ruura” and Ruura Stone. (Solved: the feature will be definitely present in LS Demo 1.3).

I’ve also updated some of the features present in the gameModern Algebra recently published a newer version of his Quest Journal, which was just too good to be ignored: that means I had to rewrite almost every quest and event in the Demo, apart from the actual implementation of all quests’ data.

Another thing that’s being delaying the release is that I wanted to add more game content to play: but then the point I had in mind is rather far from where I am right now, which means it would take even a couple of months to be completed.  It’s already been so long since the release of LS 1.2, I’m considering to release the Demo as it is now. I don’t like release dates, but of course, if that’ll be my choice, you’ll be able to download LS 1.3 either this week or next.

For now, I’m going to publish a few screenshots for LS 1.3 — more will be uploaded along with the Demo. Please Right-Click and “Open in a new window/tab” if you don’t want to leave this page.

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