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Abilities Update


I decided to change a few of the combat dynamics involving mystic_newclassiconMystics under healingstance_iconRestoration Stance. Having single-target spells only would make sense if Mystics’ direct heals were much stronger, like acolytes_newiconAcolytes e.g., but since Mystics heal their targets mostly over time, I felt like giving them at least one multiple-target spell. I also decided to redesign Arcane Remedy.

  • quietude_iconQuietude (Rank I, II, III) (Old!): heals one ally for 5.97/7.71/10.20 *28/26/24% ManaRemoves all of the Mystic’s effects. CD: 5/5/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 506,686/8,023/9,806 HPQuietude will remove, if present, all Mystic-related beneficial effects from the target: VitalityRejuvenateRenewal and Arcane Remedy. The presence of these effects on the target has no influence at all on Quietude’s healing output: they are just removed. However, Quietude will benefit from Vitality before removing it, healing one ally for up to 27,065 HP (if @critical).
    • Quietude has an increased 25% chance to critically hit.
  • quietude_newiconQuietude (Rank I, II, III) (New!): heals all allies for 3.46/4.30/5.45 * 29/28/27% Mana. Removes all of the Mystic’s effects. CD: 4/4/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 4,011/4,813/5,883 HPquietude_newiconQuietude will not benefit from Vitality any more. However, whenever casting RejuvenateRenewal and Arcane Remedy, Mystics will also place a new buff on their targets, increasing the healing they will receive from quietude_newiconQuietude by 12% (the effect can stack up to 3 times, and it naturally wears off after 3 turns). The increased chance of dealing a critical hit has also been removed.
    • Again, the presence of VitalityRejuvenateRenewal and Arcane Remedy will have no impact whatsoever on the healing done by quietude_newiconQuietude unless quietude_newiconQuietude is cast within 3 turns after the effect has been applied.
  • Arcane Remedy (No Ranks) (Old!): recovers 19% HP and another 24% over 3 Turns (One Ally); CD: 4 Turns. Considering 30,800 HP, Arcane Remedy will immediately recover 5,852 HP and another (2,464*3)=7,392 HP over 3 Turns.
  • Arcane Remedy (No Ranks) (New!): heals for 5.74 * 18% Mana, and another 24% HP over 3 Turns (2 Random Allies); CD: 3 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 4,486 HP +(2,464*3)=7,392 HP over 3 Turns. So now Arcane Remedy will scale off Intellect (Mana Pool) like any other spell. Its cool-down has been reduced slightly, but the real difference is that the target will be two random allies other than the Mystic. Of course it might target twice the same ally.
  • combatstance_iconCombat Stance (Status) and healingstance_iconRestoration Stance (Status) now persist through death.
    • In later testing, it seemed unfair to reset Stances whenever passing out, because mystic_newclassiconMystics depend heavily on the Stance they choose.


I didn’t want the thaumatuge_classnewiconThaumaturge to depend on Spirit too much. Mana should not be too much of an issue for casters. Also, I wanted to buff spells dealing Ice magic damage in a way that would turn them into valuable choices for alternative rotations during the encounters that truly matter.

  • hyadaruko_iconHyadaruko and hyadain_iconHyadaīn apply intensecold_iconIntense Cold (Status) (New!) to the target: this debuff increases all Ice magic damage taken by 28%, stacking up to 2 times (=56%). The debuff can be refreshed continuously. Otherwise, it naturally wears off after 2 turns. The difference with ignite_iconIgnite (Status) is that intensecold_iconIntense Cold  cannot be consumed, it stays on the target for as long as it keeps getting refreshed.
    • While there are several spells dealing Fire magic damage, thus benefiting from ignite_iconIgnite (Status), hyadaruko_iconHyadaruko and hyadain_iconHyadaīn are the only spells so far dealing Ice magic damage.
    • All Status effects lowering or increasing Ice magic resistance will cancel intensecold_iconIntense Cold (Status) for all their duration. It is currently possible to be affected by both debuffs: ignite_iconIgnite (Status) does not automatically cancel intensecold_iconIntense Cold and viceversa.
  • ignite_iconIgnite (Status) increases Fire magic damage taken by 24% (up from 21%), stacking up to 2 times (=48%, up from 42%) and lasting for 3 turns (up from 2), unless refreshed. shanaku_newiconShanaku now correclty dispels ignite_iconIgnite (Status) and intensecold_iconIntense Cold (Status).
  • introspection_iconIntrospection (Passive) (New!) Gains 14% of the unit’s maximum Mana at the end of every turn. This is a flat amount and automatically adjusts itself to the unit’s Mana pool.
    • introspection_iconIntrospection (Status) stacks with any other Status affecting Mana regeneration (e.gmanarestoration_newiconConcentration).
  • ryuusei_iconRyūsei (Rank I, II, III) (Old!) Deals Fire and Earth damage for 7.72/10.50/14.80 * 34/30/26% Mana (2 Random Enemies). CD:6/6/5 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 50: 10,499/12,594/15,395It can also target twice the same target.
  • ryusei_newiconRyūsei (Rank I, II, III) (New!) Deals Fire and Earth damage for 4.12/5.16/6.59 * 24/23/22% Mana (3 Times, All Enemies). CD:6/6/5 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 503,953/4,744/5,799ryusei_newiconRyūsei will damage all enemies 3 times. So the overall damage output would become: 11,859/14,232/17,397.


