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LS 1.7 Class/Abilities Update


RanksThe proportion between Ranks has changed. The difference between Rank I and Rank II is the same as it’s been since LS 1.5 (20% increase), while taking any ability to Rank III will increase its effectiveness by 25% (up from ~22.22%). So the current proportion is: 100/120/150. Players will hardly feel the difference of a ~2.28% increase, but this helped me a lot to simplify the maths involved.

  • I was considering changing this proportion once more to 100/150/200. I also thought about adding another Rank (IV, 200%). However, 1) it would be exhausting, as a player, to take all existing abilities up four Ranks, 2) Ranks would be unbalanced, and 3) if the output of any ability changed dramatically over the course of the game, it would be pointless to get a better equipment or to spend Talent Points to actually increase parameters.
  • Ranks are there for the pure purpose of balance: I don’t want players to focus too much on them.

Ranks were added to some abilities that used to have none. Taking abilities to further Ranks does not only improve their effectiveness/output: sometimes the buff they provide lasts longer, their cool-down is shorter, their cost is lowered, they affect all targets instead of one, etc.

Update: all abilities need to be used at least 20 times before they can be taken to their further Rank. Also, a general 5-level-range rule applies: for instance, if one ability is learnt at L.13, it cannot be upgraded to Rank II before L.18, and to Rank III before L.23.

As I have mentioned, all animations have been updated: please check the video below to see them live. I must thank and credit this artist for making the animation layers I used.



There are literally hundreds of abilities in the game at the moment: despite my efforts to keep all abilities useful or interesting at all levels, I do realise that some abilities will serve their purpose best in early game, while players will easily forget about them later on. However empowered in their final Rank, abilities like Hoimi or Prayer are unlikely to be used during late-game encounters. The rotation between all abilities available, while still situational, should be way simpler at that stage. Before reaching L.50, players should be confident enough experimenting with different rotations and team compositions, that they shouldn’t need to concentrate any more on the details presented below.


  • Mending (New) is now a class passive ability which can be triggered by any of the Priest’s heals and shields. It has the same chance to proc as Endurance (Passive), which is about 50%. When triggered, Mending will recover another 9% maximum health at the end of every turn. It has a 2-turn duration, but it can be refreshed continuously.
  • Endurance (Class Passive) increases the target’s maximum health by 7% for 4 turns (5 Stacks, refreshable). The new amount of HP is not automatically updated (New), which is why Priests can never fully heal their allies when applying EnduranceMending should now work as a filler.
  • Celestial Bulwark (I, II, III) (New): shields one ally/all allies, absorbing all damage taken by up to 10,284/12,341/15,426. Lasts for 2/3/4 Turns. It naturally wears off upon receiving damage equal to the absorption shield. Celestial Bulwark (I, II, III) can trigger both Endurance and Mending. While the shield is active on the target, all damage-over-time effects are automatically cancelled.
  • Redemption (No Ranks) (New): deals Holy damage scaling off 9.38 * 200% Spirit and recovers 16% of the Priest’s maximum Mana. This technique has no cost.
  • Behomazun OD (I, II, III) (New): grants Health Regeneration and 38% increased healing received from the Priest (All Allies). Further Ranks increase the spell’s direct healing.
  • Lesser Megazaru OD (No Ranks) (New): heals one ally for 3.38 * 52%  of the Priest’s current health. Also removes all Status ailments. (In the video below, Lesser Megazaru actually used 72% of the Priest’s current health, which is why its healing output turned out to be so high).
  • Purify (New): removes all Status ailments (All Allies). Does not apply either Endurance or Mending. Works exactly like Shanaku, except it targets the whole Party.
  • The Mana cost of Hoimi (I, II, III)Behoimi (I, II, III) and Behoma (I, II, III) has been increased, while the Mana cost of Lesser Behomarā (I, II, III) and Greater Behomarā (I, II, III) is now considerably lower compared to the previous Beta.


  • Holy Aegis (New) mitigates all magic damage taken by 28% (2 stacks). It is granted by all of the Acolyte’s heals. It is not triggered any more upon casting Elysian GraceSalvation or Divine Blessing OD. Also, Holy Aegis does not increase the healing received from Acolytes any more.
  • Prayer (I, II, III)Inner Light (I, II, III) and Daylight (I, II, III) had their Mana cost reduced, while Luminance (I, II, III) and Sunshine (I, II, III) are now far less Mana-efficient. Also, Prayer (I, II, III) had its internal critical chance increased (14/17/21%). All other heals have no greater critical chance than the Acolyte’s.
  • Salvation (No Ranks) (New) cuts all damage taken (–5,754) and restores 16% of the caster’s maximum ManaSalvation (Status) is applied to one ally and it lasts for 2 turns. (In the video below, Salvation still affected all allies). Obviously, all damage taken over that amount (5,754) will damage the target.
  • Divine Blessing OD (New) prevents K.O. in combat and greatly increases all healing received from the Acolyte (+48%). It wears off when absorbing fatal damage or after 4 turns. It automatically cancels Elysian Grace.
  • Divine Spirit (Passive) (New) does not increase Spirit any more. Instead, it increases the Mana recovered by Focused Mind (Passive) (+16%). While other classes recover Mana from 50% Spirit at the end of every turn, Acolytes will recover Mana scaling off 66% Spirit.
  • Replenishment (OD): grants increased Mana Regeneration (4 turns). This ability can be learnt only by Traben when handing the quest Elder Silentall (in Erene). Glowing Star: Removed: change it as I might, it still felt either over-powered or useless.


  • Combat Stance (Status) is no longer required to successfully select Rupture (I, II, III)Punishment (I, II, III) and Arcane Volley (I, II, III)Combat Stance still increases Stamina (+15%) and Strength (+22%) at the expense of Intellect (–42%) and Spirit (–67%), but it is not a requirement any more to use class-related abilities scaling off Strength. On the other hand, all healing abilities still require Restoration Stance (Status) to become available.
  • Restoration Stance (Status) increases Intellect by 12% (down from 15%) and Spirit by 4% (down from 22%). It has no impact on Stamina, but it severely decreases Strength (–88%). I basically reviewed how Stances were working in the previous Beta: I still want Mystics to rely on their chosen Stance, but the idea of switching during combat turned out to be a waste of time. While Restoration Stance is still required to use Mystics as healers, Combat Stance (New) is now closer to a buff, and it does not persist through K.O. any more.
  • Rejuvenate (I, II, III) now targets all allies instead of just one. Its healing output has also been adjusted.
  • Consecration OD (I, II, III) (New): further Ranks now apply the corresponding healing-over-time effects. Also, its direct healing has been increased. (In the video below you will see it healing for 31,701 HP).
    • Update: The problem with Consecration OD is that its healing output is currently insane. On the one hand, it is an overdrive ability affecting one ally and it requires Restoration Stance (Status) to be cast. On the other hand, it’s basically a burst heal with three healing-over-time effects applied at once, which recover another 8,208/8,967/9,975 HP over 3 turns. That’s why I have decided to keep only the direct healing.
    • Update: Vitality (New) increases all healing received from Mystics by 16% (4 stacks): it is now a stacking passive with a 3-turn duration, refreshable. All of the Mystic’s HOTs, with the exception of Quietude, have had their duration decreased to either 1 or 2 turns, so the removal of these effects is no longer a real con: on the other hand, it takes Mystics 4 spells to build 4 stacks of Vitality, and to lose all of them for an emergency heal makes definitely more sense. Consecration OD (I, II, III) (New) now removes all of the Mystic’s HOTs Vitality.
    • Update: Even if there’s not enough room in the description field to add this piece of information, Quietude (Status) (New) will keep cancelling all of the Mystic’s HOTs for all its duration – 3 turns. It means that for the following 3 turns, after casting Quietude, Mystics will not be able to apply any of their HOTs or stacks of Contemplation (Status) on any target benefiting from Quietude (Status).
  • Raging Blows can now be learnt also by Mystics at L.18.
  • Rupture (I, II, III), Punishment (I, II, III) and Arcane Volley (I, II, III) (New) can be selected only if the Mystic has a Sword or an Axe equipped. Also, the damage output of all these abilities has been increased by ~27%. Update: I am currently trying to make these three abilities a little bit more fun.


This part will be covered at a later time. However, the video below shows the Necromancer in action.

The video below is meant to show how battles look like in the current Beta: I must have used a rather poor screen recorder, because I can tell you that it wasn’t so laggy in-game. However, I am working on a way to reduce lag anyway.


LS 1.7 Current Beta Changes


It has been very long since my last update – in fact, almost a year: this post is meant to summarise the current changes to the Beta. Most of the features highlighted in this post are currently being tested: nothing is final as of yet. Although LS 1.6 was never released, I will still refer to it as the previous Beta, as I am heading towards 1.7.

Characters, Items, Weapons:

Players can no longer increase Intellect by spending Talent Points. The only way to increase any character’s Mana Pool is to use equipment (permanent), abilities (a set number of turns) and consumables (temporary, or until out of combat).

  • The effectiveness of almost all spells depends heavily on the caster’s Intellect: that means that in LS 1.6 players could, hypothetically speaking, spend all of their Talent Points on this parameter, which ultimately resulted in ridiculous outputs of healing and damage, rather early in the game. Also, I could not predict any of these choices to keep encounters balanced and challenging at all levels.
  • It seemed unfair that casters had to spend their Talent Points on Stamina, Intellect and Spirit, while other classes could concentrate purely on Stamina and Strength.
  • By removing this possibility, casters will obviously retain a lot of unspent Talent Points, which should now converge to Spirit. This change also implies that casters will depend on their equipment more than they did before, as one of the fewer ways available to expand their Mana Pool.
  • As a consequence, Spirit curves are now slightly lower than the previous Beta.

This is how the new Status Screen looks like. Bars are larger and more colourful. Also, only the parameters that matters are shown in here – Hit Rate and Evasion: Removed.

Experience curves are now even for all characters. Just like in many other Role-Playing Games out there, all characters need the exact same amount of experience to level up.

  • Eilnys still benefits from Awareness (Passive), which doubles the experience gained from all encounters.
  • Players can still choose to skip as many quests they want, as long as they are not primary – those involving the main storyline.
  • Enemies have been given lower parameters of Spirit and Haste, so that players can successfully escape more easily.

Quest experience rewards have been adjusted so that, overall, they will allow players to advance within the level range of the current zone (5-9, 10-14, 15-19 and so forth). However, the experience gained from random encounters and Boss fights has been decreased. As long as the experience rewarded is concerned, aside from larger monsters, the rough proportion is now 10 Enemies = 1 Quest.

Potions have been removed and replaced by food. In addition to all usable items, which can be found or sometimes bought, I have recently added 32 new consumable items, 24 of which can be crafted using ingredients that will either drop after combat or be available at the shop.

  • Health Potions, Mana Potions, Apple, Cabbage, Edible Mushroom, Hot Bread, Remedy and Disperdherb: Removed.
  • Added1) Acorn Cookie, 2) Chocolate Cream Roll, 3) Sweet Rice Cake, 4) Starlight Log. These 4 items cannot be crafted.
  • Players will need to learn the corresponding Recipe in order to be able to create any of the 24 new items. Once learnt, the recipe will be available when using any Kitchen Table.