Basically, I wanted to nerf behoimi_iconMending Status (I/II), because together with the healing output of hoimi_iconHoimi it turned out to be a little too powerful at L. 50. So I came out with this idea of a “double” hoimi_iconHoimi.

  • hoimi_iconHoimi (Rank I, II, III) (Old!heals one ally for 7.12/11.04/17.35 *11/9/7% Mana. Also grants Mending (I/II) (Status). CD: 3/3/3Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 3,313/3,976/4,859 HPbehoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Statuswill heal another 18/33% HP over 2/3 TurnsMending (II) (Status) will be granted only by Hoimi (III).
  • hoimi_iconHoimi (Rank I, II, III) (New!) heals twice for 3.76/5.52/8.67 * 11/9/7% Mana. It can apply Mending I/Mending II. CD: 3/3/3Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 501,656/1,987/2,429 HPbehoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Statuswill heal another 12/21% HP over 2/3 Turns.
    • hoimi_iconHoimi will heal overall for the same amount as before, except it will be cast twice on the same target, doubling its chances to apply both behoimi_iconMending (I/II) and endurance_iconEndurance (Status).
    • behoimi_iconMending (Status) now has about 50% chance (down from 100%) to proc on the target healed by hoimi_iconHoimi. Also, the healing over time granted by behoimi_iconMending (Status) has been reduced. Both ranks of behoimi_iconMending (Status) can stack up to 2 times (Rank II used to last for 3 turns).


I wanted to make luminance_iconLuminance a more attractive spell at all levels. Making it cast twice on all targets, its chances to apply holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis are doubled. I also wanted to take its healing output at all levels closer to sunshine_iconSunshine. There is currently as little as 20% difference between the two in the healing done.

  • luminance_iconLuminance (Rank I, II, III) (Old!) heals all allies for 4.06/5.10/6.55* 22/21/20% current Mana; estimated healing output at L. 503,572/4,287/5,240 HP. (CD: 5/5/5 Turns).
  • luminance_iconLuminance (Rank I, II, III) (New!) heals twice for 2.26/2.83/3.64 * 22/21/20% current Mana (All Allies); estimated healing output at L. 50: 1,986/2,383/2,912 HP. (CD: 5/5/5 Turns).
    • Being cast twice, luminance_iconLuminance increases its chances to critical hit and to apply holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis. The amount healed overall has been slightly increased (about +11%).
  • holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis (Class Passive) can now stack up to 3 times (up from 2), lasting 3 turns (up from 2). However, the shield provided by holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis (Status) has been set to 4% (down from 11%). 3 stacks of holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis will shield from 12% damage (down from 22%). The bonus healing received has been set to 12%, which means 36% (3 stacks), same as before.
  • divinespirit_iconDivine Spirit (Passive) (New!) Increases Spirit (+48).


The purpose of the following changes was to give guardian_newclassiconGuardians a rotation of abilities they can perform.

  • elementalnemesis_iconElemental Nemesis (Rank I, II, III) (Old!) imbues the unit’s weapon with all natural Elements, dealing roughly 330/396/484% damage. Cost: 24/23/22% current ManaCD4/4/4 Turns. Also, at its maximum rank, Elemental Nemesis will ignore the target’s Defense, dealing true damage.
  • elementalnemesis_newiconElemental Nemesis (Rank I, II, III) (New!) fills the Guardian with Holy magic, dealing roughly 318/382/466% damage. CD4/4/4 Turnselementalnemesis_newiconElemental Nemesis consumes desecrate_newiconDesecrate (Status) on the target. This ability will always deal a critical strike.
    • desecrate_newiconDesecrate (Status) increases the damage taken from elementalnemesis_newiconElemental Nemesis by 23/46% (2 Stacks, 5 Turns).
    • Both righteousslash_iconRighteous Slash (II, III) and arcaneremedy_iconUnleash Fury (II, III) apply desecrate_newiconDesecrate on the target. As it is, elementalnemesis_newiconElemental Nemesis is granted a critical strike and can be picked after righteousslash_iconRighteous Slash (II, III) and arcaneremedy_iconUnleash Fury (II, III) to increase its damage significantly. desecrate_newiconDesecrate will also slightly increase the Holy magic damage taken by the target  (+9/18%), just in case players did not improve righteousslash_iconRighteous Slash and arcaneremedy_iconUnleash Fury to further Ranks before learning elementalnemesis_newiconElemental Nemesis.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either drawn or edited by me. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.


5/27 Update: New Spells: Ryuusei, Asutoron & Megante

  • Asutoron (Guardian, level 29):

This spell replaces the old Mahokanta, which caused an annoying bug in LS 1.3: enemies under the effect of Reflect Status became immortal. Besides, even if I liked the idea of a “reflecting shield”, later on in the game it became either too powerful or useless. That is because, if Mahokanta really did cast all spells back to the enemy, bosses would be hit by their own spells, and that’d be ridiculous. On the other hand, if I made it so that Mahokanta wouldn’t work with all spells, it would have become almost useless.

Asutoron, instead, works as a very powerful magic damage reduction. The shield will last for two turns. I am thinking about turning it to “All Allies”, rather than just one: that would make much more sense. This spell comes from Dragon Quest. The name means something like “Turning into iron” and it should also cause some movement impairment. Guardians will learn the ability when reaching level 29. No other class will learn Asutoron.

  • Ryuusei (Magician, level 27):

Ryuusei, also known as “Meteor”, is possibly the most powerful and spectacular spell in the game so far. You can see the animation in the video above (0:15). Other than “Earth” and “Bagima”, there was no other skill dealing Earth damage. Ryuusei costs 34% MP*1283 vs. 29*1083 (Ionazun) and 31*1198 (Ultima). However, Ryuusei will not target all enemies: it will be cast twice and it will target randomly either once two enemies or twice the same one (Scope: “2 Random Enemies”). Magicians will learn this ability when reaching level 27.

  • Megante OD (Guardian, level 31):

You can see the animation above (1:10). This is an Overdrive Technique, damaging all enemies and cutting their HP by 100%, at the cost of the caster’s life. Since it deals elemental damage (Sacred, the same as the Cleric’s healing spells), I will make all bosses immune to it: that’s mainly because 100% means 100%: if an enemy has, say, 109,000 HP, Megante will deal the exact same damage output. In the video above, Davian is immune to Sacred, which is why Megante is uneffective. Guardians will learn this ability when reaching level 31. I will also make a spell that will lower an enemy’s resistance to Sacred, meaning that Megante would still hit bosses, but for 50% or less of its capability.

1.3 Overall Preview (Part 1)

Part 1: Database

Updated 06/12/2011

1) Actors/Classes:

Each parameter curve has been adjusted for all actors, according to their class. There are currently 6 classes since vers. 1.3: Apprentice, Guardian, Healer, Mage, Warrior and Warlock. Each character will need to concentrate on some parameters at the expense of others, it will be important to know how to spend your Talent Points: obviously, their parameters will increase in any case, so you will have to choose between balancing your characters and maximizing their traits.