I cannot provide a comprehensive list as of yet, because this feature is being implemented right now. However, the effects granted by the new items will be fairly similar to those of the previous Beta.

Bows, Crossbows and Spears: removed. The only weapons available now include: Swords, Axes, Staves and Maces. There are currently 43 weapons increasing mainly Strength and 36 weapons increasing mainly Intellect – requiring L.4 to 50.

  • It didn’t make much sense to have many types of weapons and few actual weapons to choose from.

When choosing Heroic Mode for Boss encounters, players will always be presented with a rare-quality item, which will often be just an improved version of the one dropped in normal mode.


2 new Quests added.

  • Some Coal”: Rune Milner in the village of Nossa asked you to collect some coal from Dorcliff Ridge. The cave lies to the NORTH-EAST of Northmill. This mineral substance can be easily found on the rocky ground of the southern part of the cavern (L.5-9).
  • Old Magic”: As your daily task, Belgeon asked you to read the draft of a chapter from his upcoming dissertation: “The Old Magic”. Chapter 4 is about NORTHDELL’s civil unrest, nearly 20 years ago. For the past century, the people of NORTHDELL had grown less and less devoted to the Gladomain family, and pressured the Council to achieve secularism, meaning that Eilmorel, the immortal child of Laenai, could not rule for ever. Having sworn a commitment of allegiance and protection to the Gladomain family, and to its last descendant Eilmorel, the Northdell Guardians were caught in a dilemma when some Council members formally asked Eimorel to appoint them as the true rulers of NORTHDELL… Because of the secrecy of its contents, you may read this chapter only inside Belgeon’s house, in Molenor (L. 10-14).


All enemies’ parameters have been adjusted. The experience rewarded by enemies has been lowered, the rough proportion is now 10 Enemies = 1 Quest. Even if Bosses have different growth rates, by default all enemies’ parameters increase by level as displayed below:

  • Stamina: +58 per Level; Intellect: +19 per Level; Strength: (Database Value+1%)+7 per Level; Defense: (Database Value+1%)+6 per Level; Spirit: (Database Value+5%)+5 per Level; Haste: (Database Value+10%)+6 per Level; Gold: (Database Value+10%)+6 per Level.
  • This means that, even if given “1” for every parameter in the Database, L.50 enemies will still start off with 350 Strength (1,400 Physical Damage), 300 Defense, 250 Spirit, 300 Haste. Of course, enemies will have their parameters set to somewhat higher than “1”.

All enemies will drop more than 2 items – usually around 3/4 each. These items will be mainly materials for cooking. However, some enemies will also drop uncommon items, like cooking recipes, or weapons and pieces of armour – obviously, the latter will have a rather low chance of dropping.

Classes, Abilities, Combat:

This section will be covered more thoroughly at a later time, possibly next week.

  • However, I will say that all existing classes have been reviewed – new abilities have been added, both active and passive.
  • The Necromancer Class is currently being tested.
  • 8 classes are now available. However, Mystic, Warrior and Necromancer remain secondary, as they are meant to provide only variety and utility – the respective characters, Daruvial, Davian and Rudrin are also meant to be secondary.
  • Lauron will be able to choose from primary classes onlyGuardian, Priest, Acolyte and Thaumaturge, when reaching L.30 (no change here, same as the previous Beta).

The Aggro/Grudge System has been removed. It sometimes made the game crash unexpectedly and it didn’t add anything valuable to the encounters, especially in late game or against foes that would use mainly AOE abilities. Also, 1) it didn’t make sense to have an “Aggro System” in a game without proper Tanks (Davian is currently the only one, and he’s a secondary character), and 2) you cannot have proper Tanks in a game where Magic damage scales off the caster’s Intellect and thus cannot be avoided.

  • As a consequence, Vanish has been removed.
  • The Warrior’s core abilities now scale off Defense and – secondarily – StrengthTaunt and Escalation were both removed and replaced by Selfless Protector and Supplication: the former is a powerful damage-suppressor, which can only be applied to the Warrior’s allies, not to the Warriors themselves, while the latter is self-cast and increases all healing received by 12%.

Almost all animations have been redrawn – they are currently ~127.


New BGS and BGM according to zones: all villages and cities now have the same background music as long as they are in the same kingdom. The battle theme will only change for Boss fights and stay the same for all other encounters.

All maps are currently being redrawn, so that they will look more alike throughout the whole game. I am also adding specific features unique to each kingdom (NORTHDELL, ERIDEN, SOUTHSTON), so that players might “feel” they are in a different place, especially when moving from one kingdom to another – which should be rather common from L.30 onwards.

  • Some places have been renamed. “Mallowley Crag” is now “Dorcliff Ridge”, “Aldlea Forest” is now “Lochway Wood”, “Esteredge Crags” is now “Highwynne Ridge”; etc.
  • A new map feature has been added, called “Light’s Echo”. Health Regeneration stops at night, so that is when “Light’s Echo” will become available: sometimes, players will see a few sparks on the ground: by interacting with them, the whole party will be healed by 25% of their maximum HP. “Light’s Echoes” will disappear after healing the party, and each spark will only be usable once.

All Tiles have been upgraded: if you like, you may browse the gallery below.

That’s all for now. Thank you!

General Update & Known Bugs

Hi, everyone!

This update is meant to show some of the recent changes in Leomorn Sword (1.6). A few of these changes are just visual upgrades, while others involve Classes, Abilities, combat mechanics, new cut-scenes, Characters and the Story Background.

Visual Upgrades: Output Numbers (Combat)

Output Numbers. This is how they currently look like: HP Gain|HP Loss|MP Gain|MP Loss.


Environment. The maps for the following zones have been redrawn:

  • Lochbrook Edge;
  • Virannum Gardens;
  • Virannum Dungeon;
  • Virannum Prison;
  • Mal-Weng Silver Woods;
  • Interiors;
  • Teleport Stations. The whole feature has been updated, it should now feel a lot simpler than before. Players do not have to interact with the Portal Keeper any more, all they have to do is step on the portal and select their destination. If they possess the corresponding Pass and can afford travelling, they are automatically teleported to their chosen destination. Otherwise they will take a step back. Players can still interact with the Portal Keeper, but only to buy the Pass corresponding to their current location: Passes are still needed in order to successfully select any destination when using the Teleport Service.
    • To move from one island to another (e.g. from NORTHDELL to ERIDEN), players will have to use the portals located in the three capital cities, because all capital cities (Panador, Mirisia, Dalonur) will be linked through a different set of portals. Moving from one capital city to another will always be free of charge and it will not require any Pass.


Eilmorel Gladomain

I wasn’t quite satisfied with how the character of Eilmorel looked like. This is just a visual upgrade of her character, although most dialogues have been rewritten. As an in-game feature, I have also added a “Relationship” meter. Depending on the players’ choices, the relationship between Eilmorel and Lauron will either increase or decrease, having a significant impact as the game progresses. Their Relationship can go from -100 to +100. It will start being very low (currently -97). Most changes will occur automatically, but they will not be as significant as those depending on the players’ choices. Here’s an example of how the Relationship meter will display in-game, usually after cut-scenes.

RelationshipUpdateThe idea was to make Eilmorel look younger and more fragile, in a way, while during cut-scenes she is going to be a little more arrogant and self-aware, at least at the beginning. I’ll post a few screenshots of the new Eilmorel in-game soon.


Generally speaking, the Critical Hit formula has been re-written. Critical Hits will now deal 50% more damage or healing with spells, while physical attacks and all abilities scaling off Strength will deal 100% more damage.


  • (mystic_newclassicon)od_single_iconRebirth OD: the Mystic will rise again once incapacitated (The User; no cost). Under this Status the Mystic will be automatically revived at 53% HP upon receiving fatal damage. The Status naturally wears off after 5 Turns, or when leaving combat. Removed. Not only was it bugged, but it did not make much sense as an Overdrive ability. Being revived upon receiving lethal damage would have been useful only under certain circumstances, while a general cool-down refresh for all allies (works like a multiple-target meditation_iconMeditation) was much more desirable at all levels. (See below).
  • (mystic_newclassiconod_all_iconTime Relapse OD (New!) Immediately refreshes all Cool-downs. Also increases Haste (+7%) (All Allies). Haste is increased for the whole duration of the fight, and the effect does not fade after a set number of turns.
  • (mystic_newclassiconquietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) (Updated!) Heals all allies for 3.51/4.39/5.61 * 24/23/23% Mana. It benefits both from vitality_iconVitality and quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status). The amount healed at L. 50 (with 4,000 MP) is: 3,368/4,042/4,940 HP. This ability has 5/5/6 Turns CD. It will still remove all of the Mystic’s buffs from the targets, including vitality_iconVitalityquietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status) will be applied by all of the Mystic’s healing spells (namely rejuvenate_iconRejuvenaterenewal_iconRenewal and unleashfury_iconArcane Remedy, regardless of their current Rank). quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status) has now a 5-Turn duration (up from 3).
    • The reason why I wanted quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II III) to benefit from vitality_iconVitality as well as from its own buff (quietudestatus_newicon), is that I didn’t want players to be forced to cast any other healing spell to increase quietude_newiconQuietude’s healing output. Besides, vitality_iconVitality can only be applied on the targets upon casting rejuvenate_iconRejuvenaterenewal_iconRenewal and unleashfury_iconArcane Remedy. With 2 stacks of vitality_iconVitality and 3 stacks of quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status), quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) can virtually heal all allies for 6,321/7,586/9,271 HP (if not critical) but that’s not so easy to achieve, especially because the two buffs (vitality_icon/quietudestatus_newicon) have different durations. By giving Mystics one multiple-target healing spell, I aimed at making them able to heal the Party by themselves, and not as off-healers: if the healing output of quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) was too low compared to other healing classes, players wouldn’t see the benefit of building Mystics as healers. On the other hand, quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) should not depend too heavily on vitality_iconVitality and quietudestatus_newiconQuietude (Status).
  • (mystic_newclassiconunleashfury_iconArcane Remedy (I) is now learnt at L. 22. It can be considered one of the most powerful healing spells for this class, and it seemed unfair to other healing classes that Mystics would learn it sooner than L. 22introspection_iconBehoma (I) and daylight_newiconDaylight (I) are also learnt at L. 22. (lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā and luminance_newiconLuminance are both learnt at L. 13, while  quietude_newiconQuietude is learnt at L. 16. However, I consider quietude_newiconQuietude to be more powerful, at least early game, compared to lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā and luminance_newiconLuminance).
  • (mystic_newclassicon) Furthermore, the healing over-time provided by the Mystic’s healing spells is not a percentage of maximum HP any more: it is now a flat amount, that scales with level. All descriptions have been updatedrejuvenate_iconRejuvenate (I, II, III) will heal another 419/504/616*3 (1,257/1,512/1,848) HP over time; renewal_iconRenewal (I, II, III) will heal another 839/1,007/1,231*3 (2,517/3,021/3,693) HP over timeunleashfury_iconArcane Remedy (No Ranks) will heal another 1,478*3 (4,434) HP over time; quietude_newiconQuietude (I, II, III) will heal another 447/536/655*3 (1,341/1,608/1,965) HP over time. Since these are flat amounts, they do not depend on the unit’s Mana pool. If players built Mystics to be damage dealers, increasing their Strength and equipping them with the appropriate gear, Mystics will still be able to rely on the healing over-time provided by these healing spells under restorationstance_newiconRestoration Stance, even if the direct healing (scaling off Intellect) would be very low.
    • Obviously, if players wanted Mystics to be healers, they should choose to massively increase their Intellect and Spirit: in this way, the direct healing of all these spells would increase. Regardless of the players’ choices, restorationstance_newiconRestoration Stance will increase the unit’s Mana pool by 15%: if the unit has, say, 4,000 MP at L. 50, under this Stance (restorationstance_newicon) the Mystic would reach 4,600 MP, and all direct healing done would also increase by 15%.
    • All spells applying healing-over-time effects will cancel all damage-over-time taken for all their duration. This feature, however, does not seem to work as I was hoping. Sometimes the healing-over-time stops after one turn, especially when overriding a damage-over-time debuff.
  • (priestclass_newiconlesserbehomara_iconLesser and greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā (I, II, III) (Updated!) now heal the Priest as well, but not like they used to. The amount healed scales off Spirit and has no additional Mana cost (the amount healed depends on the spell’s Rank514/616/752 and 616/740/904). While lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (I, II, III) does not apply endurance_iconEndurance on its targets, and has no effect on the Priest, both self-heals will have a chance to apply endurance_iconEndurance on the Priest. These self-heals can deal a critical hit. At L. 50, with roughly 500 SPI, these spells would heal the Priest for 2,570/3,080/3,760 HP (lesserbehomara_icon), and for 3,080/3,700/4,520 HP (greaterbehomara_icon).
  • (priestclass_newiconhoimi_iconHoimi (I, II, III) (Updated!) will have a chance to apply Mending (I, II, III). hoimi_icon/behoimi_icon/introspection_iconMending (Status) (Updated!) does not heal for a percentage of maximum HP any more. Just like the Mystics buffs, it now heals for a flat amount (over 2/3 Turns), depending on the spell’s Rank. hoimi_iconMending (I): 629*2 Turns; behoimi_iconMending (II): 756*2 Turns; introspection_iconMending (III): 924*3 Turns.
  • (acolytes_newiconprayer_newiconPrayer (I, II, III)innrelight_newiconInner Light (I, II, III)daylight_newiconDaylight (I, II, III)luminance_newiconLuminance (I, II, III) and sunshine_newiconSunshine (I, II, III) (Updated!) have now an increased critical hit chance (between 8 and 12%, depending on their current Rank). The icons for these abilities have also been updated.
  • (acolytes_newiconinnrelight_newiconInner Light (I, II, III) (Updated!) has been substantially redesigned: it now heals the Acolyte as well as the target (can be self-cast): the amount healed has no additional Mana cost and it scales off Spirit (754/904/1,106), resulting in 3,770/4,520/5,530 HP healed (if SPI=500). This self-heal can deal a critical hit, but it has no greater chance than the Acolyte’s own Critical Chance. Even when healing themselves, Acolytes can apply holyaegis_newiconHoly Aegis.
  • (acolytes_newicon)glowingstar_newiconGlowing Star (Updated!): reduces Cool-downs over time while gaining 18% of the unit’s Mana pool and increasing Spirit by 30% (it lasts for 4 Turns). Because of the cool-down reduction over time, the cool-down for this ability is now 18 Turns (up from 12). Here’s why: if given 3 points of cool-down reduction through equipment, glowingstar_newiconGlowing Star will decrease its own cool-down by 4+(3*4=12) Turns=16, so a 16-Turn CD reduction overall before it wears off. It really has only a 2-Turn cool-down instead. The idea was to give Traben, and Trabel only, a way to cast continuously while keeping his Mana pool almost unchanged. With 4,000 MP, 18% means 720 MP restored at the end of every turn, in addition to the Mana regenerated by Spirit, which should be around 325 MP, if SPI=500(+30%)=650: that would be roughly 1,045 MP regenerated at the end of every turn (for 4 Turns). With the only exception of sunshine_newiconSunshine (I, II, III), no ability will cost more than 1,045 MP at its maximum Rank: it means that Traben will be able to cast everything for almost no Mana expenditure. Any Status affecting Mana regeneration will stack with glowingstar_newiconGlowing Star.
  • (acolytes_newiconod_all_iconMana Profusion OD has been changed to: od_all_iconMana Overflow OD (Updated!). The amount of Mana restored scales off 304% Spirit (up from 204%).
  • All buffs (e.g. piora_iconPiorapiorim_iconPiorim’) will cost a percentage of current Mana, instead of a percentage of total Mana, to be less expensive, especially for Acolytes. Also, different buffs (and debuffs) involving Strength, Defense, Spirit and Haste cannot stack together. The last to be applied will be the only one present on the target. The same buff, on the other hand, can usually stack twice.
  • elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (II) (Updated!) now affects all allies, instead of just one target, just like elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (III). elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (I) will still affect one target. I wanted elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (II) to be more attractive to players, even before its maximum Rank.
  • General Physical and Magic Resistance have been added to the game, even if they can only be increased or decreased through equipment. All magic damage taken now depends on the unit’s general Magic Resistance and the corresponding, specific Elemental Resistance, e.g. merazoma_iconMerazoma (I, II, III) will deal Fire damage scaling off the unit’s Intellect, but the damage dealt changes depending on the target’s general Magic Resistance and specific Fire Resistance.
  • When affected by Sleep, Paralyse or Stun Status, all units will take 50/100% increased damage from all sources. Also, in order to reduce inequality, bosses are no longer immune to these effects, but they have a very low chance of being successfully put to Sleep, Paralysed or Stunned. In some cases, later on, they just can’t. It’s quite unusual, bosses are usually immune to all crowd-control effects, I’ll see if it works.

Known Bugs:

  •  The party_iconParty system is bugged. Whenever the leading actor reaches 0 HP, the system tries to replace him/her with the next alive character as soon as leaving combat, but if the next actor happens to be incapacitatedstatus_iconIncapacitated as well, the game freezes. I haven’t been able to fix this bug yet, so I would recommend players to resurrect incapacitatedstatus_iconIncapacitated actors as soon as possible, and to build their Party so that the first actor is alive.
  • zameha_newiconZameha (No Ranks) and kiariku_newiconKiariku (No Ranks) dispel Sleep and Paralyse/Stun: since I didn’t want enemies to use crowd-control abilities continuously, keeping the Party permanently either sleeping or paralysed/stunned, these abilities will also make the targets immune to these effects (Sleep, Paralyse, Stun) for 3 Turns. However, there is no way to check if the target is affected by these crowd-control effects, meaning that players will be able to cast these spells regardless, not being able to dispel anything in some cases, but always making the targeted allies immune to Sleep, Paralyse and Stun for 3 Turns. I would say this is a glitch more than a bug, but it is still quite annoying.
  • All damage-over-time debuffs and all healing-over-time effects will nullify one another, depending on which effect is applied last. That means that all spells applying any healing-over-time effect will dispel those debuffsreplacing DoTs with HoTs and vice-versa.
    • So, for instance, if someone is affected by Poison (Status), and Mystics apply any of their HoTs on the target (rejuvenate_icon/renewal_icon/unleashfury_icon/quietude_newicon), Poison (Status) will be dispelled immediately, and the healing-over-time will be applied instead. I do not mind this glitch so much, but it does make dispelling a bit useless. The only reason I may not want to fix this, is that it works the other way too. In the example above, Poison (Status), if applied afterwards, will cancel any HoT present on the target.

That’s about it for now! I’ll keep you posted and I hope to release the new Demo soon.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either drawn or edited by me. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

Class Update: Thaumaturges

allclasses_newiconsClass Update

thaumatuge_classnewiconThaumaturges (formerly known as “Magicians”)

«Become one with magic itself» (Laenai Gladomain).

CLASS PASSIVE: elementalperfection_newiconElemental Perfection: the Thaumaturge’s harmful spells can reach Rank III. It’s a rather simple passive ability. While all classes share some of the spells belonging to this class, the Thaumaturge alone can take these abilities to their maximum Rank (Rank III). Before Ranks were introduced, all spells could either deal damage or heal for a set amount scaling off the casters’ Intellect. I kept that amount as the 100% output, and then shaped Ranks accordingly.

Ranks were created to increase or decrease the original output. Rank I = 75%, Rank II = 90%, Rank III = 110%. As opposed to Rank II, all Rank III abilities will roughly deal 20% more damage (it is actually the 22.22%). So, in a way, you could say that Thaumaturges can deal up to 22% more damage with all of their harmful spells compared to any other class. You will see the extent of this damage comparing Rank II and Rank III outputs, which I will emphasise below. I will also indicate which of the Thaumaturge’s abilities are shared by other classes at the end of each and every description.

  • Many of the names and content of the following abilities were inspired to Dragon Quest.

thaumatuge_classnewiconCORE ABILITIES:

As an introduction, keep in mind that all these spells will deal damage regardless of the target’s amour, mental power, Spirit, whatever. Like I said, there is no such thing as a general Magic Resistance, but there are Elemental Resistances which can be shortly increased or decreased. Some abilities can actually reduce the magic damage taken, but those need to be activated and they are only temporary.

Other than that, the damage output of these abilities depends mainly on the caster’s Intellect. Of course, some enemies will be innately more or less vulnerable to some elements, and as a consequence elemental magic will be more or less effective on them. However, as a rule, bosses are not granted immunity or vulnerability to specific elements, because that would be unfair either to Thaumaturges or to every other class. For those encounters, the damage done depends completely on the caster’s Intellect.

One last thing: as a rule, all abilities dealing magic damage have a +/- 20% variance, meaning that the damage done can change slightly.

  • mera_iconMera (Rank I, II, III)Thaumaturges will immediately start off Rank II. Deals Fire damage for 3.99/6.16/9.58 * 9/7/5% Mana. Also causes ryuusei_iconIgnite (One Enemy). CD: 2/2/2 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 501,436/1,724/1,915. (This ability is shared by the following classesapprentice_newclassiconguardian_newclassicon).
  • merami_iconMerami (Rank I, II, III). Deals Fire damage for 5.02/7.74/13.24 * 18/14/10% Mana and causes burningstatus_iconBurning+ryuusei_iconIgnite (One Enemy). CD: 2/3/3 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 503,614/4,334/5,299. Burning (Status) deals another 42% HP loss over 3 TurnsBurning (Status) can stack up to 3 times. If the target is affected by Drowning (Status), both Status effects will be cancelled.
    • Both the abilities above will apply ryuusei_iconIgnite, making the target more vulnerable to Fireryuusei_iconIgnite (Statuslasts for 2 turns and stacks up to 2 times, increasing all Fire damage taken by 21%+21%=42% (2 Turns).
    • merazoma_iconFire Weakness (Ability), along with other abilities affecting either resistance or vulnerability to Firewill remove ryuusei_iconIgnite (Status).
  • merazoma_iconMerazoma (Rank I, II, III). Deals Fire damage for 7.65/10.76/15.93 * 27/23/19% Mana. Also applies burningstatus_iconBurning. Removes ryuusei_iconIgnite (Status) (One Enemy). CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 508,258/9,901/12,106.
  • hyad_iconHyad’ (Rank I, II, III)Thaumaturges will immediately start off Rank II. Deals Ice damage for 3.07/5.06/8.25 * 10/8/6% Mana (One Enemy). Estimated damage done at L. 501,351/1,619/1,980. (This ability is shared by the following classes: apprentice_newclassiconguardian_newclassiconpriestclass_icon).
  • hyadaruko_iconHyadaruko (Rank I, II, III). Deals Ice damage for 2.97/4.68/8.26 * 17/13/9% Mana. It has a chance to Stun the target (One Enemy). CD: 3/3/3 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 502,023/2,434/2,974. (This ability is shared by the following class: priestclass_icon).
  • hyadain_iconHyadaīn (Rank I, II, III). Deals Ice damage for 5.03/7.03/10.31 * 28/24/20% Mana (All Enemies). CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 505,634/6,754/8,254. (This ability is shared by the following class: priestclass_icon).
  • iora_iconIora (Rank I, II, III). Deals Fire and Thunder damage for 8.03/11.25/16.49 * 14/12/10% Mana (All Enemies). CD: 4/3/3 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 504,497/5,398/6,597. (This ability is shared by the following classes: apprentice_newclassiconguardian_newclassicon).
  • ionazun_iconIonazun (Rank I, II, III). Deals Fire and Thunder damage for 6.87/9.51/13.75 * 30/26/22% Mana (All Enemies). CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 508,248/9,895/12,099. (This ability is shared by the following class: guardian_newclassicon).
  • ryuusei_iconRyūsei (Rank I, II, III). Deals Fire and Earth damage for 7.72/10.50/14.80 * 34/30/26% Mana (2 Random Enemies). CD: 6/6/5 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 5010,499/12,594/15,395. It can also target twice the same target.
  • waterbubble_iconWater Bubble (Rank I, II, III) – Thaumaturges will immediately start off Rank II. Deals Water damage for 4.69/7.51/13.76 * 8/6/4% Mana (One Enemy). CD: 2/3/3 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 501,501/1,802/2,202. (This ability is shared by the following class: priestclass_icon).
  • waterdrop_iconWater Drop (Rank I, II, III). Deals Water damage for 4.10/6.56/12.04 * 16/12/8% Mana and causes drowningstatus_iconDrowning (One Enemy). CD: 3/3/3 TurnsDrowning (Status) deals another 26% HP loss over 2 Turns: it can be refreshed and stacked up to 2 times. Drowning and Burning cannot be active on the same target. Estimated damage done at L. 502,624/3,149/3,853. (This ability is shared by the following class: priestclass_icon).
  • watertide_iconWater Tide (Rank I, II, III). Deals Water damage for 4.24/6.16/9.54 * 23/19/15% Mana. Causes drowningstatus_iconDrowning (All Enemies). CD: 4/4/3 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 50: 3,901/4,683/5,722. (This ability is shared by the following class: priestclass_icon).
    • Whenever casting one of the abilities above, dealing Water damage, Burning (Status) and Ignite (Statuswill be removed from the target.
  • earth_iconEarth (Rank I, II, III) – Thaumaturges will immediately start off Rank II. Deals Earth damage for 3.68/5.13/7.95 * 19/15/11% Mana (One Enemy). CD: 4/4/3 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 502,797/3,078/3,496. (This ability is shared by the following classes: apprentice_newclassiconguardian_newclassiconpriestclass_icon).
  • bagima_iconBagima (Rank I, II, III) – Thaumaturges will immediately start off Rank II. Deals Wind damage for 7.14/10.59/16.91 * 21/17/13% Mana. Reduces Haste (All Enemies). CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 505,998/7,199/8,795. (This ability is shared by the following classes: apprentice_newclassiconguardian_newclassiconwarrior_newclassicon).
  • holy_iconHoly (Rank I, II, III) – Thaumaturges will immediately start off Rank II. Deals Holy damage for 5.00/6.91/9.99 * 15/13/11% Mana (One Enemy). CD: 2/2/2 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 503,002/3,595/4,396. (This ability is shared by the following classes: apprentice_newclassiconguardian_newclassiconacolyteclass_iconmystic_newclassicon).
  • comet_iconComet (Rank I, II, III). Deals Holy damage for 5.54/8.13/12.78 * 22/18/14% Mana (One Enemy). CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated damage done at L.504,875/5,852/7,154. (This ability is shared by the following classes: acolyteclass_iconmystic_newclassicon).
  • ultima_iconUltima (Rank I, II, III). Deals Holy damage for 7.86/10.83/15.54 * 31/27/23% Mana (One Enemy). CD: 6/6/6 Turns. Estimated damage done at L. 50: 9,746/11,693/14,297. (This ability is shared by the following classes: acolyteclass_iconmystic_newclassicon).
    • The major change here is that ultima_iconUltima (All Ranks) is now single-target spell.

thaumatuge_classnewiconSOME OTHER ABILITIES:

  • merazoma_iconFire Weakness (No Ranks; 12% Mana): reduces Fire Resistance (3 Turns, All Enemies). Like I said, this ability will cancel ryuusei_iconIgnite (Status), but it will take the target’s resistance to Fire down a level: from C to B, from B to A, and so on. For as long as Fire Resistance has been taken down by merazoma_iconFire Weakness, ryuusei_iconIgnite (Status) will not be applied on the target.
  • greaterintellect_newiconGreater Intellect (No Ranks; 4% Mana): temporarily increases Intellect by 23%, making spells more effective (3 Turns). CD: 8 Turns. By increasing Intellect, all spells will cost 23% more Mana, and deal 23% more damage. However, Spirit will not be increased, so the Thaumaturge will have to be careful not to run out of Mana.
  • od_all_iconHocus Pocus OD (No Ranks; No Cost): produces two random beneficial effects in battle (All Allies). I am currently working on these buffs, but I can say that 5 options will be added, a variable called “Dice Roll” will be activated, choosing a number from 1 to 5, depending on which the 2 buffs will be selected and then applied to the whole active group.
  • manarestoration_newiconMana Restoration (Rank I, II, III; No Cost): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 122/146/179% Spirit (The User). Also grants Concentration Status, restoring another 24% Mana over 2 Turns (the Status is cancelled upon taking damage). CD: 8/7/6 Turns.
  • apprentice_newclassiconMahotora (No Ranks; No Cost): absorbs 14% Mana from one enemy. CD: 4 Turns.
  • rura_iconRūra (No Ranks; 71% Mana): teleports the Party to a safe place, as long as it has been visited before and selected as “home”. For obvious reasons, this ability is selectable only when out of combat.
  • meditation_iconMeditation (No Ranks; No Cost): refreshes all cool-downs and reduces Aggro/Threat (The User). CD: 10 Turns. It does not refresh itself. This ability is not particularly useful, considering that most of the Thaumaturge’s abilities have pretty low cool-downs.

thaumatuge_classnewiconSOME FINAL TIPS ON THAUMATURGES:

  • Most encounters will not require any particular rotation. They will mainly depend on the given elemental resistances. Resistances are what really counters this class, along with the usual impairments, such as Silence. If you can guess your opponents’ elemental weakness, you’re half-way there. If you cannot figure it out, lower your enemy’s resistance to Fire.
  • Also, during the encounters that really matter, here is one possible way to go:
    • greaterintellect_newiconGreater Intellect to start, because it gives the Thaumaturge 23% increased damage for the next 4 Turns, and you are supposed to have a lot of Mana at the beginning of the encounter.
    • Go ahead with: mera_iconMera (III)merami_iconMerami (III) and merazoma_iconMerazoma (III): the former two are meant to apply 2 stacks of ryuusei_iconIgnite (Status) on the target, increasing its vulnerability to Fire by up to 38%.
    • Then merazoma_iconFire Weaknessryuusei_iconRyūsei (III), ionazun_iconIonazun (III).
    • Refresh ryuusei_iconIgnite (Status) on the target whenever you can, and take advantage of the huge burst damage of these spellsryuusei_iconRyūsei (III)merazoma_iconMerazoma (III) and ionazun_iconIonazun (III), because they all deal Fire damage.

thaumatuge_classnewiconPROS AND CONS:

  • Thaumaturges are possibly the most powerful class when it comes to dealing damage.
  • The damage they deal depend almost exclusively on their Intellect.
  • They are given unique abilities both to increase their damage done, and to decrease their opponents’ elemental resistance.
  • Whenever Thaumaturges are Silenced, Stunned, Paralysed or under any other similar effect, they become less useful and more vulnerable.
  • If Thaumaturges are affected by any Status effect lowering Intellect (such as Hopelessness or Despair) their damage done will immediately become ridiculously low.
  • Thaumaturges have awful survivability.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.


Class Update: Priests

allclasses_newiconsClass Update

priestclass_iconPriests (formerly known as “Sages”)

«You must learn to control your magic» (Namere Wisdomancer).

CLASS PASSIVE: endurance_iconEndurancethe Priest’s healing spells can sometimes increase the target’s Staminaendurance_iconEndurance increases the target’s Stamina, affecting maximum HP by +6% each time it procs, stacking up to 3 times (6%+6%+6%), with more or less 50% chance to proc. I have discussed the dynamics of this passive ability before. endurance_iconEndurance now lasts for 3 Turns (up from 2), and it increases HP by 6% (down from 8%).

  • Assuming 30,800 HP, here is how this passive ability works at L. 50: 30,800 HP (No Stacks), 32,648 HP (1st Stack +1848), 34,607 HP (2nd Stack +1959), 36,683 HP (3rd Stack +2076). All spells affecting HP (including further stacks of endurance_iconEndurance) will take into account the new amount of HP. However, this is only a temporary effect: if it is not refreshed, as soon as it vanishes endurance_iconEndurance will take the target’s Stamina back to 100%.
  • The one and only collateral of endurance_iconEndurance is that characters can pass out as soon as the effect wears off. In the EXAMPLE above, the total HP given by 3 Stacks of endurance_iconEndurance at L. 50 is 5,883: if the character has less than 5,883 HP and the effect is not refreshed, the target will pass out after 3 Turns. Players do not have any control over endurance_iconEndurance: all they can do is hope it will proc again, refreshing its duration on the target. Of course, another way to go is be sure the target always has more than 5,883 HP.
    • Increased Stamina means more survivability. However, the side-effect is that Priests will need to keep healing the party.

priestclass_iconCORE ABILITIES:

  • hoimi_iconHoimi (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.12/11.04/17.35 * 11/9/7% Mana. Also grants hoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Status). CD: 3/3/3 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 3,313/3,976/4,859 HPhoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Statuswill heal another 18/33% HP over 2/3 Turnsbehoimi_iconMending (II) (Status) will be granted only by hoimi_iconHoimi (III). Unfortunately, it would be very hard to predict the healing of behoimi_iconMending (I/II) (Statusbecause of endurance_iconEndurance (Status). Both these healing-over-time effects will restore flat amounts of HP at the end of every turn: the HP restored depends on the target’s maximum HP.
    • As usual, all healing spells have a +/-5% fluctuation.
  • behoimi_iconBehoimi (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.09/10.21/15.60 * 24/20/16% Mana. Also dispels Burning (Status) (New!) all Damage Over Time effects – namely: Poison, Bleed, Burning and Drowning. CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 6,810/8,173/9,990 HP.
  • behoma_iconBehoma (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 6.48/8.93/12.81 * 31/27/23% Mana. CD: 5/5/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 8,040/9,648/11,792 HP.
    • If you compare behoma_iconBehoma (All Ranks) with behoimi_iconBehoimi (All Ranks) you will see that behoimi_iconBehoimi’s base multiplier is higher than behoma_iconBehoma’s: this means that the healing output of these spells relies heavily on the Priest’s Mana pool.
  • lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (Rank I, II, III): (New!slightly increases Stamina. Heals all allies except the Priest for 4.90/6.17/7.94 * 21/20/19% Mana. CD: 4/4/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 4,117/4,941/6,040 HP.
    • lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (New!) does not apply endurance_iconEndurance any more: instead, it increases the target’s Stamina by 46/175/308 HP for the whole fight. The effect persists after passing out, and it’s lost only when leaving combat.
  • greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā (Rank I, II, III): heals all allies except the Priest for 5.14/6.41/8.16 * 26/25/24% Mana. CD: 5/5/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 5,345/6,414/7,840 HP.
    • Priests will not be healed by either one of these multiple-target spells. Both lesserbehomara_iconLesser and greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā will heal all allies except the Priest.
    • greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā can cause endurance_iconEndurance Status on the target.

Priests are designed to be stronger in multiple-target healing. They do rely on Mana, like any other caster class: however, unlike Acolytes, their healing output will be a constant amount. On the other hand, Priests are comparatively weaker when healing a single target. Furthermore, Priests cannot benefit from their own multiple-target healing spells.

priestclass_iconOVERDRIVE ABILITIES:

  • od_all_iconBehomazun OD (No Ranks): restores Status and heals all allies for 10.98 * 14% Mana. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 6,147 HPod_all_iconBehomazun OD will remove all Status ailments completely.
  • od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD (No Ranks): fully heals one ally, but it also drains 96% of the Priest’s HP over 2 Turns. It also removes all Status ailments. With 11% Mana cost, which is rather low, the base multiplier of this ability is almost the highest possible: 96.91 * 11% Mana. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 42,640 HP. (od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD cannot deal a critical hit).
  • od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD will apply sacrificestatus_iconSacrifice (Status) on the Priest whenever it’s cast. This Status ailment cannot be dispelled in any way, it is only cancelled upon receiving fatal damage, and it naturally wears off after 2 Turns. Under this effect, the Priest will lose 48% HP at the end of every turn. Priests cannot target themselves with od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD: if they do, the spell will have no beneficial effect whatsoever, and it will apply sacrificestatus_iconSacrifice (Status) regardless.
    • Lore. As the name suggests, this overdrive ability is a weaker version of Megazaru. However, Priests will never learn the “real” Megazaru, as the spell was forbidden by one of the earliest mentors of the class, Namere Wisdomancer. Namere forbade the use of Megazaru because, if Priests did not manage to control their magic, casting Megazaru would have drained all of their energy immediately, and they would have diedMegazaru is rumoured to be the only known technique able to bring dead people back to life.

priestclass_iconSOME OTHER ABILITIES:

  • damageshield_iconDamage Shield (No Ranks; 23% Mana; All Allies): grants Damage Shield (I), reducing all damage taken by 9% (1 Turn). CD: 5 Turns.
  • encouragement_iconEncouragement (No Ranks; 11% Mana; All Allies): instantly gives the whole active party 200 Overdrive Points. CD: 6 Turns.
  • kiari_iconKiarī (II; 11% Mana; One Ally): dispels Poison+Blind. kiariku_iconKiariku (No Ranks; 12% Mana; One Ally): dispels Paralyse+Stun. kiararu_iconKiararu (No Ranks; 10% Mana; One Ally): dispels Confusion. zameha_iconZameha (No Ranks; 14% Mana; All Allies): dispels Sleep. shanaku_newiconShanaku (No Ranks; 19% Mana; One Ally): removes all Status ailments. massdispel_newiconMass Dispel (No Ranks; 31% Mana; All Allies): dispels most Status ailments. Those that will not be dispelled are: Anguish, Hopelessness, Zombie, Reduced Healing and Despair.
  • Zaoriku (No Ranks; 18% Mana; One Ally) and Zaorīma (No Ranks; 24% Mana; All Allies). Zaoriku (2-Turn CD) revives one ally at 63% HP and can also be used in combatZaorīma (5-Turn CD) revives all allies at 41% HP (only usable in combat).
  • piora_iconPiora (No Ranks; 7% Mana; One Ally) and piorim_iconPiorim’ (No Ranks; 10% Mana; All Allies): these buffs increase Haste by 50 (up to 2 Stacks), for 3 Turns.
  • elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (Rank I, II, III; 7/8/9% current Mana; One Ally/One Ally/All Allies): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 76/92/112% Spirit.
  • manarestoration_newiconMana Restoration (Rank I, II, III; No Cost): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 122/146/179% Spirit (The User). Also grants Concentration Status, restoring another 24% Mana over 2 Turns (the Status is cancelled upon taking damage).
  • meditation_iconMeditation (No Ranks; No Cost): refreshes all cool-downs and reduces Aggro/Threat (The User). CD: 10 Turns. It does not refresh itself.
  • waterweakness_iconWater Weakness (No Ranks; 11% Mana; All Enemies): takes all enemies’ resistance to Water down a level. (As usual, from F to E, from E to D, from D to C, from C to B, and so on).
    • Priests will also learn waterbubble_icon Water Bubble (Rank I, II), waterweakness_iconWater Drop (Rank I, II), watertide_iconWater Tide (Rank I, II); hyad_iconHyad’ (Rank I, II)hyadaruko_iconHyadaruko (Rank I, II)hyadain_iconHyadaīn (Rank I, II); and earth_iconEarth (Rank I, II). I shall discuss these abilities more in-depth when posting the update on thaumatuge_classnewiconThaumaturges.

priestclass_iconFINAL TIPS ON PRIESTS:

  • Priests prove themselves more powerful as party healers. Many of their abilities affect up to three targets simultaneously – except, lesserbehomara_iconLesser and greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā will not affect the Priest. This is what makes Priests pretty easy to play: you basically cast either lesserbehomara_iconLesser or greaterbehomara_iconGreater Behomarā as soon as they come off cool-down and you’re pretty much done. Nothing complicated about it.
  • The choice between od_all_iconBehomazun OD and od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD is situational, of course, but I would not avoid casting od_single_iconLesser Megazaru OD just because of sacrificestatus_iconSacrifice (Status) debuff.
  • lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā (New!) is still being tested. Hopefully, it will make Priests a little more dynamic. At Rank IIIlesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā will have a 5-Turn CD (which can be taken down to 2). Healing with lesserbehomara_iconLesser Behomarā every 2 turns and granting the party a permanent +308 HP every time could be too much for longer encounters.

priestclass_iconPROS AND CONS:

  • Priests are by far the most powerful healers for boss encounters, because of their multiple-target heals.
  • Priests have constant/easily predictable healing outputs, and most of their spells also apply other beneficial effects.
  • Priests do not involve any complex dynamic in their rotation.
  • If they get silenced, stunned, paralysed or confused, they will immediately become useless.
  • If Priests run out of Mana, or if their Mana pool is reduced or lost, Priests will go from healing less to stop healing altogether.
  • Unless their allies are given pieces of equipment that increase Nature Affinity, Priests have no way of their own to increase their healing done.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

EXP & TP Balance

Among other rewards, the amount of EXP gained upon handing in quests now depends on the total EXP required to advance within one level range. All characters’ stats have been taken into account, then divided by 11. Most of these changes are already present in LS 1.5.

  • Level Range 5-9 (8.2% & 19.5%):

    • Calculating EXP: (La_2898 + Eiln_3631 + P_2594 + Dar_2846 + Eilm_3290 + Leov_2889 + T_2322 + Dav_3470 + Leom_2774 + Tr_3027 + R_3553) /11 == 3,026 (average EXP required within this range)
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 248 (8.2% average EXP required); Primary Quests: 590 (19.5% average EXP required); Hybrid: 419. TP Rewarded: 3/ 6/ 4.
  • Level Range 10-14:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_14711 + Eiln_17666 + P_13162 + Dar_13657 + Eilm_15558 + Leov_13959 + T_11867 + Dav_15949 + Leom_13783 + Tr_14625 + R_15981) /11 == 14,628
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 1,199; Primary Quests: 2,852; Hybrid: 2,025. TP Rewarded: 4/ 8/ 6.
  • Level Range 15-19:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_41839 + Eiln_48809 + P_37433 + Dar_37368 + Eilm_42157 + Leov_38383 + T_33914 + Dav_42379 + Leom_38638 + Tr_40210 + R_41848) /11 == 40,270
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 3,302; Primary Quests: 7,852; Hybrid: 5,577. TP Rewarded: 5/ 10/ 7.
  • Level Range 20-24 (7.2% & 16.2%):

  • From this level range on, 8.2% and 19.5% felt a little too generous, so they have been reduced respectively to 7.2% and 16.2%.
    • Calculating EXP: (La_80494 + Eiln_92133 + P_72022 + Dar_70084 + Eilm_78565 + Leov_72218 + T_65456 + Dav_77972 + Leom_73634 + Tr_75659 + R_76258) /11 == 75,863
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 5,462 (7.2% average EXP required); Primary Quests: 12,289 (16.2% average EXP required); Hybrid: 8,875. TP Rewarded: 6/ 12/ 9.
  • Level Range 25-29:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_120238 + Eiln_135967 + P_107580 + Dar_103014 + Eilm_115011 + Leov_106366 + T_97972 + Dav_113220 + Leom_109327 + Tr_111430 + R_110058) /11 == 111,834
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 8,052; Primary Quests: 18,117; Hybrid: 13,084. TP Rewarded: 7/ 14/ 10.
  • Level Range 30-34:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_153253 + Eiln_172011 + P_137121 + Dar_129996 + Eilm_144772 + Leov_134392 + T_125030 + Dav_141808 + Leom_138827 + Tr_140792 + R_137330 /11 == 141,393
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 10,180; Primary Quests: 22,905; Hybrid: 16,542. TP Rewarded: 8/ 16/ 12.
  • Level Range 35-39:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_177229 + Eiln_198018 + P_158573 + Dar_149424 + Eilm_166156 + Leov_154594 + T_144698 + Dav_162261 + Leom_160179 + Tr_161957 + R_156780) /11 == 162,715
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 11,715; Primary Quests: 26,359; Hybrid: 19,037. TP Rewarded: 9/ 18/ 13.
  • Level Range 40-44:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_193254 + Eiln_215337 + P_172911 + Dar_162344 + Eilm_180359 + Leov_168039 + T_157856 + Dav_175811 + Leom_174428 + Tr_176041 + R_169641) /11 == 176,911
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 12,737; Primary Quests; 28,659; Hybrid: 20,698. TP Rewarded: 10/ 20/ 15.
  • Level Range 45-50:

    • Calculating EXP: (La_244985 + Eiln_272504 + P_219196 + Dar_205322 + Eilm_227975 + Leov_212590 + T_200168 + Dav_221969 + Leom_220924 + Tr_222711 + R_213992) /11 == 223,848
    • EXP: Normal Quests: 16,117; Primary Quests: 36,263; Hybrid: 26,190. TP Rewarded: 11/ 22/ 16.

Class Update: Mystics

allclasses_newiconsClass Update


«It’s all a matter of Stance» (Mystic Dune Monia)

CLASS PASSIVE: VitalityThe Mystic’s healing spells increase Arcane Affinity by up to 38%. Whenever targeting their allies, Mystics will apply Vitality, which is a beneficial effect stacking up to 2 times, granting 19+19% increased Arcane Affinity, affecting all healing received from Mystics. It will only last for 2 turns, but it can be refreshed continuously. While other passive abilities, like Holy Aegis, that you might be familiar with, or endurance_iconEndurance, only have about 50% chance to proc, Vitality is always granted by all of the Mystic’s heals, except quietude_iconQuietude (All Ranks).

Mystics are given 2 Stances and the possibility to switch between the two:

  • Combat Stance (Status) will enhance Strength (+20%) and decrease both Intellect (-60%) and Spirit (-70%).
  • Restoration Stance (Status) will increase Intellect (+15%) and Spirit (+30%), while severely decreasing Strength (-80%).

Both Combat Stance (Ability) and Restoration Stance (Ability) have no cost whatsoever and a base cool-down of 2 Turns. When a Stance is selected, Mystics will benefit from it until out of combat again, unless they pass out, or unless they willingly change one with the other, in which case the former Stance will be cancelled automatically by the latter.

  • The reason why Mystics’ passive ability only affect part of their abilities – their healing spells – is that I wanted Mystics to be mainly a healing class.

NOTE ON ABILITIES: depending on their active Stance, Mystics will be able to select some abilities rather than others. Mystics are designed to be fairly decent both at healing and damaging their opponents, but their stats will be rather low to begin with. As much as players might increase Intellect, Spirit or Strength with Talent Points, I don’t see Mystics solo-healing for any encounter.


  • Rejuvenate (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.21/9.89/14.10 * 8/7/6% Mana and another 6% HP over 3 Turns; CD: 2/2/2 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 2,307/2,769/3,384 (+6% HP).
  • Renewal (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 5.74/7.37/9.70 * 15/14/13% Mana and another 12% HP over 3 Turns; CD: 3/3/3 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 50: 3,441/4,129/5,046 (+12% HP).
  • Arcane Remedy (No Ranks, 18% Mana) (Old!): recovers 19% HP and another 24% over 3 Turns (One Ally); CD: 4 Turns. Considering 30,800 HP, Arcane Remedy will immediately recover 5,852 HP and another (2,464*3)=7,392 over 3 Turns.
  • quietude_iconQuietude (Rank I, II, III) (Old!): heals one ally for 5.97/7.71/10.20 *28/26/24% ManaRemoves all of the Mystic’s effects. CD: 5/5/5 Turns. Estimated healing output at L. 506,686/8,023/9,806 HPQuietude will remove, if present, all Mystic-related beneficial effects from the target: VitalityRejuvenateRenewal and Arcane Remedy. The presence of these effects on the target has no influence at all on Quietude’s healing output: they are just removed. However, Quietude will benefit from Vitality before removing it, healing one ally for up to 27,065 HP (if @critical). Quietude has an increased 25% chance to critically hit.
  • Consecration OD: grants Rejuvenate, Renewal and Arcane Remedy + Vitality (One Ally). Consecration OD also heals the target for 18.02 * 7% Mana = estimated healing output at L. 50: 5,046 HP. This Overdrive ability is pretty powerful, because of the healing over time granted by these effects together (which adds up to 6+12+24%=42% HP healed over 3 turns). Also, once applied, all these effects cannot be removed – unless the target passes out – but they can be refreshed.


  • Rupture (Rank I, II, III): deals damage scaling off 139/167/204% Strength (2 Random Enemies), cost: 9/8/7% current Mana. CD: 3/3/3 Turns.
  • Punishment (Rank I, II, III): hits twice the same opponent, dealing true damage scaling off 153/184/225% Strength (One Enemy Twice), cost: 13/12/111% current Mana. CD: 4/4/4 Turns.
  • Arcane Volley (Rank I, II, III): hits all opponents dealing damage scaling off 118/142/174% Strength (All Enemies), cost: 23/22/21% current Mana. CD: 6/6/5 Turns.


  • Double Attack (No Ranks): randomly damages either twice the same opponent, or once two enemies, dealing roughly 95% physical damage * 2CD3 Turns.
  • Raging Blow (No Ranks): leads an attack made of three hits randomly damaging the opponents, dealing roughly 90% physical damage * 3CD5 Turns.
  • elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (Rank I, II, III): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 76/92/112% Spirit (One Ally/One Ally/All Allies).
  • manarestoration_newiconMana Restoration (Rank I, II, III): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 122/146/179% Spirit (The User). Also grants Concentration Status, restoring another 24% MP over 2 Turns (Status is cancelled upon taking damage).
  • apprentice_newclassiconMahotora (No Ranks): absorbs 14% MP from one enemy (no cost; CD: 4 Turns).
  • Meditation (No Cost, the User): refreshes all cool-downs and reduces Aggro/Threat. Does not refresh itself.
  • Wind Resistance (No Ranks): increases Wind Resistance (All Allies; 2 Turns). The resistance is taken up a level. (From A to B, from B to C, and so on, going from 100% vulnerability towards 100% affinity).
  • Earth Resistance (No Ranks): increases Earth Resistance (All Allies, 2 Turns). Same as above.
  • Zameha (No Ranks; 14% Mana, 2-Turn CD)Kiarī (II; 11% Mana, 3-Turn CD),Kiariku (No Ranks; 11% Mana, 2-Turn CD)shanaku_newiconShanaku (No Ranks; 19% Mana, 3-Turn CD): these are common dispels, dispelling Sleep Status, Poision+Blind Status, Paralyse+Stun Status and all Status ailments.
  • Zaoriku (No Ranks; 18% Mana, 2-Turn CD): revives one ally at 63% HP (Also In Combat).
  • Rebirth OD: the Mystic will rise again once incapacitated (The User; no cost). Under this Status () the Mystic will be automatically revived at 53% HP upon receiving fatal damage. The Status naturally wears off after 5 Turns, or when leaving combat.
  • Frenzy OD: swings for 206% weapon damage, scaling off Strength.

mystic_newclassiconFINAL TIPS ON MYSTICS:

  • As healers, Mystics have at least 2 options: they can either focus one target continuously, refreshing all their beneficial effects, granting health regeneration and Vitality, or they can switch targets, granting everyone in their party some health regeneration, casting mainly Renewal. When focussing one target, two healing spells are enough to grant enough health regeneration over time and keep 2 stacks of Vitality up.
  • quietude_iconQuietude (All Ranks) can be used both as an emergency heal, or a sort-of finishing move. If Mystics manage to build 2 stacks of Vitality on their target and keep them refreshed, quietude_iconQuietude will easily heal for over 27,065 HP. Even without Vitality, however, quietude_iconQuietude (All Ranks) will be viable (with 19,612 HP healed).
  • Consecration OD’s use is situational, but I would recommend casting it on targets other than the Mystics’ main focus. This is the closest Mystics can get to AOE healing. I would not recommend casting quietude_iconQuietude (All Ranks) on the same target of Consecration OD: that would not be very smart. Here’s a few EXAMPLES:
    • The Mystic is healing target A, leaving Consecration OD up for target B, and casting quietude_iconQuietude either on target A as an emergency heal, or on target C.
    • The Mystic is healing target A, B and C (one per turn), granting them all some health regeneration and at least 1 stack of Vitality, choosing spells depending on the damage taken, and saving both quietude_iconQuietude and Consecration OD for emergency heals.

mystic_newclassiconPROS AND CONS:

  • Mystics are the most powerful class in healing over time.
  • Regardless of their Intellect, Spirit or Strength, they can still rely on Stances to overcome their weaknesses.
  • Depending on the encounter, they can always prove themselves useful in a way or another.
  • All of their class-related abilities depend on their active Stance.
  • Whenever they are revived, they will need one more turn to activate a Stance, and then be ready to take actionSwitching Stances will always take one turn.
  • Mystics cannot dispel Confusion with Kiararu.
  • As a secondary supporting class, Mystics will find it harder to excel at anything.

DISCLAIMER: all of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

Class Update: Guardians

allclasses_newiconsClass Update


«Only in combat you shall find out who you are» (Explorer Elian Waveharp Evilbane)

CLASS PASSIVE: heroicdeed_newiconHeroic Deed: Guardians have all cool-downs reduced by 1. This passive ability is stronger than it may seem, not only because it applies to all abilities, but also because it stacks with the cool-down reduction provided by items.


Guardians rely heavily on Strength, which is their main stat. Most of their abilities scale off Strength. As a rule, such abilities cost a percentage of the unit’s current Mana, allowing them to rely less on the Mana regeneration provided by Spirit (Focused Mind Passive). Guardians will also learn all base elemental magic abilities (Rank I and II). Depending on how players will spend TP, Guardians can also become powerful casters.

  • Guardians will also benefit from heroism_iconLife Steal (Effect): here’s more.

guardian_newclassiconMAIN ABILITIES:

  • Double Attack (No Ranks): randomly damages either twice the same opponent, or once two enemies, dealing roughly 95% physical damage * 2CD: 3 Turns.
  • Raging Blow (No Ranks): leads an attack made of three hits randomly damaging the opponents, dealing roughly 90% physical damage * 3. CD: 5 Turns. By the way, Raging Blow is learnt automatically by all non-caster classes simply using Double Attack at least 35 times. Also, along with Double AttackRaging Blow is the Guardian’s only ability that can virtually target more than one enemy.
  • Righteous Slash (Rank I, II, III): imbues the unit’s weapon with Holy Magic, also dealing roughly 98/118/144% damage. Cost: 8/7/6% current ManaRighteous Slash always hits twice the same opponent. CD: 3/3/2 TurnsRS’s damage can be mitigated by high Defense and Holy Resistance.
  • bash_newiconBash (Rank I, II, III): the unit lashes out against the enemy, dealing roughly 160/192/235% damage. Cost: 11/10/9% current Mana. CD: 2/2/2 Turnsbash_newiconBash (All Ranks) can apply Bleed Status, dealing an additional damage of 24% of the target’s maximum HP over 2 Turns.
  • Unleash Fury (Rank I, II, III): gives a state of temporary frenzy, dealing roughly 235/282/345% damage. Cost: 19/18/17% current Mana. CD: 2/2/2 Turns.
  • Elemental Nemesis (Rank I, II, III): imbues the unit’s weapon with all natural Elements, dealing roughly 330/396/484% damage. Cost: 24/23/22% current Mana. CD: 4/4/4 Turns. Also, at its maximum rank, Elemental Nemesis will ignore the target’s Defense, dealing true damage.

guardian_newclassiconOTHER ABILITIES:

  • Guardians will learn 3 abilities which can change the target’s Status on hit: Silence, Paralyse and Confusion. Although these abilities will always deal 100% weapon damage, all bosses will be immune to Status ailments.
  • Rapid Fire OD: rapidly strikes one enemy multiple times: each strike deals physical damage scaling off 87% Strength.
  • Weapon Throw OD: hurls a throwing weapon at an enemy for 297% physical damage – scaling off Strength.
  • Iron-Cutting Sword OD: slashes one enemy multiple times, dealing 394% physical damage – scaling off Strength – with each strike. Also applies Bleed Status.
  • Megante OD: sacrifices HP to annihilate all enemies with a blast of Divine energy. Megante OD deals 16.25 magic damage scaling off the target’s current HP, which becomes the real multiplier for the damage output. Guardians, however, will not pass out after casting: they will retain 1 HPMegante’s damage can be mitigated only by Divine Resistance. Since bosses will be immune to Divine, see Divine Intervention.
  • Divine Intervention (cost: 10% Mana) removes all enemies’ immunity to Divine (3 Turns). Divine Intervention takes the enemy’s resistance to Divine down a level, from E to D: if they used to be immune, they will now take 50% Divine damage from Megante OD. After 3 Turns they will become immune again, and Megante will not deal any damage at all.
  • As’tron (Rank I, II; cost: 26/31% Mana) (Updated!): the ability nullifies some of damage taken regardless of its natureThis ability has been changed to its original Dragon Quest concept. The name means “turning into iron” and it was meant from the beginning to add some movement impairing effectAs’tron (All Ranks) will always be cast as soon as all actions have been selected, regardless of Haste.
    • As’tron (I) protects all allies from 64% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • As’tron (II) protects all allies from 82% magic damage (2-Turn duration): characters won’t be able to take any action while affected by the shield.
    • As’tron (All Ranks) also cancels all other similar effects.
    • The purpose of As’tron (All Ranks) is to buy players some time: even when standing idle, all characters will benefit from healing-over-time effects, Mana regeneration provided by Spirit or other buffs, and of course cool-downs. This ability is meant to give players some time to gather their strengths.
  • Sacred Shield (No Ranks, No Cost): reduces all damage taken by 90% but its target cannot use magic (2 Turns). Sacred Shield will also immediately remove all Status ailments, and it grants immunity to all Status changes. Guardians will be able to cast Sacred Shield on themselves alone. While under this Status, all-source healing received by Guardians will be reduced (namely Nature, Divine and Arcane).
  • Fubāha (No Ranks; cost: 14% Mana): increases both Fire and Ice Resistances for 2 Turns.
  • Mahoageru (No Ranks): transfers 27% of the user’s Mana to one ally.

guardian_newclassiconSOME FINAL TIPS ON GUARDIANS:

  • Even if Guardians can choose to increase their Intellect, and magic damage, I would recommend doing so just for balance, and here’s why: Defense has no impact whatsoever on the magic damage taken. There is no such thing as a general “magic resistance” stat: characters can have their elemental resistance increased specifically, either by equipment or spells (Fubāha, for instance). All characters can select Guard: guarding will slightly reduce all damage taken for one turn. On the other hand, Defense protects against all physical attacks.
  • Divine Intervention and Megante OD are designed to be cast one after the other against bosses, while their use in normal encounters would turn out to be a waste. Also, Megante should be the opening move of the encounter as soon as reaching 950 OD Points and casting Divine Intervention to take the boss’s HP down significantly. Guardians will be in need of strong heals after this, or they will be easily taken down.
  • Sacred Shield feels over-powered right now, because Guardians are not significantly disadvantaged by Silence Status. Silence affects only magic, it has no impact on physical attacks. The shield also grants immunity to all Status ailments. The real side-effect is the less healing received from all sources.

guardian_newclassiconPROS AND CONS:

  • Guardians have great survivability.
  • Guardians do not depend on Mana or Spirit for the damage they deal. All they need is Strength.
  • Guardians have all cool-downs reduced by 1, because of their unique passive.
  • If their enemy’s Defense is too high, Guardians will deal almost no damage, because they have no way to penetrate that Defense.
  • Almost none of their abilities target more than one enemy.
  • Guardians cannot heal themselves directly.

DISCLAIMER: All of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

Class Update: Acolytes

allclasses_newiconsClass Update

Acolytes (formerly known as “Clerics”)

«The real light comes from within» (Master Elder Silentall)

CLASS PASSIVE:  Holy AegisThe Acolyte’s healing spells sometimes place a shield on the target. The shield nullifies 11% of all damage taken, stacking up to 2 times (11%+11%): this effect lasts for 2 turns, but its duration can be refreshed. Targets under this Status have their Divine Affinity increased, by 18/36%, which means they will receive the healing they receive from Acolytes is increased by the same amounts (18/36%). Holy Aegis has about 50% chance to proc with all of the Acolyte’s healing spells.


  • Prayer (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.42/9.96/13.79 * 19/17/15% current Mana; estimated healing output at L. 50: 5,644/6,773/8,278 HP. (CD: 3/3/3 Turns).
    • The major change here is that Acolytes’ spells do not scale off maximum Mana any more, so they won’t produce constant healing outputs. See below for a commented explanation.
  • Inner Light (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 7.94/11.18/16.54 * 27/23/19% current Mana; estimated healing output: 8,571/10,285/12,571 HP. (CD: 3/3/3 Turns).
  • Daylight (Rank I, II, III): heals one ally for 8.55/11.67/16.55 * 33/29/25% current Mana; estimated healing output: 11,284/13,541/16,551 HP. (CD: 4/4/4 Turns).
  • Luminance (Rank I, II, III): heals all allies for 4.06/5.10/6.55 * 22/21/20% current Mana; estimated healing output: 3,572/4,287/5,240 HP. (CD: 5/5/5 Turns). 
  • Sunshine (Rank I, II, III): heals all allies for 4.14/5.13/6.49 * 30/29/28% current Mana: estimated healing output: 4,963/5,955/7,279 HP. (CD: 5/5/5 Turns). 

Acolytes are designed to be stronger in single-target healing spellsSince current Mana is the multiplier, the amount of HP healed should decrease during fight, spell after spell, unless the Acolyte balances healing with Mana restoration.

EXAMPLE: casting Prayer (III) at L. 50, with an assumed Mana pool of 4,000 MP, will heal for about 8,274 HP (and the spell will cost 600 MP). Let’s assume Spirit = 450, meaning that 225 MP are restored at the end of the turn, because of Focused Mind passive ability. When casting Prayer (III) again, now with a Mana pool of 3625 MP, the spell will heal for 7,502 HP, which is about 10% less than before (and cost 544 MP). One more time, now with a Mana pool of 3,306 MPPrayer (III) will heal for 6,840 HP, again 10% less than before (and cost 496 MP). The Acolyte saved 160 MP over 3 turns, healing 10% less each time.

  • If you compare these outputs with those of a priestclass_iconPriest’s weakest heal, you will see that Hoimi (Rank I, II, III) will constantly heal for the same amount of HP as long as the Priest has enough Mana.

So, Acolytes must try to keep their Mana pool as high as possible, spending their Talent Points mainly on Spirit. The following abilities are all focussed on restoring Mana. The former 2 are shared by all healers, while the latter 2 are two of the Acolyte’s Overdrive abilities.

  • elementalperfection_newiconMana Well (Rank I, II, III7/8/9% current Mana; One Ally/One Ally/All Allies): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 76/92/112% Spirit.
  • manarestoration_newiconMana Restoration (Rank I, II, III): restores an amount of Mana scaling off 122/146/179% Spirit (The User). Also grants Concentration Status, restoring another 24% MP over 2 Turns (Status is cancelled upon taking damage).
  • Mana Profusion (OD): immediately restores Mana equal to 204% of the Acolyte’s Spirit (All Allies).
  • Replenishment (OD): grants Mana Regeneration Status (4 Turns, 11% MP restored at the end of every turn = 44% Mana over 4 Turns). Acolytes will only cast this ability on themselves.


  • Mahokite/Runic Blessing (9% Mana, the User): under this Status, the Acolyte will absorb the cost of all incoming spellsIt does NOT absorb damage, it restores Mana equal to the cost of the spell that the Acolyte’s hit by (which can be a harmful or healing ability). If Acolytes target themselves under this Status, the absorption will be calculated before subtracting the Mana cost. It is slightly different from making spells free, it only works as a shield that provides a small amount of Mana when taking damage, if the skill has some cost, which automatically exclude normal attacks.
  • Baikiruto (Rank I, II): increases Strength by 50 (One Ally/All Allies), 16% Mana/19% Mana. Baikiruto can stack up to 2 times, and it lasts for 3 Turns.
  • Meditation (No Cost, the User): refreshes all cooldowns and reduces Aggro/Threat. It does not refresh itself.
  • Elysian Grace (No Cost, All Allies): gives the whole active party a +25% Divine Affinity: the ability has an 8-Turn CD and it lasts for 4 Turns. It’s obviously lost upon death. Elysian Grace will be learnt by Acolytes at L. 29Elysian Grace can proc Holy Aegis, refresh its duration or make the effect stack. On the other hand, Elysian Grace will always cancel Glowing StarElysian Grace can greatly counter the Acolyte’s dependence on Mana, by increasing Divine Affinity.
  • Kiarī (I), 9% Mana: removes Poison Status (One Ally). Zameha, 14% Mana: dispels Sleep Status (All Allies). Kiariku, 12% Mana: removes Paralyse+Stun (One Ally). Kiararu, 10% Mana: removes Confusion (One Ally). On top of that, shanaku_newiconShanaku, 19% Manaremoves all Status ailments.
  • Zaoriku and ZaorīmaZaoriku, 18% Mana, 2-Turn CD, revives one ally at 63% HP and can also be used in combatZaorīma, 24% Mana, 5-Turn CD, revives all allies at 41% HP (only usable in combat).


The general aim with Acolytes is to increase the healing output (=Intellect) while keeping their Mana pool as high as possible (=Spirit).

  1. Luminance can be a great opening for Acolytes, because it has a chance to proc Holy Aegis, increasing the output of future heals, and because it has a decent balance between Mana cost and healing done.
  2. Elysian Grace is also viable, not only because it can also affect targets with Holy Aegis, but also because it has no cost whatsoever, and it greatly increases all future healing taken by the active party for 4 Turns.
  3. When generating a lot of Threat, it might be wise to cast Mahokite/Runic Blessing. Acolytes will still take damage, but they will also restore small amounts of Mana every time they’re targeted by enemies – unless they are hit by normal attacks.
  4. Replenishment (OD) should always be preferred over Mana Profusion (OD), because the beneficial effect it provides is huge and it lasts for 4 Turns. If the whole party needs Mana, of course, Mana Profusion (OD) is still a good choice, but it will turn out to be less useful at L. 50, because you’re supposed to have significant amounts of Spirit, by then, and be fine relying on the Mana provided by Focused Mind at the end of every Turn.
  5. The difference between Prayer (All Ranks) and Inner Light (All Ranks) is less than it may seem. At high levels and at their maximum rank, these spells will be almost as powerful, and Acolytes should only take care of their Mana pool (15% is less than 19%).
  6. If Acolytes happen to be out of Mana, or just very low, trying to heal with any spell will turn out to be a waste of time, Mana and cool-down. The best choice would be to restore Mana (mainly with elementalperfection_newiconMana Well and manarestoration_newiconMana Restoration).
  7. Because the Acolyte’s healing outputs are not easily predictable, players will have to play around them long enough to become familiar with the 10% reduction they get every turn, or just try to counter it with higher Intellect or higher Divine Affinity. The good news is that Acolytes will always have enough Mana to cast, however small the amounts of HP restored could become.


  • All single-target healing spells learnt by Acolytes are comparatively stronger than those of other healers.
  • Acolytes can save and restore Mana more easily than others, and are innately stronger in Spirit.
  • Acolytes have a few ways to increase Divine Affinity, both with their Passive and with active abilities (namely, Holy Aegis and Elysian Grace).
  • Acolytes are extremely Mana-dependent: if low on Mana (or Silenced) they are almost useless. Also, their healing outputs are not easily predictable.
  • Acolytes cannot dispel Blind Status with Kiarī (II).
  • At higher levels, players will tend to use Acolytes purely as healers, forgetting about buffs, dispels and harmful spells, because those are comparatively more expensive in terms of Mana, since their cost scales off maximum Mana.

DISCLAIMER: all of the icons published within this post were either original or edits. It would be best if you PM’ed me before using them, just to be sure that you credit the right people. Thank you.

Leomorn Sword 1.5ß — Major Update

stunstatus_iconOutdated Post!stunstatus_icon

I know it has been really long. So many things have changed I had to keep track of them! This post is meant to give a commented fix list of Leomorn Sword 1.5(ß). First of all, the maximum level has been set to 50.

All Parameter Curves have been nerfed slightly, particularly those of Intellect and Spirit. This is because Mana Regeneration has been set to 50% up from 25% SPI, and also because Intellect remains a rather cheap parameter to increase spending Talent Points in the “Status” Screen. I have tried to give players all freedom possible, while keeping all encounters still challenging. However, during testing, in early game, 25% SPI was too low compared to Mana Cost, which is why I decided to increase it to 50% (Clerics and Sages do not have bonuses like they used to). Intellect and Spirit need to be balanced at a core level, which means I cannot expect players to keep them balanced by themselves. Players are given a choice between increasing Intellect and run out of Mana sooner, and increasing Spirit, with higher Mana Regeneration, but less powerful spells. All classes have been given a new Passive Ability, called Focused Mind”, explaining that 50% SPI is converted to Mana at the end of every turn.

It is also crucial to set the damage output and Stamina of enemies: although Healers (both Clerics and Sages) have been given some harmful spells and Mana Regeneration abilities, so that they would not stand idle when the Party is fully healed, the amount of HP restored by healing spells scales ONLY from Intellect. It means that (if Intellect is too high compared to level) both Clerics and Sages can heal the whole Party with one of their AOE heals, without running out of Mana and being idle for the next few turns. Healers can very easily turn out to be overpowered just by increasing IntellectI cannot prevent players from doing so.

I have added Threat, so that Healers will be targeted more as they heal the Party: they should now be in need to protect, heal or dispel themselves more often. However, the whole balance depends on how players will spend their Talent Points, and this is something I cannot and shall not predict. On the one hand, ATD Actors are given a choice between increasing Stamina or Damage/Defense; on the other hand, SPI Actors are given a choice between increasing Intellect or Mana Regeneration/Spirit.

1 TP spent on Intellect now increases MP by 19, down from 29. Also, the Parameter Curves for Intellect and Spirit have been nerfed. This should prevent Traben, Eilnys and Marlynn to reach 2000 MP at level 20 as easily as before. Healing spells will generate a decent amount of Threat and, with reduced Spirit, they should have some issues with Mana as well. These adjustments do NOT guarantee that all encounters will be balanced  because that depends only on the player’s choices, and I am not willing to change that.

Boss encounters will be the real test. Not only because bosses deal far more damage than normal encounters, but also because they have a lot more health and can enrage after a set number of turns. As bosses enrage, they slightly heal themselves and their Stats increase significantly: in some cases the fight is automatically lost.

I want all encounters to be decently balanced, and not a simple repetition of Auto-Attacks or AOE spells. However, I also changed the way Status ailments work. Healers should SUPPORT the party, so their abilities basically heal, dispel, empower or protect. As damage dealers, all other Actors (namely, Guardians and Magicians) should be in need of that support.

Overdrive Points (ODP) have been set to 950 down from 1000: also, the amount of ODP gained per action has been increased. You can now reach 100% ODP in only 4 or 5 turns, depending on the actions you will take. However, ODP are automatically lost at the beginning of every encounter for the active party. In mid game, I found out that beginning boss encounters with full ODP could give the party too much of advantage. ODP are also lost if one Actor passes out, but players can still keep out of the party those Actors who have reached 100% ODP. So, on the one hand, it’s now easier to reach 100% ODP, but you cannot use Overdrive Abilities as early as 4-5 turns into the encounter. Since players will use OD Abilities more often, now, these skills have been slightly nerfed.

Database: Abilities:

All healing and harmful spells whose damage scales off Intellect have had their description updated, now showing the Base Damage and the Mana Cost (%). Players can now calculate the damage or healing output of all spells.

Almost all spells have 3 Ranks. The effectiveness of all ranked spells goes from 75% (Rank I) to 110% (Rank III). Magicians are given the passive ability called ElementalPerfection_Icon“Elemental Perfection”: they are the only class that can access the highest-level incantations (such as Mera III, Hyadain III, etc.)

The only way to learn the higher-ranked spell is practice and level. If players use Mera (I)” ten times, they learn Mera (II)” (Lv 11). If Magicians cast Mera (II)” twenty times, they can learn Mera (III)” (Lv. 15). No matter how long players use Mera (III)”, they will not learn Merami (I)” like they used to. While the Mana Cost remains the same (9% of Mana Pool), the damage output increases (3.99/4.79/5.32) and sometimes the spell’s cooldown decreases slightly (cannot go below 2 Turns). Healing spells work exactly the same. Because of these changes, Eilnys’s “Ability Tutorial” has been removed.

  • Update: While talking about Magicians:
  • “Greater Intellect” has been redesigned: it temporarily increases Intellect by 15% (up from 14%), but the effect will only last for 3 Turns (it used to be permanent for the duration of the fight). Magicians can only cast the buff on themselves. Cooldown set to 7 up from 6. Keep in mind that 15% increased Intellect means 15% increased effectiveness of all harmful spells.

Database: Abilities: Trainers:

In LS 1.5 I added trainers in every village, town and city of the game. Ranked spells will be learnt automatically – also for practical difficulties. Ranked spells are still shown in the Trainer’s skill shop, they appear as free but cannot be bought. I wanted players to get familiar with all abilities present in LS (most of which are the same of Dragon Quest). I used Shanghai Simple Script – Skill Shop. Abilities are shown in the order that they will be learnt, so, in a way, I like to think that players will sometimes be eager to level up. Trainers will not teach new abilities past Lv. 30: that means that all core abilities will be learnt by Lv. 30, and players will be able to concentrate on something else, like improving the abilities they have learnt, getting better equipment, or farming TP.

Database: Abilities: Healing:

The Mana Restoration bonus from Spirit has been removed. Clerics and Sages are not automatically stronger than their melee counterparts, they will convert 50% Spirit to Mana at the end of every turn, like every other class. The amount of Mana restored from “Mana Profusion”, “Mana Restoration” and “Mana Well”, instead of a fixed percentage, now scales directly from Spirit (at the moment, respectively 191%, 144% and 73%). This all means that Spirit is much more valuable to casters than it used to. Intellect and Spirit are still their priority stats, followed by Cooldown Reduction, Haste and Critical Chance.

Clerics will be best in single-target heals. Their single-target spells have shorter CD and heal for much more than Sages’, although they are all direct healing spells, and do not leave any HoT on the target. AOE heals have been nerfed significantly (5.09 * 26% MP and 5.62 *32% MP; 5 to 4 Turns CD: with roughly 4000 Mana, these numbers mean roughly 5294 and 7194). Sages, on the other hand, will have weaker single-target abilities and much stronger AOE heals (8.46 * 21% MP and 8.67 * 26% MP; 4 to 3 Turns CD; again, these numbers mean 7106 and 9017).

Both “Behoma (III)” and “Greater Behomaraa (III)” grant “Damage Shield” Status for one turn (refreshable), that can stack up to 2 times, and grants up to 34% damage reduction on one target (17% for the rest of the team). The damage reduction is purely a percentage, so the damage cut virtually has no limit.

Also, “Hoimi (III)” not only grants “Mending” Status for 2 Turns (9% Maximum HP every Turn), but it also increases Stamina by 2% for the whole duration of the fight. With 27,200 HP at Lv. 50, 2% Stamina means roughly 544 HP gained every time “Hoimi” is cast on someone: with the Cooldown Reduction provided by equipment, Sages can cast “Hoimi” every turn.

Obviously, the HP limit is still 38,280. The same buff has been given to “Lesser Behomaraa”, Rank I and II (there is no Rank III), 2% Stamina, 3% Stamina: that is, respectively, 544 and 816. Having so many HP in normal encounters would be useless at all levels, while relying too much on these benefits during Boss encounters would be too much of a risk – because of “Enrage”. So, basically, players should still face the end content of the game with at least 22-24,000 HP.

Since I still wanted Clerics to be fun, I gave them a few abilities, all a bit over-powered. Here’s two of them.

“Glowing Star” has been redesigned. It now has 12 Turns CD (down from 20), causes +48 Aggro, and it gives the Cleric 200% 140% Intellect (up from 24%) for all its duration (5 4 Turns), doubling increasing all of the Cleric’s healing and harmful spells.

  • Update: had to nerf that. 200% Intellect means that 4000 MP become 8000 for 5 Turns: “Starlight (III)” would heal for about 44,134 HP. If cast on a target affected by “Elysian Grace”, the output reaches 132,400 HP. Maybe that was a bit too much! Now, 40% increased effectiveness (down from 100%) will still turn into over-healing, but for less ridiculous amounts.
  • ElysianGrace” works exactly like before, by giving the whole active party a 300% increased Divine affinity: 8-Turn CD, and duration increased from 3 Turns to 5, to match the duration of “Glowing Star”. “Glowing Star” will be learnt by Traben, and Traben only, by handing in his quest in Mirisia (“Elder Silentall”), while “Elysian Grace” will be learnt at Lv. 29.

Healing over 38K with any healing spell means over-healing, so Traben is just given two abilities with long duration instead of one: using both abilities together is possible, but it would be a waste of time and Mana. Of course, I did try it for fun, especially now that healing and damage output can be in 6 digits instead of 5.

Since I didn’t want to give Sages the exact same ability that Clerics had (“Elysian Grace”), I decided to modify the equipment. Some pieces of gear (mostly before Lv. 50) increase either Nature or Divine affinities. Affinities can stack, so Sages can heal that target constantly for 20%, 25% or 45% more. Some pieces of gear provide Divine affinity instead, but only a few, and with less benefit. Only one epic ring gives both affinities at the same time (15%). In this way, players can decide who should be healed the most, just by changing one character’s equipment. If Sages keep targeting those who are weaker in Stamina, they will increase their total HP. Characters with many HP could receive the healing bonus gear.

Update: the healing received can also be lowered.

  • Mortal Wound” (Enemies Only). Reduces all healing received by 50% (3 Turns), healing potions included. It does not ignore other beneficial effects. If the target affected by “Mortal Wound” has increased Nature (or Divine) affinity, the 50% cut will not change the bonus (instead of a +20%, the target would be healed for -30%).

stunstatus_iconOutdated Post!stunstatus_icon

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