  • 1.1 — Apprentice > Guardian.
    These are “twin” classes, as theorically one will lead to the other, which means that they ultimately result quite similar, both as parameters to enhance and the abilities that they learn. These are also the only two hybrid classes present in the game: they are not entirely melee, but they are not really specialized casters either. Apprentices will learn the same abilities of Guardians until Lv.  30, only a few levels later.
    Of course, as casters, they may be a little underpriviledged, but then again, spending your Talent Points you can easily make them quite more powerful, just don’t expect them to become ever as destructive as Mages. Generally, they will both care about Attack Power and Stamina, then Intellect, then Spirit. It also means that all characters belonging to this class will have higher values of these parameters: Attack Power (A/A+) and Stamina (A). Their buffs will be: Baikiruto (which doubles Attack Power, single target); Magic Barrier, Barrier and Mahokanta (this one casts magic attacks back to the enemy).
    The special ability of Apprentices, since it’s the main character’s class, will be later on in the game to choose to which class to upgrade. This will happen around Lv. 30.
  • 1.2 — Healer.
    This class will be the only one handling almost exclusively with treating spells. Healers will learn all different stages of healing spells, no matter how long they’ve used them for. So Hoimi, Behomaraa, Behoimi, Behoma, Behomazun (OD). They will also learn curing spells, like Kiarii (removing “Poison”), Kiariku (removing “Paralyse” and “Stun”), Zameha (removing “Sleep”), Kiararu (removing “Confusion”), Shanaku will remove all other Status ailments. The parameters they’ll need to concentrate on are mostly Intellect, Haste and Spirit. These are also their highest starting values: Intellect (A+), Haste (A) and Spirit (A). Haste determines the action order during combat; in order to save their Party, Healers should make the very first move. The buffs belonging to this class are: Piora/Piorimu (that will double a single target’s/the whole Party’s Haste), and Float (which will make the whole Party floating, increasing their resistances to Earth and Wind).
    Healers also have two special abilities. The first one is Monkey Form, that transforms them into monkeys, increasing their Haste. Their second special ability is Ranaruuta: this spell will turn the day into night, and the night into day.
  • 1.3 — Mage.
    Quite intuitively, Mages will deal elemental damage, they will learn all ranks of destructive spells, no matter how long they’ve used them for. Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Earth, Wind and Holy will give Mages a lot of spells to cast. For instance, Merazoma, Iora, HyadainUltima etc. Mages will need to keep their Intellect very high, as this parameter determines the damage and the effectiveness of their spells (see: Abilities Preview). Their starting values will be  very high on Intellect (A), then Haste (B+) and Spirit. Their buff will be Sukara/Sukuruto (these will double a single target’s/the whole Party’s Defense), Magic Barrier and Greater Intellect.
    Mages will also have their special abilities. 1) Ruura: this ability teleports the whole Party to previously visited cities, towns and villages (see: Ruura” and “Ruura Stone1.3). 2) Parapunte (OD), which will enhance the whole Party with all beneficial effects, 3) Madante (OD), which consumes all MP to do massive damage to all enemies.
  • 1.4 — Warrior.
    This is a common melee class, specialized in heavy armor and physical attacks. Warriors will have higher values of Defense (A+), Stamina (A) and Attack Power (A). Their buffs will be Baikiruto and Sukara (see above). They are meant to be more resistant than others to anything, so that they may prevent the player from “Game Over”, but they won’t have much more than some special physical attack. (So, for instance, they will combine the Special Attack (OD) and the Fast Attack (OD) both of which leading to other Overdrive techniques). It is more like a supporting class.
    Warriors have 3 special abilities related to their resistance: 1) Invincible Shield; 2) Lifeguard and 3) Damage Wall.
  • 1.5 — Warlock.
    Warlocks are the new class of “Leomorn Sword1.3. Overall, they deal unholy, shadow damage, and their abilities are all shaped in absorbing life and energy from their enemies, poisoning or confusing them, or to decrease their Defense, their Accuracy, their Haste, etc. Warlocks can become really powerful, later on in the game, as they will learn Demi and Zaki. The first one will cut the enemy’s life points by a specific amount, which is about the 48% of the remaining HP, while Zaki will attempt to instantly kill the enemy – obviously bosses will be immune to these spells. Warlocks have one buff, at the moment, which is Greater Intellect. Like Warriors, they are more like a supporting class, because they are meant to weaken the enemy.
    Anyway, they do have a couple of special abilities: 1) Expose, which will increase all damage dealt by 20%; 2) Trouble, which will pass part of the damage dealt on all enemies, when hitting “exposed” targets.

2) Abilities:

See Abilities Preview 1.3 to check all the changes regarding abilities since vers. 1.3. Overall, Abilities are now 86.

3) Items:

The only major adjustment is due to the Item Crafting system.

4) Equipment:

All of the equipment has been redone. There are currently 85 items belonging to armors and 33 belonging to weapons. The main features of this system are: first, that the equipment is now related to classes, meaning that some items will increase parameters only useful to some characters, according to their class. And second, that you will be able to check the item’s rarity by looking at its color. Green items will be “uncommon”, blue items will be “rare”, and purple items will be “epic” – these can only be equipped once you’ve reached level 60, which is now the cap level for “Leomorn Sword”. Some vendors will sell green items, but blue and purple items can only be obtained from enemies – and “bosses” in particular.
Some names for these items were created automatically using these generators: Serendipity; Seventh Sanctum; Voidstate’s Exalted Name Generator; Donjon.

5) Music:

As I’ve said elsewhere, all songs in the game are now original. Special thanks go to: